Bad Broccoli Again

Skip the salad, just bring me the steak please.

Bad Broccoli

A Northern California company has voluntarily recalled products sold at supermarkets across the West because they could contain contaminated broccoli. Tracy-based Taylor Farms Pacific announced the recall this week after a random test by agricultural officials came up positive for the bacteria Listeria monocytogenes.

Listeria monocytogenes can cause serious and sometimes fatal infections in young children, frail or elderly people, and others with weakened immune systems.

Bad Broccoli Again

Tax On Soda? Assemblyman Monning Says Yes

Sounds to me like the politician didn’t get enough campaign contributions from the “massive corporations”.

“Taxes shouldn’t be a tool for social engineering, or an instrument to penalize people for doing nothing wrong,” said J. Justin Wilson, a research analyst at the Washington, D.C.-based Center for Consumer Freedom, in a statement posted on the group’s website.

While Monning admits part of his goal is to change consumer behavior, he refuted the social engineering argument.

“The real social engineering is the massive corporate advertising that targets young people,” Monning said. “It’s open season on young people to market these beverages.”

Tax On Soda? Assemblyman Monning Says Yes

P.G. Man Arrested For Beating Woman & Tried To Force Her To Drink Beer

Instant idiot, just add alcohol.

Police arrived at a residence on 19th Street in Pacific Grove late Feb. 20 to find a woman “outside crying hysterically,” with blood on her chin and shirt, P.G. Police Cmdr. John Nyunt said Tuesday. The woman had called police, telling them her 29-year-old boyfriend, Andrew Scheiber, who is also he father of her child, had beaten her.

They had been drinking, and the fight stemmed from an argument they had about a family member while preparing for dinner, according to Nyunt. In addition, “he allegedly tried to force her to drink some beer,” he said. “She didn’t want to drink it, so he was forcing it down her throat.”

Man Arrested For Beating Woman & Tried To Force Her To Drink Beer

P.G. Father Arrested For Choking Son

Pacific Grove Lane resident James Long and his son have a lengthy history of fighting, Nyunt said, and officers have been called to their home on multiple occasions. The altercation leading to the arrest began Feb. 17, when the two started arguing and threatening each other.

“The dad told him he had one minute to pack his bags, or he would throw his belongings out of the house. The son got mouthy with him, and they got into a fight,”

Nyunt pointed out parents who have trouble with their kids should take advantage of resources, such as counseling, rather than acting out against them. “Even though your kid is unruly, you can’t just say, ‘Get out of here — I’m not going to take care of you,’” he said. “You can’t just abandon your kid.”

P.G. Father Arrested For Choking Son

Sex Offenders Can Ask For Your ID In P.G.

So, who is Miller referring to in that last sentence?

Five of seven council members, though, said the ordinance had too many bugs, including that it placed too much burden on employers and was not easily enforceable.

“I see that we want to protect individuals … it’s our obligation,” councilman Ken Cuneo said at the meeting. “I don’t know if by adding another layer of law it will make anybody safer in doing so.”

However, Miller told The Pine Cone this week that he and Garcia, both of whom voted for the ordinance last week, haven’t given up on it yet.

Miller told the council why he and Garcia drew up the ordinance, which he said would help officials “protect people who can’t protect themselves.”

“The reason this came up is for years there was somebody in town,” Miller explained, “who I knew factually would ask for identification for purchase of alcohol … and show up at their houses after taking their addresses from their driver’s license.”

Sex Offenders Can Ask For Your ID In PG

Monterey Accused Of Violating HIPAA Rules In Raid

If HIPAA rules do not apply to marijuana sellers, how can it be legally called a medicinal drug?

“He opens up a HIPPA labeled file,” says Jhonrico Carrnshimba, a MyCaregiver director. “He sees a number of files in it at this point they should close the file. They shouldn’t have these files open.”

But, Fred Cohn from the City of Monterey defends their actions.

“Medical marijuana establishments are not governed by HIPAA,” says Cohn. “The only reason that those records were compromised is because they continued to operate illegally against the court order.”

Monterey Accused Of Violating HIPAA Rules In Raid

Paralyzed P.G. Teen Reflects On DUI Accident

Besides therapy, she’s talking a lot to high school students just like her, only a year ago.

”Instead of sitting here feeling sorry for myself I want to get out there and help others because I wish someone would have helped me. I wish someone would’ve pulled me out of the car, but we all make decisions and we live with them, all of us live with them everyday of our lives,” said Hill.

Paralyzed P.G. Teen Reflects On DUI Accident

Medicinal Pot Not Affecting Mexican Drug Wars

The bloody battles continue south of the borders.

Fifteen years after voters approved Proposition 215, permitting medicinal marijuana use, strong varieties like those produced in Northern California’s so-called Emerald Triangle dominate the market. Weaker Mexican pot, once the weed of choice for the 1950s Beat generation and the 1960s flower children, is less popular, according to drug policy experts and law enforcement officials.

But overall, sales of Mexican marijuana continue to earn that nation’s violent drug cartels as much as $2 billion a year.

Medicinal Pot Not Affecting Mexican Drug Wars

No Criminal Charges Against Le Normandie Owners

How about civil charges?


The Monterey County District Attorney’s Office told The Pine Cone that it has dropped its criminal investigation into Christine and Francis Richard over allegations — by people in at least three California counties — the French couple solicited loans from them but didn’t pay them back.

In February 2010, The Pine Cone interviewed numerous former customers of the Richards who said the couple asked them for loans — as much as $15,000, according to one patron.

But after giving them money, the customers alleged the Richards never repaid them, even after making promises to do so. Several more people contacted The Pine Cone after the article was published and made similar allegations.

No Criminal Charges Against Le Normandie Owners

Seaside Woman Drives Into Insurance Office

And the office does not have a drive-through option.

A woman driving a Subaru SUV crashed straight through the front wall of a Pacific Grove insurance office Wednesday afternoon but miraculously managed to avoid killing or seriously injuring anyone.

At about 1:30 p.m., Galina Griffiths of Seaside was heading West on Lighthouse Avenue when she attempted to park her Subaru Forester in a diagonal parking space in front of the Tom McKinney State Farm Insurance office at 716 Lighthouse Ave.

It’s not clear what caused the Subaru to travel into the office, but Figueroa said some drivers use their left foot to brake while using their right foot to control the accelerator.

Seaside Woman Drives Into Insurance Office