Car Haters Planning To Rip Out Wharf Parking

They say parking lots are not useful. Sorry fishermen and pleasure boaters, you’ll need to hike over to Franklin street to get your parked truck & trailer.

And Festival Space? There’s this huge plaza right next to the Customs house. Is it too not “useful”?

The purpose of the plan is to guide improvements of Monterey’s waterfront. The plan’s draft, according to the city’s principal planner Elizabeth Caraker, emphasizes more usable space and makes it easier for pedestrians to navigate the area. It includes regulations for both the Fisherman’s Wharf and municipal wharf businesses and makes parking changes. It has been embraced by the Planning, Parks and Recreation, and Historic Preservation commissions.

“Overall, participants said they wanted more useable space where the parking lots are,” said Caraker. “So the re-design would serve to include more temporary event or festival space. There would be better circulation for pedestrians and bicycles and better access to parking in the downtown garages when the waterfronts are full.”

Car Haters Planning To Rip Out Wharf Parking

Special Election Coming For Project Bella

Project Bella Overhead View

While a few P.G. residents did express their concerns about the effects of the project and the special election — like Pacific Grove resident Luke Coletti, who thought the special election was a “cynical attempt to lower voter turnout,”

“I have a lot of faith in P.G. voters,” said Moe Ammar, president of the Pacific Grove Chamber of Commerce, at Wednesday’s meeting. “It’s to the benefit of Pacific Grove to get that dollar in the bank as soon as possible.”

The question of compensation was addressed first because, as Mayor Bill Kampe explained, “We want to know we’re getting reimbursed.”

For his part, Kampe has advocated moving forward in a timely manner because of the multiple hurdles involved in a development project of this size. He said he was pleased to see the city reach a point where the election has been called and a reimbursement agreement has been made. So did David Armanasco, a spokesman for the project.

Special Election Coming For Project Bella

Jeffrey Rutt Arrested Stealing From Cars

Dude will never straighten out.

Jeffery Rutt

It all started on Tuesday, when Monterey County deputies were sent to San Benancio Road in Salinas on reports of a man in a silver Honda, stealing items out of cars.

After being spotted in the 300 block of Corral De Tierra, deputies attempted to stop him and were led on a pursuit.

The man eventually crashed into a creek at highway 68 and was arrested. 23-year-old Jeffrey Rutt had an outstanding felony warrant.

Jeffrey Rutt Arrested Stealing From Cars

El Nino In A Match Against Substainable Pacific Grove

Can’t tell which is fake?El Nino

Just as big waves wash away carefully constructed sand castles, El Niño threatens to transform Monterey County beaches and coastlines.

Every winter rainy season brings storms and heavy surf that erode shores and wash away sand, which waves return to the coast in summer. But El Niño generates extra rain and higher sea levels, which increases the erosion during intense and windy storms, affecting coastal bluffs and beaches around Carmel, Pacific Grove, Pebble Beach and Monterey.

Residents and city officials are not taking any chances. For example, in Pacific Grove, residents are considering whether to buttress the shoreline by building seawalls to protect property or retreat to higher ground further inland and protect the natural shoreline.

“I believe this is a very important question,” said Anthony Ciani, an architect and member of Sustainable Pacific Grove. A small survey conducted by the organization found that people currently seem to favor retreating, he said.

El Nino In A Match Against Substainable Pacific Grove