Cannery Row Crime – Murder Suspect Caught

Never thought he’d be back in California so soon. Remember to stay out of the crossfire when visiting the ‘Row.

Jorge Luis Mendoza, the suspect in a November fatal shooting on Cannery Row, was extradited from Mexico and is now in Monterey County Jail, police said.

Mendoza, 21, was transported back to California on Saturday and turned over to Monterey police. He was booked on murder charges and his bail was set at $1.3 million.

On Nov. 23, 2016, police found Raul Melendez at the entrance to the Cannery Row parking garage, 601 Foam St., suffering from multiple gunshot wounds. First responders took Melendez, 28, to Natividad Medical Center in Salinas, where he died.

According to police, the original altercation started at the Giant Artichoke restaurant, 711 Cannery Row, which has since closed.

Cannery Row Crime – Murder Suspect Caught

Monterey Now Eyeing Aquarium For More Rent

P.G. not the only town looking under rocks in the tide pools for treasures.

Giant salmon fish

On Tuesday night, the Monterey City Council voted 3-2 to hire an appraiser to evaluate the land.

Several residents spoke against the appraisal, asking why the city wants to spend $31,000 of the tideland fund, but Monterey City Manager Mike McCarthy says the lease agreement allows the city to perform rent review.

“Our lease with the aquarium for the tidelands requires a review on the rent,” McCarthy said.

One dollar per year is all the State Lands Commission wanted when the aquarium first asked to build on the tidelands in 1981.

Monterey Now Eyeing Aquarium For More Rent

Aquarium Grows More Tentacles

More 70s tourist destinations to demolish.

Cannery Row Square


the new four-story $30 million building will include five learning spaces/labs, a multipurpose room, office space for 35 staff members and a video lab. It will also feature an event center located on the top floor and have many features that qualify as “environmentally responsible,” such as solar panels on the roof. Its targeted opening date is 2018

As Cole explained, the bridge between the two buildings will actually be demolished, opening up the view down Hoffman and the new 25,000-square-foot building will be shorter than the current structure.

Aquarium Grows More Tentacles

Something Stinks At ATC

And it’s not kelp baking in the sun at low tide or squid drying on the shore like it was years ago.American Tin Cannery

It looks like there were lessons learned after the failure to turn Holman’s into some kind of “World Class” transient stay place.

A group dubbed the Committee Against Measure X sponsored by Unite Here, Local 483, sent out fliers over the weekend to Pacific Grove voters declaring “Measure X is wrong” and asking voters to reconsider the measure because it allows a developer to avoid the California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA).

Woah, when the group that stands to gain power and money by making promises to a few hundred low wage hotel workers it against it there must be something under the covers going on.

The voters’ guide was mailed out, I like the bait this project is trying to use to hook y’all:

Recognition of Pacific Grove as a world-class destination and an innovative leader in conservation and sustainability

More like “How did this cute little town allow this to built?

Banquet, meeting, and reception rooms that will enable Pacific Grove to host large and small events, keeping that business in Pacific Grove

Look at the next line and tell me, who from P.G would use this place?

New luxury travelers who will patronize Pacific Grove restaurants, shops, and other businesses

The type of people that stay there will make the choice of Cannery Row or Carmel, not P.G.

State-of-the-art design, construction, and operational programs and technologies, as one of the world’s most sustainable hotels, that will save and recycle significant amounts of water and energy and reduce pollution and greenhouse gases

Ha! I knew someone would throw in the Substainable word once, but TWICE?

An ideal location at the edge of town that will help mitigate traffic impacts and provide additional needed parking for the City, resulting in reduced downtown congestion

Never mind that slow and getting slower traffic jam on Lighthouse Avenue to the tunnel.

A visitor and interpretive center and museum that will celebrate Pacific Grove’s extraordinary culture, its heritage and historic character, and its unequalled scenic beauty

A tribute to the scenery that will never come back

New revenues from transient occupancy taxes, property taxes, and sales and use taxes to support our library, police, fire department, parks, and other City services and operations

New opportunities for thieves.

Three hundred permanent high quality hotel jobs for workers of all skill and education levels, many of whom will be residents of Pacific Grove, plus hundreds of high quality construction phase jobs, many of which will benefit Pacific Grove businesses and residents

Most of the workers at hotels in PG cannot afford to live there. See the part about the traffic to and from PG.

At first it kind of appealed to me, keep the touristas at the border of town, pray that they stay on the ‘row and don’t bother me. But the thing is now sounding like the city whoring itself out to get a few bucks. Vote NO on Measure X.

Something Stinks At ATC



That's Not How You Change The Grease Fryer

Mysterious oily substance on beach surrounded by restaurants eh?

Capt Calamari

Cleanup has begun at McAbee Beach in Monterey after an oily substance was found in the sand in February. Crews were removing contaminated sediment Tuesday from the area near Cannery Row where they discovered the petroleum substance, according to the Monterey County Health Department.

The substance is leaking from the foundation of an old building on the beach, but the source of the substance is still unknown.

That’s Not How You Change The Grease Fryer

Invest Now In Ocean Front Property On Pine Street

Global warming will affect tourism in a million years. Or is it the tourists gaining weight on fried foods sinking the land mass?

Tens of millions of Californians live in coastal counties, and the population in these areas is slowly growing. But at the same time, federal ocean-related expenditures have steadily declined by 8 percent, while the state continues to endure a historic drought and the early effects of climate change.

“The coast is where climate change impacts are among the highest,” said Kildow.

A lot of Monterey Bay’s ocean economy lies at or near the shore, which could be vulnerable to erosion, said Charles Colgan, an economist and co-author of the report.

“Much of Cannery Row sits on top of an erodible shoreline, for example,” he said. “Rising sea level is something that people are going to have to pay attention to.”

And our own esteemed Sam The Sham wants more of our tax dollars to “help”.

“This report is the first time people have been able to put solid economic numbers on these environmental and marine issues,” said Rep. Sam Farr, D-Carmel. As the founder and chair of the House Oceans Caucus, Farr seeks to draw attention to and secure limited federal funding for ocean-related programs.

Invest Now In Ocean Front Property On Pine Street

Say Goodbye One Last Time To Cannery Row Square

Only so much one can do with old cannery buildings.

Cannery Row Square


The aquarium purchased the buildings at 585 and 625 Cannery Row from the Shake family in 2014. It has raised $28 million toward the $65 million needed to fund the purchase of the property, construction of the center, and to support expansion of programs for visiting school groups, teachers and youth. Construction of the center itself will cost $30 million. The aquarium hopes to break ground on the state-of-the-art facility this fall.

Say Goodbye One Last Time To Cannery Row Square

Ocean View Plaza On Cannery Row For Sale

One company buys the land, hammers out the details to get permits then sells it to someone else who may or may not build what was approved.

The property — which includes both 484 Cannery Row, which is Oceanside; and 501 Cannery Row, which is on the other side of the street — is just over 3 acres of land. On May 4, 2015, Altman Brothers, a luxury real estate agency based in Beverly Hills, put a listing online. Brittany Clark, with Altman Brothers, said the $20 million buy is already generating $400,000 annually for a parking lot on the 501 Cannery Row side of the street.

Ocean View Plaza On Cannery Row For Sale

Cannery Row Square Goes To The Fish Jail

More old buildings get torn down and replaced with fake charm.

Julie Packard announced Tuesday that the aquarium has purchased adjoining buildings — both within walking distance of the aquarium — one of which will be transformed into a 13,000-square-foot Ocean Education and Leadership Center for students in kindergarten through 12th grade.

The buildings at 585 and 625 Cannery Row were purchased for $12.4 million. The building at 625 Cannery will be used for the Ocean Education Center, while the purpose for the other building has yet to be determined. The purchase includes the parking lots adjacent to the buildings to provide a drop-off and pick-up area for school groups.

Cannery Row Square Goes To The Fish Jail