Mvsevm Director Resigns Over Statutory Rape Allegations

Posts on an Instantgram account called #thisisour831 resulted an email campaign calling to remove the director.

The Mvsevm

At that time, Sept. 1, 2017, he returned to his position as director of exhibits and education. Almost three years to the day, on Sept. 3, Govea resigned from his most recent position at the museum, director of community engagement.

The resignation comes after similar allegations surfaced on social media in recent days.

The only post on their feed so far references a specific incident was made on Aug. 29, and describes allegations against Govea. The post claims to be a story “from another young woman that was groomed and sexually abused by Juan Govea,” although the Weekly was not able to reach her or verify her identity.

She describes what started as a texting relationship when she was 16 or 17, then Govea inviting her to his home near the school, where she says he served dinner and Champagne followed by peach vodka. After that, she writes, she was too drunk to go home. She spent the night and they had oral sex.

Mvsevm Director Resigns Over Statutory Rape Allegations

“Wizard’s” Wannabe Apprentice Can’t Read A Court Calendar

Colangelo Shrug Ani
“One member of the public who spoke up during the meeting was Joy Colangelo, who lives in Pacific Grove and is a staunch advocate for short-term rental owners. Colangelo was pushing for perpetuity, and she also invited the Carmel council to come watch a trial that was scheduled to start on Dec. 16 in Monterey County Superior Court, pitting short-term landlords against the city of P.G. for allegedly violating their rights with limits on the rentals. The plaintiffs are represented by the Goldwater Institute, a libertarian think tank based in Phoenix. Colangelo touted their attorney, Goldwater executive VP Christina Sandefur: “She’s a wizard!” Coangelo gushed. Alas, the trial was not to be.” Note – said “Wizard” voluntarily dismissed the most important claim and therefore the trial was cancelled – court approved the dismissal on Nov 21.

Toilet To The Tap Water Credits Not Usable For New Hotels?

Better idea: bypass all the complicated water credit issues and send that toilet water straight to the new hotels.

Toilet to Tap

So it must have been a shock to P.G. City Manager Ben Harvey to receive a letter from the state water board on May 16, stating that the board was holding back on the payment because the city’s plan might be a breach of contract.

The issue appears to be a discrepancy of interpretations stemming from the water board’s 2009 order to the Monterey Peninsula to stop using water from the Carmel River. One interpretation is that due to the order, P.G. cannot keep any new water credits for itself – they all have to go back to the river.

Toilet To The Tap Water Credits Not Usable For New Hotels?

Mayor Kampe Not Running For Re-Election

Grumpycat Good

Better find a decent pick for mayor before P.G. starts to look like Stockton.

He won in a landslide, and the four-year adventure turned into a 10-year journey, after winning the mayor’s seat two more times in 2014 and 2016.

The journey is now officially coming to an end, Kampe announced Tuesday, May 29, in an emailed statement.

He and his wife, Cheryl, are ready to do new things together, which they have postponed during this stint on the council.

Oh, and one steps up in favor turning P.G. into Stockton

Councilmember Rudy Fischer announced later the same day that he is running for mayor.
He said as mayor he would “pretty much continue the council’s current policies and direction.”

Mayor Kampe Not Running For Re-Election

Brewpubs Will Be The New Bistros

Will the landmark sign still remain? Easy directions to Fandango – west on Lighthouse and turn at the maxipad,
Maxipad Sign

Cohen goes on to say that gyms and real estate offices produce no sales tax. How long did it take to notice that? We have art galleries that are open eight hours a week. Clothing boutiques open by appointment. How much tax and foot traffic do they bring in?

Prime retail spots were suddenly snapped up by real estate offices and a physical therapy business, meaning no sales tax revenue for the city, and fewer shops to draw visitors and residents to the neighborhood.

“There’s nothing wrong with these businesses, but the problem is they don’t produce any sales tax,” Cohen says. “They could be put on side streets. They don’t have to take up valuable retail space.”

The Economic Development Commission voted 8-0 in October in favor of limiting how many offices, real estate agencies, medical clinics and gyms could occupy first-floor locations on Lighthouse Avenue. The move is not without precedent: After a spate of thrift shop and consignment store openings a few years ago, the commission and others convinced the City Council to pass an ordinance in 2015 limiting the number to two thrift shops on Lighthouse, and 12 total downtown.

Brewpubs Will Be The New Bistros

Collect More Taxes Or Keep P.G. Neighborhoods For Neighbors?

Come-here spend-more politicians say more taxes will solve everything.

Kampe called the argument that STRs are the cause of a lack of affordable housing “nonsense.” He said the real problem is vacant second homes, something the city has no control over.

Kampe and three other council members said they would favor keeping the STR license program, but with limitations like capping the total number of licenses, the number of nights, and other aspects. One council member, Rudy Fischer, was absent.

Only one council member, Robert Huitt, said he believes STRs violate residential zoning ordinances and should be phased out.

Collect More Taxes Or Keep P.G. Neighborhoods For Neighbors?

Bruiser The Pig Forced Out Of Town

Hope no one sees my service camel.

Earlier in the public hearing the two spoke to council passionately about their pet, Bruiser, and shared a long list of myths about mini-pigs. Lisa Hanes told council that Bruiser serves as an emotional support animal for her.

City staff told the council that under the Americans with Disability Act, dogs, and in some cases, miniature horses trained to perform tasks for disabled people, are allowed as service animals. Emotional support animals could be allowed with a medical recommendation, and a determination by the city manager.

Besides pigs, the ordinance would also prohibit as pets horses, cows, sheep, goats, gulls, raccoons, deer, squirrels, geese and other “domestic, domesticated, exotic or wild animals.”

“Common household pets” like guinea pigs, reptiles, birds and rabbits would be allowed. Bees and chickens would be allowed with permits.

Bruiser The Pig Forced Out Of Town

Newcomer Akeman Wants Less Newcomers

I felt the same way 30 years ago when Ache-man the news reporter moved here and wrote articles and later an instruction manual for moving to the area. The man does not realize he’s been part of the problem all along,

Tom Acheman

“There are times it’s like living in an airport terminal,” Thom Akeman says of the sounds of rolling luggage and loud voices of vacationers on his street located near downtown. Akeman served on a subcommittee that advised the city before last year’s revision, but he says residents’ concerns were not adequately considered.

Newcomer Akeman Wants Less Newcomers

Why So Sensationalism, Coast Weakly?

Letter writers reply that the kayaker got what he deserved.

Were going to need more sensationalism

This article takes the entirely wrong perspective (“Great white shark attacks kayak off Cannery Row,” posted March 31). If there were a shark at Safeway, I would get the hysteria. Instead this story boils down to, “Shark tastes kayak, occupant unscathed except soiled wetsuit.” Recapping: There are white sharks in Monterey Bay. They eat sea lions. There are sea lions on the Breakwater. Dude was kayaking near the Breakwater. A shark in its kitchen came to check out dude’s kayak. Dude was not “attacked” by the shark – his kayak was tasted by the landlord. Dude apparently forgot the lease agreement and is freaking out (as we all would). For being “plucked from the jaws of a white shark” as another article stated, dude is abnormally fine. Patrick Webster | via web

Why do people act all surprised if a shark attacks them? You’re in their environment. They think it’s food. You think they’re gonna nudge it and ask for Grey Poupon?! Hopefully there was a successful hunt and it got to eat. Terese Sinclair | via Facebook

It would be appreciated if your writers would stop making the great white out to be killers. The article is atrocious and the writer should be ashamed. These animals are already a target and killed without remorse even though the chances of being attacked by one is less than that of being struck by lightning. I am appalled that in a community that is about conservation and protecting marine life that this article was written with such malice toward these beautiful animals. I saw the bite marks on the kayak and while I’m sure it was scary for the individual it was clear the shark had no intention of making the kayak a meal. Geoffrey Wade Buckles | via Facebook

Alternate title: Great white shark explores kayak, learns it’s not food. Kristin Molle | via Facebook

Why So Sensationalism, Coast Weakly?

Shark Attacks Kayak

Great White Shark

Correiar began scrambling in the water toward shore, trying not to splash or let his legs hang down. He then hit upon another strategy:

“While this was going on, the shark was using my boat as a chew toy. I saw it spin with the boat at least three times. It started pushing the boat towards me and then left the boat and headed for me. Suddenly it dove. I put my face in the water to see if it was under me, but I couldn’t see anything.”

Shark Attacks Kayak