NIMBYs Nix Netting

Ball Blocker Is Baloney!

Residents in Pacific Grove are not happy about a new net planned for the golf course, saying it will block their view of the bay.

The planned net would be more than 30 feet high and 320 feet long. But nearby neighbors hope the city will at least consider putting a smaller net in.

“They claim that netting is 35 feet is a standard. That’s baloney. It’s not a standard,” Sanford Cohen said.

Cohen and Richard Stillwell live on Jewel Avenue.

“See the top of those poles? I can’t even see the mountains over there,” said Stillwell, pointing across the bay.

NIMBYs Nix Netting

Give Away The Golf Course And Lose Free Golf

mad golfer

At Wednesday’s City Council meeting, council members voted in favor of the golfers.

The vote happened after a lawsuit was filed by 13 former city employees who were about to lose their free golfing privileges after new management transformed the Pacific Grove Golf Links into a private course.

New management was ready to offer retirees one free game of golf a month, but retirees said that’s not what they were promised years ago.

Councilmembers decided it was not worth the fight and lawsuit to change the city’s 35-year-old city policy, which allows retired city employees courtesy golf.

Give Away The Golf Course And Lose Free Golf

Golf Course Grille Burglars Interrupted

Cops stopped chasing because of reckless driving. Like there is anyone else on the road in P.G. at one in the morning?

between 12:30 and 12:45 a.m. Monday at Point Pinos Grill, and an officer found the suspects’ vehicle while conducting a business check.

The suspects drove off as the patrol car approached, and the officer pursued them but discontinued because of the driver’s extremely reckless driving.

The vehicle was found abandoned on the 600 block of Gibson Avenue, with some property taken from the restaurant in it.

The registered owner was contacted and was unaware the SUV had been stolen

Golf Course Grille Burglars Interrupted

Outsourcing The Golf Course

With the blessings of what puts people in office.

Karl Spackler

The Pacific Grove City Council on Wednesday will again consider leasing the city’s golf course to a private operator, but this time with agreements in hand with two city employee unions.

The council postponed action on the golf course lease, which city officials say will benefit the city’s finances, at its last meeting after the General Employees Association filed a complaint with the Public Employees Relations Board.

Outsourcing The Golf Course

Moe Ammar Hates The Rain & The Olympics

Moe says the weather dampened the grabs for tourist dollars. IMO it was the normal high prices and lack of major celebrities at Pebble Beach. Traffic outbound in the evenings at 156 & 1 was heavier than usual.

Early signs are attendance and possibly ticket sales fell at this year’s AT&T Pebble Beach National Pro-Am.

Rain at the PGA Tour event did more than occasionally stop play — it kept many guests in their hotel rooms or, worse, at home.

“I totally attribute it to the weather,” said Moe Ammar, president of the Pacific Grove Chamber of Commerce.

Ammar said he heard from locals who decided to watch the tournament at home because of the weather and guessed the start of the Sochi Winter Olympics also kept people indoors.

Moe Ammar Hates The Rain & The Olympics

Union Files Charge Against P.G. For Golf Giveaway

Unions got to stay paid for their “work”,

The union representing the Pacific Grove General Employees’ Association filed an Unfair Labor Practice charge against the city on Jan. 31, alleging the city violated its collective bargaining agreement with the city employees represented by the union.
The charge stems from city’s proposal to lease the city’s golf course, Pacific Grove Golf Links, to a private contractor, Pacific Grove Golf Links, LLC, which would take over the operations and maintenance of the course and lead to the layoff of an unspecified number of city employees.

Union Files Charge Against P.G. For Golf Giveaway

Tide Pool Police Hire Losin' Susan, Lose Case

Well that was a predictable result.

Goldbeck $1 grand

The court rejected the Willoughbys’ claim that the use permit was not in compliance with the city’s general plan and zoning code, and rejected their challenge to the city’s environmental studies related to the use permit amendment.

The plaintiffs were represented by attorney Susan Goldbeck.

Tide Pool Police Hire Losin’ Susan, Lose Case

How To Water The Golf Courses With Wastewater

Whatever it takes, I’m not for pumping sewage to the old reservoir on David Avenue.

water water water

Sarah Hardgrave, P.G.’s environmental programs manager, says other options include tapping MRWPCA wastewater and routing rainwater from the Forest Lake Reservoir – but extending existing pipelines could be cost-prohibitive. Another possibility: turning a Cal Am corporate yard on David Avenue into a reservoir.?

About 100-150 acre-feet could supply both the links and the cemetery, she adds: “We would want to maximize all the irrigated city properties that we could.”?

How To Water The Golf Courses With Wastewater

Front Yard Golf Course Destroyed

By order of the state. Make way for ugly native weeds.

Scraped earth is all that remains of a well kept mini golf course that was once prominent in the front of Robert and Maureen Feduniak’s house not far from Cypress Point. A bulldozer ripped out the lavish greens over the past two weeks.

The seemingly innocuous golf course — which looked like little more than a well groomed lawn to passersby — first drew the ire of the coastal commission in 2001 when the state agency was notified by a Del Monte Forest Foundation forester the novelty course violated a conservation easement limiting landscaping on the property to native plants — a condition of a 1983 permit for the home.

Front Yard Golf Course Destroyed

Alan Cohen Gets Job At Golf Clubhouse

That’s why the Colossus Of Gold had Cohen with the “Eat At The Other Lighthouse Cafe” sign..

On March 23, councilman Alan Cohen and his colleagues voted 5-2 in favor of allowing Aqua Terra Culinary to take over the lease at the Point Pinos Grill, the eatery at the city’s municipal golf links at 77 Asilomar Blvd.

But questions about a possible conflict of interest were raised by several P.G. residents when Cohen was hired by Aqua Terra to cook at the grill for two days last week.

Alan Cohen Gets Job At Golf Clubhouse