Dumpster Update: They Built A Covered Shed To Keep Animals Out

Saw these two back in April, same old same old. Cant teach people to close the lid to quit attracting gulls, raccoons and rats

This one I saw someone from the do-no-wrong Grove Market emptying garbage and walked away leaving it open.
Dumpster Grove Market

And down the street at P.G. Juice N Java – yep. A gull’s buffet.
Dumpster Juice Java

What can we do? Let’s build the kids a playhouse to hide the trash in. What do they do? Yep, leave it open.

Dumpster Update: They Built A Covered Shed To Keep Animals Out

Pacific Grove To Unleash Birds Of Prey On Wildlife And Drones To Spy On Rooftops

All this over gulls while a major contributor goes unchecked.

Business property owners have until Feb. 20 to remove the birds’ nests on their buildings or face fines and penalties.

To help make sure owners are in compliance, the city plans to send drones to record video footage of business district rooftops in a search for nests.

The drone-and-raptor plan was the brainchild of economic development director Mark Brodeur, who also happens to be in charge of vector control.

“Sea gulls are essentially flying rats,” he says.

(City Councilman Rudy Fischer) said the city has already dealt with the “easy food” that tempts gulls by modifying downtown garbage cans.

“The gulls are getting aggressive at restaurants and pooping everywhere,” Fischer said.

Restaurants are attracting the gulls by not following health department rules. They need to be penalized with fines and made to pay for the cleanups.

One can take a walk and see the local businesses that have no respect for the town they operate in:

Dumpster Mandos 150124

Dumpster Mandos 150124 grease barrels

P.G. Juice N Java:Dumpster Juice Java 150124

Classic Catering: Dumpster Grapes O Wrath 150124

Fandango:Dumpster Fandango 150124

Pacific Grove To Unleash Birds Of Prey And Drones To Spy On Rooftops

Dumpsters Of Commerce June 2014

Gulls need lots of food to produce the bird poo they leave.

Atop the noodle house
Thai Roof Gull Poop

Sidewalk N/E Corner Lighthouse and Forest
Bratty Corner pooThanks to fine businesses downtown the gulls get free access to yummy sustenance.

Juice & Java never fails to leave the garbage open
Dumpster JuicenJava 2014 0608

And Nader Agha’s Holman Building welcomes the birds too. Is that an antique clock in there?
Dumpster Nader Holmans 20140608

Remember to wash your hands after visiting

If Anyone Should Know About Gulls, The US Navy Does

But do the New York company’s solutions used by the Navy School work on Western Gulls?

The Naval Postgraduate School in Monterey seems to have found a way to keep ever-present, garbage-munching gulls from landing and nesting on its rooftops.

And neighboring Pacific Grove is taking notice.

The type of system NPS uses was one of the topics of discussion last week at a gull summit in Pacific Grove, as plans move forward for cleaning up the mess left by large Western gulls and trying to find solutions to reduce the numbers of roosting birds — especially on the flat roofs they love.

Seagull Control Systems LLC, a New York company, specializes in rooftop grid systems with wire or monofilament line — like fishing line — that owner Barry Fast says is foolproof in preventing gulls from landing.

By the way – Pacific Grove Juice N’ Java has returned to it’s old ways – picture taken August 10:

Dumpster Juice Java 130810

If Anyone Should Know About Gulls, The US Navy Does

Seagull Summit Declares Problem Is Solved

The gulls that are mucking up downtown are not Sea Gulls, but Western Gulls. Y’all aint got a SEAgull problem, pardner.

Woohoo Gull

The hot topic forced the meeting to move from a small, Jewell Park meeting room, across the street to the museum. That’s where museum executive director Lori Mannel set the record straight. There is no such thing as a sea gull, she said, explaining that the circling, squawking hordes over Pacific Gull are Western Gulls — never found far from the ocean.

Anyway, readers of LighthouseAvenue.com no doubt can recall back in 2009 when the Dumpsters Of Commerce story was posted to illustrate my opinion that downtown’s bistro owners showed little respect for the town and it’s citizens. The constant violators from back then were checked recently and (surprise!), no wide open trash receptacles.

Seabreeze Motel
Dumpster Sea Breeze Motel 130803

Dumpster Mandos 130803
Lighthouse Cinema
Dumpster Lh Cinema 130803

Dumpster Fandango 130803

PG Plaza – a little loose
Dumpster PG Plaza 130803 Trash

Dumpster Peppers 130803

17th Street Grillee
Dumpster 17th Street Grill

P.G Juice N Java – kind of sloppy
Dumpster Juice Java 130803

Not all is rosy –
Some crows were picking up berries from the ground behind Peppers
Peppers Crows 4

Favaloros leaves garbage uncovered in the alley
Dumpster Favaloros 130803

City trash can with no cover
Trash Uncovered 4 130803

Grapes Of Wraith Catering – this is shared (obviously) with a medical office in the Central Medical Clinic. The lid was up, there were medical records laying there. HIPAA issues possibly, but no food scraps.
Dumpster Grapes O Wrath 130803

Check back in a week – see if there is no longer a gull problem.

Seagull Summit Declares Problem Is Solved

Still Sustaining The Gulls – Open Dumpsters In Pacific Grove

Long running story here on the blog, the Dumpsters Of Commerce, where Pacific Grove businesses show their lack of regard for the health and safety of the town. Some have improved, notably Mando’s and Fandango. Others still don’t give a darn and continue to violate health codes.

Let’s look at Juice & Java, yep wide open
Dumpster Juice Java 171213

Juice & Java food garbage feeding the gulls & rats:Dumpster Juice Java 171213 2

Peppers Mexicali Cafe also serves the birds
Dumpster Peppersb 171213

Come and get it!Dumpster Peppers 171217

Too much for one birdGull At Brunch

Call up the guests and have a brunch party. Then poop on everything.
Gull Brunch Guests

In motion!

P.G. Smoking Ban Fail

No real changes where the public smoking really shows such as the front of Hazaras & Juice ‘n’ Java – carry on, future cancer sufferers.

A Bird In Every Pot

A city law tightening regulations for smoking in public places passed unanimously at its second reading Wednesday before the Pacific Grove City Council.

The ordinance stops short of banning smoking in outdoor dining areas or sidewalk tables, and allows smoking on the municipal golf course. It bans lighting up in city parks, beaches and recreation areas.

P.G. Smoking Ban Fail

P.G. Meets To Put End To Smoking In Public

Lover’s Point in Pacific Grove is where Ryan Roberts goes to catch some downtime and take a deep breath. There’s a smoking ban in place there, so he said he relaxes in his car.

“It’s kind of like discriminating, really, to people that are addicted to smoking and choose not to quit just yet,” Roberts said.

The proposed ban is meant to protect people from second-hand smoke and keep public parks and beaches clear of cigarette butts which contain plastic filters that never breakdown, supporters said.

He relaxes in his car. Do you mean he infects his lungs with carcinogens while simply looking at the clean air?

It’s not just the beaches. Take a walk along Lighthouse from Hazaras smoking rug salesman to Juice N Java’s sidewalk tables down to Pollacci’s liquor store loiterers.

Sidewalk Smoker Juice Java

P.G. Meets To Put End To Smoking In Public

Mayor Wants No Smoking In Public

Monterey has an ordinance against smoking on the rec trail. Cuneo, Kampe and Cohen all opposed the action. Kampe said “It’s incredibly rare to encounter second-hand smoke in Pacific Grove.” Kampe has never walked past Juice & Java or Hazara’s I take it.

No Smoking Dogs

Are Pacific Grove’s smoking regulations strong enough?

Mayor Carmelita Garcia doesn’t think so. She proposed Wednesday that the city consider tightening rules about smoking in public places, particularly parks, beaches, recreation areas, outdoor dining areas and sidewalk tables in front of restaurants and coffeehouses.

The motion to ask staff to draw up an ordinance failed 3-3, with Cuneo, Kampe and Cohen opposed

P.G. Mayor Wants No Smoking In Public

Employees Must Wash Hands . .

after taking out the trash. And touching bird poo. Ask, is the kitchen as clean and safe as the trash?

Is it Peppers Cafe? (taken May 22, 2009)

Is your wine cellar open to rats and full of germs like this garbage area, Fandango’s?(taken May 22, 2009)
Dumpster Fandango 09

Is that organic free range carrot juice safe after someone took out the boxes, P.G. Juice & Java? (taken May 22, 2009)
Dumpster Juice Java 052209

Employees Must Wash Hands . .