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David Palmer
PO Box 795
Pacific Grove, CA 93950
(no, I am not a P.G. Police Officer..)

Changes 2016
All the links are “fixed”. Internal ones at least. Sources of many quoted articles have disappeared so those links I cannot help. Pictures are correctly filed the way WordPress wants. Now on to the postings. Starting with the more recent and then going back a year or so. Yep, I saved a lot of P.G. news.

Changes 2015
2 years of data recoveries, software changes, shutdowns and other sins of maintaining the schlock made of a lot of bad links, poor search results and sloppy webmastering. All articles are being edited for WordPress compatibility. After that is done a huge backlog of articles will get posted.

Changes 2012
Site re-launched, though I don’t live in P.G. anymore. Will try and make a go at it.

Changes 2011
Site shut down and put into hibernation.

Changes 2010
Converted to Word Press. Trying to be the best schlock I can be.

Changes 2008
Comments are welcome – even those with different opinion. What is not welcome are comments with foul language or off topic of the article.

Letters To admin:

Ted Norton:

In response to: Real Estate Signs Vandalized
Comment from: Nicola [Visitor]

Interesting message. I think I would be mad as hell too if someone was trying to discredit me and my business. Ted only said “FUC*” a mere two times. I don’t know if I would of had as much restraint. Is this a Monterey business or is it PG?

Lighthouse Avenue Blog is the pinnacle of journalism at it’s most negative and biased. There’s never a positive word said about anyone or anything in this town.

I have profiled the Editor to a tee, he gives a lot away in what he says and about what.

I think you (Ted) and the old boy (Editor) should duke it out.

Say, outside Holman’s Thursday, 12/4 at 6pm? I could watch the Parade of Lights and catch a punchout simultaneously. Might be mildly amusing. I’ll put a $20 on Teddy. To KO Ed in the 1st round. I could take the photos.

Please advise if this is agreeable to both parties involved.

Would be happy to facilitate the pissin* contest.

Seasons Greetings to you to lovely individuals.

Ted’s own ads on craigslist touts the courtesy of his self and employees

From Craigslist ad, December 1, 2008:

“Using quality paints and sundries we can transform your home or business into a work of art. My crew is polite, clean and pleasant to have at your home or business. We don’t play loud music, curse, or act inappropriately around your young ones.”

Ted has been upset since I pointed out some contradictions. Don’t know why he seems to have such a temper over it. Says he’s in P.G. but all his online ads say Monterey. Says he’s polite & professional but uses foul language online and on phone messages.

It’s no secret that the blog is is biased. It is a polar opposite of other media like the Weakly or the Bull that only exist to sell ads and write happy stories about the businesses that buy ads. Obviously, no one would advertise on this site so I don’t offer any.

Let’s get it straight for the profilers:
I am a native of Monterey and grew up in P.G.
I tolerate tourists but avoid anyplace they gather.
I don’t trust anyone that lives to attract tourists or vacation home buyers.
I like the Internets more than newspapers or TV.

12/05/08 @ 07:44
In response to: Real Estate Signs Vandalized
Comment from: Ted Norton Norton Painting [Visitor]

Ahhh so david palmer is really named Ed what is the weak bastards last name and why does he hide behind the name david palmer.

Geeze foul mouthed construction people who would have thought that —- was possible. Ed/David Palmer is a Dumb Ass

LOL. Who’s “Ed”? Doesn’t he work for an ink-n-paper news source?


David Palmer I would like to refer you to the above link. It contains a Bloggers Code Of Ethics. I am going to cut and paste a few items for your.
Since I am honest I will tell you they are cut and pasted. You can read the whole code at the above link. Not only do you not abide by the following reasonable codes you stifle free speech to respond to the LIES that you spew.

Speech is only free when all speakers can be heard. Why do you perceive it as a lie? All the evidence is pointing to exactly what in my opinion (see main article above..) is perceived as the truth.


“Regarding the trash story. Several of the dumpsters you photographed are emptied daily. Zocalo’s, and the dumpsters in the Holman parking lot. You could get up early in the morning and take pictures of city employees working hard to keep the city clean. Other dumpsters like the grapes of wrath, it appears as if you are looking over the wall of the trash corals.
Another dumpster looks as if it has just been emptied and just needs to be put away. You state the theaters trash is mauled by rats with no evidence of rats and could have been pecked by the birds. You show Ron’s liquor in a bad light because they have their trash at the curb. Was it trash day? I bet it was you don’t say either way. That is unfair.”

The dumpsters were photographed on Sunday afternoons. Most businesses were closed, but the garbage was wide open. That I know is a health & safety code violation. In my teen years I worked at several restaurants in PG and Monterey and if the health department came for inspection and saw the garbage uncovered there would be a write up and more frequent follow up visits. Some of the people I worked for made a big deal of it, some didn’t. It’s a very controllable act and disregarding it is a threat to the health of the citizens that live in the town. Why should the owners care? They don’t live next door to their restaurant.

You may have not been in our town when the raccoon population was out of control. A child was permanently disabled by contacting raccoon feces that had parasites. There was a major fuss over trapping, killing and otherwise reducing the population of raccoons. An education program taught the businesses and residents to cover their trash, don’t leave pet food out, etc and the population of critters went back down. As soon as I look up the official codes for items such as covering the garbage to prevent polluting stormwater runoff, pest infestations, trash in the public right of way and providing sufficient trash bins, I’ll probably contact the business owners or someone at city hall. Or I may turn it all over to the media. I’d really like to be disappointed and find no uncovered garbage or overflowing dumpsters the next time I am out for a walk.

Reference the Coast Weakly for an article about raccoons, the child and public outcry.

Update – the County Health Department Section pertaining to restaurant garbage:

10.41.020 Storage and disposal generally.

F. Restaurants and Food Preparing Facilities. All food waste and solid waste containing food waste shall be kept in leak-proof and rodent-proof containers covered with tight fitting lids in a manner that minimizes odor and insect development. Solid waste containers inside a food facility need not be covered during periods of facility operation. All food waste and solid waste containing food waste must be removed and disposed of by a franchised or permitted hauler as frequently as may be necessary, at least once a week, to prevent the creation of a nuisance and to keep the premises free of litter, solid waste and vermin.

Fan Mail

Have been enjoying your site. I used to live in Pacific Grove in the 60s-70s. I so loved my youth going through Doc Rickets lab, working at Hovden’s squid packing plant and singing at the Warehouse Pizza Joint. (Dick O’Kane re-named me Nikki O’Flaherty) I can’t find any old papers of the place or pictures of me in ads , pictures of Capone’s place.
I am horrified with how they destroyed Cannery Row. I enjoyed going to the old theater there and my youth was spent at the Monterey Boat Works. (when they closed and finished making the Monterey Hulls, they gave me all their tools, letters from Steinbeck, etc.
Why would they ruin the Cannery rows charm. So sad. If you know of how I can get copies of the Capone’s Warehouse or any recordings of Barbara Kelly, (who sang there), I would be eternally grateful.

Tribune Barbara Kelly
Pacific Grove Tribune – September 5, 1974 (click the ad)

Anyone with any Capone’s memorabilia that wants to share can contact me. Capone’s Warehouse (and all of Dick O’Kane’s pre ‘Row tourist-trap establishments) was fun for locals and visitors alike.


I used to own the Fat Cat Cafe on Sinex and 17 Mile Drive. Any old customers or employees reading this blog? I have a lot of great memories of those days. Ted Wasson

Hi Ted
Thanks for writing. I worked for the next owner Mike Dunaway, the less said about that experience the better. My parents ran the place until it was torn down.

I don’t know Mike. I closed and took off in a hurry. The truth is that there was just too much partying on my part. Moved to Maui, and heard that it was back in operation using the same name. I wondered how that was possible as I had a copyright on the name and logo. Old history now, but certainly good to hear from someone who remembers those days. The 17 Mile Village was certainly full of colorful charachters back in those days. Ted

Neutral Mail


Just spelling comments on recent story headlines: it’s “Ruelas”, not “Reulas” and “separate”, not “seperate”.

Thanks to our audience of proofreaders!
Spell check tip for Firefox – the browser will spell check words in multiple line forms by default. To add single line forms here is the fix:

enter about:config in the address bar.

Go to layout.spellcheckDefault
enter 2
Click OK

Still it often gives false positives on many of the local Spanish, Italian and other Paisano names & places. I had to look up Paisano to be sure, since it’s being tagged as misspelled.


Hi, Reading all of your posts has made me reconsider NOT moving to PG… if you do this to keep strangers away, methinks it’s working. LOL!

I like your list of apologies though.

I wonder… Pacific Grove seems a beautiful place to live yet it would appear that no one can survive in what seems like PG’s non-existent business climate….

Should I stay away?… no more art galleries, eh? … I guess it’s for the “retired” in more ways than one.

Yes, the perspective is a bit on the cranky side. I am a native, so there is a natural distrust of “come heres” that appear to have endless supplies of money (or credit) and buy up and tear down the affordable houses, open boutique stores, start ego inflating eateries, etc.

The main purpose of the website is to collect news articles that pertain to PG & New Monterey. All quoted news articles point to the source. Opinion articles are only that, my opinion based on perception.


Comment from: Nicola [Visitor]
Hi, Might make for a rather interesting and spirited fun evening if there was a Lighthouse Avenue Blog Social at some point.

See the brain”child” behind the blog.

yeah, get together with the subjects. Let Marie Favaloro or Ted Norton throw rotten tomatoes (or fists) at me. If it ever happened I’m guessing it would be somewhere in Sand City.

Comment from: Nicola [Visitor] Email
Yeah, I bet quite a few would show up. You may need a bodyguard for your protection though!


Hate mail


You have way to much free time on your hands here (expletive deleted). Some of the (expletive deleted)on here is (expletive deleted) against the law to have. I hope you get suewed soon (expletive deleted).

News here is only what shows up in the major media sources. Takes no time to copy a few lines and add a comment. Noticed that your IP address matched a vanity search that linked to a story here with what I presume is your name . . .

Takedown Requests
One of the major annoyances of getting popped by the cops is that your name becomes immortalized in .pdfs available to all from the cop’s web site. Like other media, this website scrapes the police blotter for news happening in New Monterey. When something happens, it’s reported. When someone like an employer, fiancee or parent does a web search for their name, it’s picked up. Letters & threats ensue.

Remember this is the United States of America where all persons are innocent until proven guilty.


It is unfortunate that some families have family members hooked on drugs and have to bear seeing it all aired out in public our family would appreicate this story being removed from this site. it is hurting more than the victim of this crime.

Was there some error in the copy? I don’t see what anything to do with drugs in the mentioned article, only a violent armed robbery report. If it was an error it will be erased. Otherwise, it stays.

—–Original Message—–
From: Malina Arevalo-Cruz []
Sent: Tuesday, October 06, 2009 11:47 AM
To: admin
Subject: Re: Information

Please remove my name from your police blotter.

On Oct 6, 2009, at 7:19 PM, Admin wrote:
Why? It’s news and publicly available.

From: Malina Arevalo []
Sent: Tuesday, October 06, 2009 8:37 PM
To: Admin
Subject: Re: Information

To whomever you are,

I’m requesting once more that you simply remove my name from your
website. Please recognize that the incident regarding myself, which
took place on the 11th of August is in fact not, as you said, ‘news’
as it is of no consequence to any person other than me. I’m certain
that I have legal recourse regarding this matter, however, I would
rather not have to take that path. If you’ll remove my name from your
website, then this will be the last you hear from me. If you decide to
leave my name posted, then you will be hearing from me and my attorney
in the near future. Thank you.

On Oct 6, 2009, at 9:00 PM, Admin wrote:
If you can prove you have a right to censor it, I will remove it.
Otherwise it stays.

—–Original Message—–
From: Malina Arevalo []
Sent: Thursday, October 08, 2009 6:13 PM
To: Admin
Subject: Re: Information

Dear Blogger,

Indeed, first amendment rights protect all of us Americans from censorship, please recognize that what I am requesting is not censorship but an attempt to exercise my rights to privacy which are afforded by that same constitution. I assure you that I am dealing with each publication as well as Google regarding this matter. If you click on the links which you provided in your last email, you’ll notice that the web pages have already been taken down.

I am currently working on a case against the City of Monterey. Certain information is not public and you should never have received that information. For this reason, I am extending you the opportunity to avoid legal involvement. Considering the lengths that you have gone through to publish your blog anonymously, It may serve you better to remain out of the lawsuit as your personal information will certainly be made public.

In any case, this is the last correspondence that you will receive from me personally. Whether you hear from my attorney on my behalf or not, is up to you.

Notice that the arrestee changed their name to better hide from the web search crawlers.


From: Mahala Burns
Subject: Dan Cort references

Message Body:
Please remove the Dan Cort references on your website, especially the cartoon “Bailin’ like Palin”. This is character defamation.

That’s a political cartoon – it is satire. I don’t see a reason to ban free speech.
Mahala Burns says she is a Broker at Cort Companies in Stockton. Works for the runaway mayor.

From: Litiane
Subject: hit-and-run collision/arrest
please remove whatever comments are made about this “hit-and-run arrest/collision” incident on 8/4/07, because the hit-and-run charges were dropped(we pulled over with the woman that was hit)! these comments are not only false, they are embarrassing. i believe this comes to a case of ‘slander’, wouldn’t you say? i hope the corrective action will be taken immediately. thank you, Ms. Lam Yuen

That’s a page straight from the Monterey police blotter that is freely distributed. Copy attached. No comments by the webmaster or other readers relate to your incident.

What is slanderous about it? The Monterey Police log just says “LAMYUEN, LITIANE was arrested for hit and run traffic collision and driving with a suspended license at David and Hawthorne.” If charges were dropped, that meant they were charged, so being arrested is true, right?

You are free to comment that hit & run charges were dropped and you were not convicted.

What about driving with a suspended license, were those charges dropped too?

Takedown Request Came from someone using a email, with no proper name.

The following article must be removed within 7 working days, or you will face legal action.

“PG teacher arrested on child molesting charges”
Date: Feb 2010
Posted by :

Litigation is pending against David Palmer, and

The article, originating from a since removed press article, contains information that is inaccurate, now outdated, and injurious.

The original link to the Hear-old says the article is no longer available. But if you paid them for their archive of it they would gladly cough it up. Don’t need it anyway, it’s in a lot of other places.

It appears on the website

ooooh That’s another bait site that exists to get you to send $$ for more dirt on the one you search for.

While it is wholly appropriate to publish news, and the underlying intention to protect the community comes from the best of intentions, we represent the individual and family in this case, and require you to see to the prompt removal.

The site does not publish news – the media does that. The site just notes all news published.

You are not being given permission to publish any part of this e mail.

Don’t need to ask permission if it was sent unrequested. What about this voice mail message I got on November 8 asking to call back. Only the message gave no phone number to call. The second voice mail repeats the email and still fails to leave a number to return the call. Also mis-states the site’s address. I wonder what the holder of PO Box 745 got in the mail.

Shortly after all this fuss with threatening emails and phone messages, I used the Internets to see what the outcome was – turns out the ex teacher copped a plea bargain and the original charges were dropped. He ended up leaving the country! To continue to document any news reported by the media I was obliged to report on it

Another request came in the mail, first time I ever got a takedown request in the mail. Another DUI calling their arrest unjustified. Sorry, I have no sympathy for DUIs and this is not the only place your name has been reported. Best you can do is comment that you beat the charges. I will not take down DUI arrests. Ever. People convicted of DUI should never be allowed to drive a car again. Ever.

A woman claiming to be the mother of a 24 year old male who is said in the Monterey Police Blotter to have been arrested calls and asks to have the post removed. As if is the only website that reads the police blotter.

Yes, Hi. My name is Diane, I called earlier this morning. It’s Monday about 10:15 in regards to you some information that you wrongfully posted on your lighthouse dot com and this was an accusation of Russel Feltdman and my son Stephen Roberts for being accused of graffiti in that Lighthouse/Foam street area, he hasn’t been proven yet through the court they don’t go to court on this again until November. My son has already plead not guilty to it so I don’t understand how you can legally defame the character of these two people in putting this information online when they have not been prosecuted for this through the Monterey county court system. It’s really an accusation. And so we would ask that you would remove this until you know otherwise, and I don’t have a number where you can call back but if we were gonna check the website periodically. We’ll check and make sure that’s been removed. That was on August 14th. Russell Feltdman and Steven Roberts. Thank you.

In the USA mom, you are innocent until proven guilty.

Search Stats
Interesting Searches. Insight to some of the search terms that land people to this site. From the access logs….

ami jordan drugs dui
shonda harbert murder for hire trial
is 569 lighthouse ave in pacific grove haunted
is olga ospina pregnant
mutts violate pheromone women
can i have chickens as pets watsonville city ca.
dan cort speeding
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demolition revealed an advertisement for bull durham in pacific grove
thomas ronald pollacci accused of rape
“washington park” “pacific grove” suicide
how do you diagnose “mean world syndrome”
Suicidal P.G. Contractor Runs From CHP 02/08/08 07:24:09 am
jim Colangelo plaza
cannery row capones warehouse
“monterey bay travelodge” garbage
Pacific Grove meth teacher
Nader Agha golf course
kalisas scotch bakery
marijuana bossos
History KMBY 1240 am Monterey
pacific grove pine cone
why do gulls poop on dumpsters
nader agha marijuana grow
mike veitengruber date rape
Monterey Kook Contractor
“john denver memorial” and “pacific grove” and “plaque” and “stolen”
going out of business signs quick
cannery row monterey art gallery going out of business
“anthony favaloro” agha
sam farr is stupid
suicide in pacific grove ca. city jail
susan nilmeier dr lesbian
slogans to attract tourists

Help Mail


Subject: Duke’s Place
Do you have any info as to how I can
contact them? They skipped town without paying me my consignment $$….
Many thanks!

Hosting service hacked. Some idiot managed to replace index pages with “hacked by…” Fixed.

5 thoughts on “Information & About

  1. This page posts bogus “facts” you spoke to someone in an article that completely lied and didn’t fact check anything this person had to say!! There was a reason this person wanted to stay anonymous … because it was all lies!

    • I have no idea what you are referring to, C.P.

      OK, I did a little Bing Searching and I think I know who you are referring to.

      In one court document, a detective said the attackers stood over the victim, watching her bleed and wondering aloud why she wasn’t dead.

      Disgusting sick people. Die in jail.

  2. Dear David Palmer,
    I came across your 2010 report on Patrick Lilley, imprisoned for pedophilia. He has since changed his name and has returned to South Africa (I know him from dancing). No one here knows about his past. He claims that your articles are fabricated.
    How could I check their veracity? Is there a way of checking the Monterey Jail records?
    Is there any way that I could check whether he was employed as a teacher at Woodland and Monterey Charter Schools? Would the schools furnish me with this information?
    Patrick Lilley has free access to children here. It is very important that we find out the truth.
    Any assistance would be much appreciated.
    Best regards,

    • Hello Angelique
      A person claiming to be Patrick Lilley tried very hard to have the blog posts removed from the website. There were phone calls and threats of legal action if the articles were not removed. The threats were empty, and Mr Lilley left the country. The information I have is all from the internet: articles from the news, press releases from the law enforcement, a couple of voice messages and links to other social web sites that specialize in logging teachers that are arrested.

      Sonoma County Sheriff’s Office Press Releases
      Sonoma County Sheriff’s Office in the News

      Sonoma County Sheriff’s Press Releases

      Detectives Arrest Suspected Child Molester

      Sheriff’s Office
      County of Sonoma
      2796 Ventura Avenue
      Santa Rosa, CA 95403
      (707) 565-2511

      Bill Cogbill

      Press Release

      On Thursday February 11, 2010, Detectives from the Domestic Violence / Sexual Assault Unit of the Sonoma County Sheriff’s Office arrested 52-year old Patrick Lilley from Monterey, California, for three counts of child molestation. Lilley, a former teacher in the Sonoma Valley area and Napa County was arrested after an investigation revealed he had sexually abused two pre-teenaged students approximately two years ago. Detectives obtained an arrest warrant and took him into custody at 0700 hours.
      Lilley was booked into Monterey County Jail with a bail of $300,000, and is awaiting extradition to Sonoma County.
      Anyone with information regarding Lilley is encouraged to contact Detective Mike Yoder at 707-565-7600.
      For further information contact Lt. Chris Spallino at 707-565-2185.

      Press Release Prepared by:
      Sergeant Cecile Focha
      Domestic Violence / Sexual Assault Unit
      Investigations Division
      Sonoma County Sheriff’s Office

      Crime Report Number: #100113-018
      Posted on Thu Feb 11 2010

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