S.T.Rs Keep On Losing

And lawyers keep on charging

In essence, the short-term rental supporters allege that the lottery randomly singled them out without providing a cause for why their licenses to operate short-term rentals were not renewed. The city counters that it was stated in writing when the property owners signed the license application that it was good for only 12 months and might not be renewed.

Case watchers agree that Goldwater wants to lose as soon as possible so they can then appeal the verdict to the federal Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals.

The case is more far-reaching than just Pacific Grove. If successfully appealed to the Ninth Circuit, then the outcome of that court’s decision, one way or the other, could have significant ramifications for cities’ ability to legislate short-term rentals up and down California.

However, the Ninth Circuit earlier this month upheld the city of Santa Monica’s ban on short-term rentals. That decision can now be cited in lower court cases such as the lawsuit against the city of Pacific Grove.

S.T.Rs Keep On Losing

Coastal Commission Plan or Forced Demolition?

There goes my plan for Six Flags Over Asilomar.

Asilomar Gardens

But not all Pacific Grove residents are thrilled about the approval. Members of the Asilomar Dunes neighborhood came out in force for Friday’s commission meeting to protest portions of the coastal program they believe are draconian and infringe on their property rights.

Among the debated issues has to do with driveways. The just-approved program requires that development be capped at 15% coverage of dunes that houses sit on, including driveways. Asilomar residents argue that driveways should not be part of the 15% and instead be excluded.

Other contentious parts of the plan include height limits that homeowners say would require portions of their second stories to be removed, restrictions that would prevent them from rebuilding after natural disasters and the inability to replace damaged sections of houses.

Coastal Commission Plan or Forced Demolition?

Feast Of Lanterns Takes A Step Off The Pier

New story line will be Chang and his lover Prince Seagull escaping the evil unsubstainable blogger and running off to hide in various STRs.

FOL mug

Coleman said the annual event should celebrate the history of Pacific Grove and hopes changes to the pageant and story will teach the community more about the cultural groups that contributed to the Monterey Peninsula and P.G.

The board president said the festival would have a stronger emphasis on the history of the area, including the Chinese fishing village that stood for 50 years on the shoreline where Stanford’s Hopkins Marine Station now resides.

Educating the community through Gerry Low-Sabado’s annual Walk of Remembrance is a good place to start and the Feast of Lanterns board has participated the last four years Coleman said.

Feast Of Lanterns Takes Steps Off The Pier