Cat Owners Just As Crazy

Dog owners not alone .

Cat Claws.

Modesto police are blaming a scratching cat for an accident that toppled a power pole and shut down a street for nearly an hour.

A police sergeant said Friday that a woman was driving with a cat in her lap. The animal scratched her, and she drove into the pole.

The woman suffered minor injuries and was taken to a hospital. The cat was taken to a vet to treat an injured eye.

Cat Owners Just As Crazy

Clement Monterey Set To Open


The 208-room, $80 million project straddles the 700 block of Cannery Row, with 110 rooms on the ocean side and 98 on the inland side, he said.

The hotel will include a 350-car garage — enough for guests and employees — two ballrooms, a swimming pool, whirlpool, spa, exercise room and a “kids’ club” with, among other amenities, an indoor climbing wall.

Sounds good. A Cannery Row hotel taking on a resort like quality. Check the Trip Advisor story for a rundown on the neighboring hotels. P.G. motels better find a way to handle the overflow.

Work continued in a desultory fashion over the years to keep the hotel’s building permit alive, but the “hole in the row” remained a derelict eyesore, its foundations filled with rainwater and inhabited by frogs.

Frogs? Where was Mack & the gang when we needed them?

Clement Monterey Set To Open

Ransom A Car? Right.

Troy William Hill

Troy William Hill. Add your name to the list of those arrested for being stupid: Nicholas Gore , Sean Conners and Kirby Bruno Jr.

The caller told the victim, who was not identified by police, that he would return the vehicle if she brought him $1,000. She was instructed to meet the caller at the McDonald’s in Sand City.

A surveillance and sting operation was conducted at the restaurant with the assistance of Monterey, Sand City, Seaside and Pacific Grove police departments, said Carmel police Sgt. Michael Calhoun.

Ransom A Car? Right.

Granny Apartments Getting Busted

Perhaps Dan Cort is going convert them into more weekender homes.

Uretsky said the city has two choices. One is to wait for resident complaints and react by investigating and citing property owners. The second is to look for illegal units that pose a potential health and safety hazard, whether through lack of a building permit, a reliance on unauthorized water fixtures or an impact on neighborhood parking.

Granny Apartments Getting Busted

Divers' Monument Unveiled On Cannery Row

It’s over on the quiet end of the Row, near the Coast Guard. Another tiny reminder that Cannery Row was once more than the home a Fish Jail and tourist trap. Well done.

divers memorial

Toiling in thick clouds of fish scales, entrails, muck and silk, usually in zero visibility, was a daily ritual for Nonella, George Fraley, Oscar Lager, Eddie Bushnell and several other divers and tenders who helped make Monterey the “Sardine Capital of the World” between 1927 and 1950, until overfishing and pollutants killed the industry.

Those men, including two who were killed while diving — Tom Pierce and Henry Porter — were honored Friday at San Carlos Beach Park on Cannery Row when The Cannery Row Foundation and the Historic Divers Society unveiled a bronze bust of a vintage diving helmet at a dedication ceremony next to the water.

See also the John Cernry paintings of the ones that avoided work, with style.

Divers’ Monument Unveiled On Cannery Row

P.G. Police Could Get 24% Raises

On Wednesday, the council voted 6-1 to grant an 8 percent raise to police, retroactive to Jan. 1.

Police were allowed to convert their health benefit payments from the city to salaries, which has the effect of boosting their Public Employee Retirement System benefit when they retire.

That part about taking $$ instead of health benefits is just wrong.

pg cops on break
(picture from

P.G. Police Could Get 24% Raises

Downtown Turns To Scavenger Hunt

Gift shops, galleries and restaurants tempting us with free prizes. There was some amplified music, balloons and a fair amount of people wandering around with diddly bobber antennae (was that the prize?).

To help revive a struggling downtown Pacific Grove, some business owners have come up with a unique idea they’re hoping will draw customers.

Friday night, more than 50 businesses on and around Lighthouse Avenue will take part in the city’s, and perhaps the county’s, first-ever public scavenger hunt, billed as a “Scavenger Hunt with a Twist.”

“It’s a great way for people to get to know downtown P.G. while having a ball and maybe winning a fabulous prize to boot,” said Sally Aberg, one of the event’s coordinators.

The way the game works, Aberg said, is participants will receive a game card with 53 clues and riddles about each participating store, restaurant and gallery. The game will take place April 18 from 5 to 9 p.m.

Meanwhile, up on Forest Hill, Trader Joe has a packed parking lot all day. What do they have that downtown doesn’t? STUFF THAT PEOPLE WANT.
Trader Joes

Downtown Turns To Scavenger Hunt

P.G. Caretaking Company Had Employees With Criminal Past

The Monterey County District Attorney recently settled a civil suit that accuses a Pacific Grove elderly care company of false advertising led to placing personal attendants with criminal records in the homes of seniors. Central Coast Senior Services allegedly hired several employees without conducting background checks while, at the same time, advertising that the company screens all employees.

Senior Services has agreed to pay $125,000 in penalties to the district attorney and $50,000 in restitution to Seaside-based Legal Services for Seniors as part of the judgment filed March 26.

P.G. Caretaking Company Had Employees With Criminal Past

Eco-Freak Victory, No Styrofoam Allowed In PG

Just one question – how do we enforce such a law? Is there going to be a packaging posse kicking in kitchen doors on the hunt for taboo table wares? It could be a cruel way to drive someone crazy – go to Smart’n’Final, buy a package of clamshell to-go plates and stencil the name of an eatery on them and leave at bus stops and such.

eco freaks

Pacific Grove banned food service containers made of polystyrene and plastic utensils at restaurants — cups, plates, bowls and takeout boxes — by unanimous vote of its City Council.

Violations will be punished as an infraction, with a warning the first time and a $100 fine for a second citation. The person paying the fine can use the $100 to buy biodegradable food containers rather than write a check to the city and show a receipt for the purchase to city officials.

Eco-Freak Victory, No Styrofoam Allowed In PG