Wachs On Wachs Off

Texas transplant fool (it’s the backwards hat) thought he could be mayor after living here 1 year. And the fools from Coast Weakly endorsed him?


“It’s kind of a shock. I knew Mayor Peake would be a tough candidate to go up against,” said Wachs, who added that he hopes there is a large enough number of younger voices coming up in the future to lead the city.
Wachs, 40, entered late in the race “for his kids,” and said previously that he wants to help build a better city for them and future generations. Wachs came to Pacific Grove in 2021 from Houston with his wife and two young children. For the past two decades, his professional career has varied from creating billboards for sports teams to serving as an art director for venture capital-backed media startups.

Wachs On Wachs Off

Ben Harvey Gets Butt-Hurt Over Demands That He Do His Job

So the city’s distant city manager has a $40,000 investigation of Luke Coletti take place, only to have the complaints sustained.

And just who leaked the “documents provided to the Weekly via an anonymous source”? Either Ellis Investigations or Ben Harvey himself.


In January, Harvey filed a harassment complaint with the city’s human resources director. The city entered into a contract with Ellis Investigations on Feb. 11 to investigate the complaint, not to exceed $40,000, according to documents provided to the Weekly via an anonymous source.

Harvey’s three allegations against Coletti were sustained, according to an email sent on Oct. 10 from Harvey to the special counsel

Ben Harvey Gets Butt-Hurt Over Demands That He Do His Job

Property Seizure Preview

Monarch Resort

It’s happening. Swooping in and taking property away to house the bums that don’t want the responsibilities of adulthood. Soon it may be YOUR spare bedroom they give away to the losers. We already have a person in charge it seems :Pacific Grove Housing Manager Anastacia Wyatt.

When the issue came back to the council on Feb. 16, Wyatt had to amend the Homekey grant proposal to state that the Monarch Resort was no longer available and another site would have to be found, although it appears unlikely that will happen soon. At a meeting of the P.G. Hospitality Improvement District on Feb. 9, hotel owners, including Dianne Mahroom, said they would not consent to selling their hotels for “homeless shelters.” (Homekey projects are permanent homes.) Wyatt points out that refusing to sell for such housing could be ruled discriminatory under federal law.

Property Seizure Preview

Jenny McAdams Freakout – Wants Restraining Order Against Media

Jenny McAdams Boudior

Must hate the news for also busting her for cheating on property tax?

She needs to take a tip from mentor Nancy, go and have some ice cream and ignore the facts that escape to the media. Must add that I was unaware that she had a full time job. So why was she looking to get a 100% raise with medical benefits?

In a document filed on Feb. 15 in Monterey County Superior Court, McAdams claims that Miller, now the managing editor of a weekly newspaper called the Pacific Grove Press, has been sending what she described as harassing emails and making calls to her employer, the office of Monterey County Supervisor Wendy Root Askew where she works as an executive assistant, as well as to city officials.

“Mr. Miller then takes his ongoing harassment to the next level and writes about it in his paper,” McAdams states. She claims his actions have “taken an emotional toll” on her and that she remains “in a state of fear.” She also claims he’s disrupting her work.

Miller denies he’s done anything wrong. He says he’s a journalist who’s doing his job covering an elected official. Miller writes a 2,000-word weekly column called “View From The Rocky Shores,” where he routinely reports on and criticizes city officials with a noticeable focus on McAdams. Since starting the column in September, he’s reported on and taken her to task for numerous items, including more recently missing parts of Council meetings or leaving early.

Jenny McAdams Freakout – Wants Restraining Order Against Media

Councilmember Jenny McAdams No Show At Assigned Conference


jenny lied

Council voted to appoint McAdams as our voting delegate and have taxpayers pay for her to attend the conference:

See Resolution 21-027
The City of Pacific Grove hereby appoints Councilmember Jenny McAdams as voting delegate to the League of California Cities annual conference in Sacramento, California.

McAdams left the conference early without ever voting, then tries to weasel her way out of it.  When she gets called out for it, she lies about it. She even drags in her youngest son, Vax (real name is Max), to justify her pathetic actions.

The Weakly Squid writes

McAdams’ colleagues never saw her and asked City Manager Ben Harvey whether she cast P.G.’s ballot. Harvey was notified by a League official that the city’s ballot was never picked up, nor returned. When Harvey pressed her, McAdams pointed to photos of herself at the conference but didn’t answer whether she voted. Poduri asked her point blank if she voted and she never answered him, either.
McAdams tells Squid’s colleague the League is mistaken. She claims she did pick up a ballot and turned it in before leaving the conference early to pick up her son from school. But a League spokesperson confirms the only way to vote is in person.

Hmm. The emails reveal something else: a duck and dive by McAdams, who tried to deflect from herself by focusing on Amelio’s and Poduri’s failure to turn in a conference report to council, as required by law. Poduri submitted one in time for a Dec. 1 council agenda, in which he states that he and Amelio attended the conference. McAdams’ name is conspicuously absent.

Councilmember Jenny McAdams No Show At Assigned Conference

Seal Posse Reins In ATC Hotel Project

Did anyone ever ask the seals if they like the massaging action of the vibrating rocks?

Seals Getting Massages

Residents opposing the ATC Hotel and Commercial Project – as it’s called by developers Comstock Homes – say the changes don’t go far enough. One longtime advocate for the harbor seals of a nearby pupping beach, Thom Akeman, says reducing the amount of granite excavation by 40 percent for underground parking is insufficient. “That underground garage will be the death knell for the harbor seals on the beach,” Akeman says. He’s worried constant jackhammering and construction noise will drive seals away forever.

Comstock representative Debra Geiler says the elimination of an underground garage closest to the beach and limiting excavation to a location up the hill should protect seals from noise and vibrations.

Seal Posse Reins In ATC Hotel Project

P.G.’s Recycled Sewer Water Not Substainable

Maybe sell some to Nader’s Hotel. Get Moe to drink some on camera.

Point Pinos Sewer Tanks


Nearly five years after Pacific Grove officials broke ground with golden-hued shovels for construction of a wastewater reclamation plant on Point Pinos in hopes of creating revenue from the sale of recycled water and water credits, the city is finding out the financial returns aren’t as golden as they had hoped.

The P.G. Local Water Project costs more than the city makes on recycled water. Last fiscal year the city loaned the project $600,000 to make up for less-than-expected revenue since the plant opened in December 2017, according to the 2021-22 budget.

P.G.’s Recycled Sewer Water Not Substainable

PG High Student Body President Resigns Over Racial Incidents

Said the N word while being white. Big no no unless making a rap song.

PGhs 1103


The president of the Pacific Grove High School Associated Student Body, Anthony Biondi, resigned today after nearly two weeks of pressure from the community to have him removed. Anger was mounting after photos of him posting with a Confederate flag and mock weapons in 2020 and a video of him saying the N-word in 2019 were circulated after his election in May.

On Aug. 7, a change.org petition was started by another student calling for him to be recalled. As of today there are over 600 signatures on the petition.

The announcement of Biondi’s resignation came from PGHS Principal Lito Garcia in an email to families Thursday morning, Aug. 19. It was sent just hours before tonight’s Pacific Grove Unified School District board meeting, where it was expected that numerous parents, students and community members would demand his removal.

PG High Student Body President Resigns Over Racial Incidents

Mvsevm Director Resigns Over Statutory Rape Allegations

Posts on an Instantgram account called #thisisour831 resulted an email campaign calling to remove the director.

The Mvsevm

At that time, Sept. 1, 2017, he returned to his position as director of exhibits and education. Almost three years to the day, on Sept. 3, Govea resigned from his most recent position at the museum, director of community engagement.

The resignation comes after similar allegations surfaced on social media in recent days.

The only post on their feed so far references a specific incident was made on Aug. 29, and describes allegations against Govea. The post claims to be a story “from another young woman that was groomed and sexually abused by Juan Govea,” although the Weekly was not able to reach her or verify her identity.

She describes what started as a texting relationship when she was 16 or 17, then Govea inviting her to his home near the school, where she says he served dinner and Champagne followed by peach vodka. After that, she writes, she was too drunk to go home. She spent the night and they had oral sex.

Mvsevm Director Resigns Over Statutory Rape Allegations