New Monterey Police Blotter – February 2007

2/2/07 MOMANI, AHMAD was a victim of a fall at Oak Newton Park.

2/2/07 MPD towed a gold 89 Buick Riviera 800 block Devisadero for being abandoned.

2/2/07 MPD towed a blue 1988 BMW 750i for expired registration over six months at Newton and Prescott.

2/2/07 KEATING, AMMIELOU reports the theft of a South Dakota license plate from Cannery Row and Hoffman.

2/2/07 PARSONS, KATHLEEN was arrested for DUI at Cannery Row and Hoffman.

2/3/07 Victim reports being battered by two unknown Hispanic male adults somewhere between 400 Block of Alvarado Street and Reeside and Lighthouse.

2/3/07 Citizen reported vandalism at the Monterey Hostel in the 700 block of Hawthorne Avenue. The front glass door and a front window had graffiti painted on them.

2/4/07 Louie Linguini’s reports being a victim of a petty theft on 02/02/07 at approximately 2230 hours. Stolen was five bottles of wine totaling $180.

2/4/07 Citizen reports being battered by an unknown Hispanic male adult at Sly McFly’s. Injuries include a swollen upper lip and a small cut inside the upper lip.

2/5/07 Citizen reports being battered by Planet Gemini staff.

2/5/07 MPD towed a white, 1998 Ford F-150 from the 200 block of Cannery Row for having registration expired over 6 months.

2/5/07 A white, 5 gallon, empty propane tank was found in the North Bore of the Lighthouse tunnel.

2/5/07 Citizen reports a theft from her 1998 gold Mercedes in the 200 block of Cannery Row.

2/5/07 Citizen reports a theft from his blue Subaru parked in the 200 block of Cannery Row.

2/5/07 Citizen reports a theft from her white 2006 Lexus in the 200 block of Cannery Row.

2/5/07 Citizen 600 block of Lily reports the theft of a license plate from his vehicle.

2/5/07 SPENCE, BRITTON THORNE was arrested for public intoxication at Bruce Ariss Way and Wave. MARTIN, KENNETH RANDALL was cited for possession of an open container of alcohol, same location.

2/5/07 LEYVA, JULIO CESAR was cited for driving a motor vehicle with a suspended license at David and Foam.

2/6/07 Citizen reports loss/theft of her small, brown wallet containing miscellaneous ID, a credit card and $20 cash from The British Bulldog Pub.

2/7/07 PECINA, WILLIAM ANDREW was arrested for DUI at Private Bolio and Lighthouse.

2/7/07 Citizen in the 800 Lyndon reports unknown to have broken out the rear window of her Infiniti SUV.

2/7/07 Jose’s Mexican Bar and Grill, 638 Wave St reports commercial burglary.

2/7/07 DOE, JOHN WM 20’s, was stopped for a traffic violation at the intersection of Reeside and Cannery Row. Doe provided false information to police. Doe then fled on foot from police, but was apprehended.

2/8/07 Citizen 800 block of Hawthorne reported her front door was vandalized.

2/9/07 BOYNTON, BURKE was arrested for DUI at Wave and David. POLD was Monterey Lanes.

2/9/07 Two security cameras reported stolen from the Travel Lodge 675 Munras. (so off topic, but a repeat from last month’s security camera theft story in North Monterey)

2/9/07 Citizen 700 block of Lighthouse, reported his vehicles tires were slashed.

2/9/07 Citizen 700 block of Dickman reported his home was burglarized.

2/9/07 ELVES, RICHARD was cited for possession of less then 28.5g marijuana.

2/10/07 Citizen reports the her rain coat along with her wallet containing a pass port, CDL, cell phone and credit cards were stolen on today’s date at approximately 0115 hours in the 700 block of Cannery Row. Estimated loss value $110.

2/11/07 Schreiber, Carmen was arrested for DUI at Del Monte and Figueroa. POLD: Roy’s, Pebble Beach

2/11/07 SMITH, KEVIN was arrested for driving with a suspended license at Lighthouse and Del Monte.

2/11/07 SMITH, KEVIN was cited for a bench warrant on a traffic violation at the MPD jail.

2/12/07 MPD found a Men’s Roadmaster Bicycle at 601 Wave

2/12/07 Citizen reports three unknown white males to have threatened him inside his business in the 700 block of Lighthouse.

2/12/07 Citizen 700 block of Dickman, reports unknown to have stolen items from his home.

2/13/07 DE JONG, ALISON was arrested for DUI at Lighthouse and Drake. POLD: Bulldog Pub.

2/13/07 SOTO, RUSSELL was cited for speeding, driving without a license and false registration at Foam and Hoffman.

2/13/07 Marina Court was aided in issuing a citation to SOTO, RUSSELL on an outstanding $2,500 traffic warrant.

2/13/07 Citizen 500 block of Irving reports unknown to have stolen his wallet from inside his cousin’s vehicle while parked.

2/14/07 Citizen reports his tan, 1959 homemade box trailer to have been stolen while parked behind the 200 block of Lighthouse

2/15/07 ROBINSON, TARA was cited for an open container at Prescott and Rec Trail. Additionally cited for having a dog without a muzzle.

2/17/07 False registration tabs were taken off a 1979 Datsun 280Z in the 600 block of Wave.

2/17/07 Two female juveniles were contacted for fighting on the corner of Lighthouse and Prescott. One juvenile was taken to the front counter for possession of alcohol and curfew violation.

2/21/07 Citizen reports burglary to his 43 foot fishing vessel while parked at Monterey Bay Boat Works, 32 Cannery Row.

2/22/07 PENINSULA BAKING COMPANY, 518 Lighthouse reports unknown to have attempted to force entry.

2/24/07 O’BRIEN, SEAN was issued a citation for possession of less than one ounce of marijuana in the vehicle and MOAN, SCOTT was issued a citation for possession of less than one ounce of marijuana at Irving and Taylor.

2/25/07 Citizen reports unknown to have stomped on his left leg causing injury at Bruce Ariss Way.

2/26/07 Citizen reports fraudulent use of his credit cart at KFC, 865 Lighthouse.

2/27/07 Citizen 700 block of Lighthouse reports the theft of motorcycle equipment from the saddlebags of his motorcycle.

2/28/07 Citizen reports burglary to the business in the 600 block of Wave Street.

2/28/07 Traffic accident versus rock on southbound Lighthouse Curve.

New Monterey Police Blotter – February 2007

Kalisa’s Closes. One More Landmark Lost

Nearly 50 years after she crossed the tracks and took over the site of what was once a bordello immortalized in John Steinbeck’s writing, the Queen of Cannery Row’s reign ends this week.

Kalisa Moore, 81, longtime owner of Kalisa’s, will close her doors Tuesday. The La Ida Cafe building where she’s fed and entertained guests since 1958, has been sold to local restaurateur Chris Shake, who plans to open a new cafe this spring.

Over five decades, as Cannery Row changed from an industrial area to a tourist mecca, Moore fed actors and writers, people down on their luck and others high on life at the two-story cafe and cabaret.

Kalisas 1

Kalisa, thanks for making my world an amazing place. Hi Riga!

Kalisa’s Closes. One More Landmark Lost.

As Griggs Nursery Goes, Mini Mansions Move In

Bare it Bennett would rather see substainable housing.

Griggs Nursery Homes

Griggs said a five-year sales slump and his desire to retire are the reasons he wants to sell the land. He hasn’t said when he’ll close shop, but said it could be in 2009.

Lisa Bennett said she wanted to support the general plan amendment but couldn’t because she would rather see affordable housing on the land. “I do have some problems with the single-family residential model which is a pattern in our community, but hasn’t been a successful model in California for affordable housing or transportation,” Bennett said.

As Griggs Nursery Goes, Mini Mansions Move In

P.G. City Council Votes For Layoffs

Also remember that Unions do not make one immune to layoffs.

As part of the reorganization, the city’s public works director, an account clerk and a part-time office assistant will be laid off in early April. The responsibilities and titles of four other employees will change, and three new positions — a principal analyst, a management analyst and a senior accountant — will be added.

Tim McCormick of Laborers International Union Local 270A, the union that represents 41 nonpublic safety city employees, said they had been told during the last budget cuts that they were safe from layoffs. Colangelo’s plan caught them off guard.

“It wasn’t reasonable notice,” said McCormick. Announced on Feb. 14, the reorganization has been dubbed by some employees as the St. Valentines’ Day Massacre.

One member of the union will be laid off as a result of the reorganization, he said. For the remaining employees, the sudden announcement has made them feel vulnerable and question their loyalty to the city, McCormick said.

P.G. City Council Votes For Layoffs

P.G. City Department Heads On The Block

Makes sense to centralize common tasks and put department leaders to work in their departments.

Departments affected include recreation, community development, public works and the city’s golf course, library and museum.

“I don’t think this is a massacre,” Colangelo said. “This is something necessary to move the organization forward. This is a relatively small step we are taking.”

City department heads spend “too much time doing administrative tasks instead of providing the services we need to be providing,” he said.

Under Colangelo’s plan, tasks burdening department heads would be shifted to city administrators. Department head posts would be eliminated. Senior departmental staff members, who are paid less, would run the departments.

“I have to support my city manager,” said Recreation Director John Miller. “Changes have to be made, and this is his vision.”

Miller, who worked for the city as a teenager and started full time in 1979, said past city managers talked about reorganizing, but he has never seen any action.

“This is actually the first time in my 28 years that a plan has come forward to move in the direction of centralizing everything,” he said.

P.G. City Department Heads On The Block

Susan Goldbeck’s Daughter Arrested

Police said Mary Goldbeck, 18, and two 15-year-old boys were taken into custody in connection with a house burglary in the 900 block of Fountain Avenue.

Investigators found stolen property in Goldbeck’s possession, police said, adding that some of the recovered items were taken from unlocked vehicles in recent weeks.

When will they leave? Please, do us a favor and leave.

Susan Goldbeck’s Daughter Arrested

R.J. Waldsmith Opposed To Safety Enforcement?

We are old farts, but my wife got a $200 ticket (first one in 15 years). She was bringing our 7 year old home from school. She drives very slowly. But coming down a slight grade, her speed went up to 37 or 38 mph. The ticket said approximately 40 in a 25 mph zone. I think The Pine Cone, which has page after page of police reports, should find out the true motivation for this unnecessary and unfair enforcement.

Ehhh, the true motivation is to make the roads safe. Pay the ticket and slow down next time.

R.J. Waldsmith Opposed To Safety Enforcement?

Beware Of The (Tar) Blob

Black Blob

Or there’s oil under all that kelp, when do we begin drilling?

Large clumps of tar are washing up at Asilomar State Beach in Pacific Grove, above, and several other beaches stretching north into San Mateo County. The source of the sticky tar is yet to be determined.

Tar balls are washing ashore on Central Coast beaches, and while scientists are not sure why, they have a pretty good idea.

From Asilomar State Beach in the south to Moss Beach in San Mateo County, the tar deposits are believed to be naturally occurring, said Dana Michaels, spokeswoman for the Department of Fish and Game.

Before anyone gets all evrio-mental, they were naturally occurring. KION Reports:

State officials believe that the tar balls that have washed up on beaches stretching from San Francisco to Monterey County are naturally occurring and not the result of an offshore oil spill, a California Department of Fish and Game spokesman said Friday.

Beware Of The (Tar) Blob

Explosion At Patisserie Bechler


The blast blew out the shop’s windows and pushed an external wall six inches out of line, he said.

The fire crew shut down everything within 1,000 feet of the shop, bringing surrounding businesses and traffic to a halt, Miller said. After determining that the explosion was caused by a gas leak, the crew closed off natural gas lines and informed Pacific Gas & Electric Co. and the health department.


Explosion At Patisserie Bechler

Monterey Massage Parlor Busted

The fate of a Monterey massage parlor, where masseuses allegedly offered sex along with their shiatsu massage and body shampoos, lies in the hands of the City Council this evening.

V.I.P. Massage, located at 580 Casanova Ave., faces the loss of its license after a masseuse offered to perform a range of sex acts on a Monterey police officer during an undercover sting in October, according to police reports.

During the bust, police said they also found a masseuse practicing without a license and alcohol being served illegally, their reports said.

Would not be notable here except must note the name of the shop owner, Un Suk Zipperer.

Monterey Massage Parlor Busted