Parklets Proposing Permanency?

Keep one eye on the street.

Parklett Parking

Business and civic leaders in Monterey, Pacific Grove and Carmel are all expressing enthusiasm for the “parklet” concept. Businesses can add outdoor space by creating parklets that move tables out onto city properties, such as sidewalks and parking spaces.

City officials in Monterey are considering removing one lane on Alvarado Street to provide for more room for businesses to expand outside. Carmel has made sidewalks available for more than 30 restaurants and Pacific Grove is hearing nothing but glowing responses to the 11 parklets that line Lighthouse Avenue.

There are multiple ways to construct parklets, but the two most common are moving tables out onto former parking spaces or moving the sidewalk out to the parking spaces so patrons can sit between the sidewalk and the restaurants.

“It’s safer not putting diners next to traffic,” Johnson said.

Parklets Proposing Permanency?

Carmel Based Fresno Charity Must Pay Back Millions

Plus legal fees to the Pine Cone

Fresno Connection

County Superior Court in August 2018, ajury determined that the attorney general’s claims against Matthew G. Gregory, and his son, Matthew J. Gregory, were true, and that they had used misleading and deceptive fundraising practices in running unlawful charity raffles in California. Jurors also found that the elder Gregory’s wife, Danella, and daughter, Gina, had unjustly enriched themselves in the scheme.
The family used a Carmel post office box to raise money through its charities to establish a therapeutic horse riding program for veterans in Carmel Valley. But Attorney General Xavier Becerra, who called the family “con artists” in a 2018 news release, said the charities were fake, and the jury found they failed to use the money to help veterans. Instead, prosecutors said, family members spent the donations on dining, traveling, paying off credit card debt, and shopping, including at Victoria’s Secret.

Carmel Based Fresno Charity Must Pay Back Millions

Beaches Closed For 4th Of July. Modesto Says ‘Crap’

Can always go to Modesto and be free as you can be.


The City of Monterey will be enforcing face masks and closing beaches for the Fourth of July weekend.

According to Hans Uslar, city manager, Del Monte, San Carlos and McAbee beaches will be closed on Saturday and Sunday of the upcoming weekend. Ocean activities will still be allowed.

I think it is crap, I mean everyone is sitting at home not doing anything how are you going to celebrate freedom if you guys can’t go anywhere, can’t do anything?” questioned John Feliciano of Modesto.

Beaches Closed For 4th Of July. Modesto Says ‘Crap’