Outzen-Ville Apartments Sold To CHOMP

Hey Montage, there may be some nice housing over on Arkwright, have a look.

Montage Health, the parent organization of the Community Hospital of the Monterey Peninsula, is hoping to attract clinicians to the area by providing them with short-term housing options.

The non-profit company announced Monday its purchase of two apartment buildings expected to be completed at the end of the year at 230 Lighthouse and 255 Foam Street in New Monterey for $9 million. The 32-apartment units that are part of developer Carl Outzen’s three-story mixed use project, will provide short-term housing to newly-hired doctors, nurses and other clinicians while they secure permanent housing.

Outzenville Apartments Sold To CHOMP

Ex-Lattitudes Building May Be Open Later This Year

Without the windmills.


Lovers Point Drive Inn

“As prior owners found out, it’s a big space to fill and trying to run it as a single restaurant if you don’t have winter time local followers is going to make it tough to make it,” said McCord. “Some of the people have existing businesses in Monterey County and this would be a second location but they all realize they can’t make it on summer business alone.

“Businesses are going to have to cater to location and the locals,” he added.

“We’re looking forward to putting some more energy into that community,” said Cisneros. “But the owner is looking for the right tenants.”

Ex-Lattitudes Building May Be Open Later This Year