Nader, Got Any Water?

Somebody’s going to get sued..

The application for the project was made by Vista Nadura LLC and developer Nader Agha, who were told in September by the Monterey County Planning Commission that their application is incomplete. They are appealing that decision to the county supervisors.

The site is located behind Carmel Valley Manor. The subdivision dates back to 2002, and Agha contends his application should have been certified as complete 13 years ago. A county report at the time indicated that the application was determined to be incomplete “because the applicant had not submitted proof of adequate water supply.”

Nader, Got Any Water?

Downtown Hand Me Downs – Stockton Democrat Mayor Loses Relection

One of the youngest mayors in the country, who garnered national attention for starting a privately funded program to give poor people $500 a month in guaranteed income, conceded that he lost his bid for reelection in his California city.

Four years after winning more than 70% of the vote, Stockton Mayor Michael Tubbs, 30, lost by more than 10 percentage points.

It was a surprising defeat for Tubbs, the city’s first Black mayor and a Democrat, whose previous political campaigns were endorsed by the likes of Oprah Winfrey and Barack Obama. His compelling personal history — raised by a single mother while his father was in prison before getting a degree from Stanford and interning at the Obama White House — earned him national attention.

But he was most known for being one of the first mayors to revive a “universal basic income,” an old idea that got new life as the key plank in Andrew Yang’s unsuccessful presidential campaign.

Downtown Hand Me Down – Stockton Democrat Mayor Loses Re-election