Newcomer Fischer Running For Mayor


In June of 2106 after declaring his run for mayor against Mayor Bill Kampe, Fischer pulled out of the race, citing that his views were too similar to Kampe’s to run against him.
Fischer said he wants to continue the council’s current policies and direction, which involves improvements to the city’s infrastructure, something he said he’s long emphasized.

Uh oh.

Newcomer Fischer Running For Mayor

Mayor Kampe Not Running For Re-Election

Grumpy Cat - Good

Better find a decent pick for mayor before P.G. starts to look like Stockton.

He won in a landslide, and the four-year adventure turned into a 10-year journey, after winning the mayor’s seat two more times in 2014 and 2016.

The journey is now officially coming to an end, Kampe announced Tuesday, May 29, in an emailed statement.

He and his wife, Cheryl, are ready to do new things together, which they have postponed during this stint on the council.

Oh, and one steps up in favor turning P.G. into Stockton

Councilmember Rudy Fischer announced later the same day that he is running for mayor.
He said as mayor he would “pretty much continue the council’s current policies and direction.”

Mayor Kampe Not Running For Re-Election

P.G. Pays $25,000 To Oakland Survey Company Only To Find The Obvious

Tax the tourists. Oh, and 41 percent come up negative on short term cyber rentals.

The survey also showed that 41 percent of the 375 likely voters surveyed on the phone and online believe that the city has done a “poor” job of managing the city’s vacation rentals, while 28 percent gave the same grade for the way the city manages its pension obligations. Similarly, 22 percent said P.G. is doing poorly managing its finances.

P.G. Pays $25,000 To Oakland Survey Company Only To Find The Obvious

Tell Seaside To Flush Twice For Kampe

Yummy. Seaside waste and Salinas farm run off treated and served up in P.G.

Prep work has already begun on the 7-mile pipeline running from Seaside to Pacific Grove, which is designed to deliver water from the Seaside basin to Peninsula customers as a result of the recycled water project

Pacific Grove Mayor Bill Kampe called the pipeline tangible progress toward providing a new water supply, noting the collaborative efforts that helped overcome initial opposition to recycled water from Peninsula hospitality, Cal Am and even the state Public Utilities Commission. Seaside Mayor Ralph Rubio called the ceremony a historic groundbreaking and “first step toward a water supply solution” for the Peninsula.

Tell Seaside To Flush Twice For Kampe

Bruiser's Owners Take To Social Media

P.G. Demands Bookface posts removed. Is the city’s Bookface page by the city and they don’t know how to remove/ban/block opinions it does not agree with?

While the Hanes family appeals this decision, Lisa found and posted emails between Pacific Grove city employees on the city’s Facebook page that she says”Let’s the community know what’s really going on.”

Hanes says she will not remove the posts from the city’s Facebook page as she’s not legally obligated to and because of the support she’s gotten from them. Pacific Grove Mayor Bill Kampe told KION that no further action by the city will be taken in regards to the posts. Pending an appeal, the family has till August 20th to relocate Bruiser the Pig out of the city.

Bruiser’s Owners Take To Social Media

Rudy Fischer Jumped The Gun – Quits Bid For Mayor

Fischer has lived in PG for 6 years and is on the city council. He hopes to be mayor in 2 more years. Proof that Pacific Grove is becoming a town of transients lead by transients.

In an about-face, Pacific Grove City Councilman Rudy Fischer has decided he won’t run for mayor in the upcoming November election after all.

Fischer said his intentions were never to run against Kampe, simply because of their agreement on many of the city’s current issues and noted that he filed his candidacy papers at a time when Kampe wasn’t yet certain he would run again.

Fischer, who has been a Pacific Grove resident for 6 1/2 years, said he definitely plans to run for mayor in 2018 and said he already has the funds to do so.

Rudy Fischer Jumped The Gun – Quits Bid For Mayor

Mayor Repeats The Old Substainable Song

Build more hotels, attract more visitors. Do you really like waking up to weekend neighbors that arrived late Friday and packing up early? How about the slow moving traffic from hospitality workers that cannot afford to live here?

“My wife and I still wake up each morning and think how wonderful it is to live in this amazing community,” Kampe said. “It continues to be this special place because so many work so hard to make it this way.”

“Taken together, current deferred spending plus looming cost increases tell us we need increased revenue,” said Kampe. “We now need to ask if we, as a community, are prepared to support essential and desired services that make our city such a privileged place to live.”

Kampe referred to Carmel, which has three times the revenue per capita, and Monterey, with double the revenue per capita, as references to just how well the city has managed with its limited finances.

Mayor Repeats The Old Substainable Song

Special Election Coming For Project Bella

Project Bella overhead view

While a few P.G. residents did express their concerns about the effects of the project and the special election — like Pacific Grove resident Luke Coletti, who thought the special election was a “cynical attempt to lower voter turnout,”

“I have a lot of faith in P.G. voters,” said Moe Ammar, president of the Pacific Grove Chamber of Commerce, at Wednesday’s meeting. “It’s to the benefit of Pacific Grove to get that dollar in the bank as soon as possible.”

The question of compensation was addressed first because, as Mayor Bill Kampe explained, “We want to know we’re getting reimbursed.”

For his part, Kampe has advocated moving forward in a timely manner because of the multiple hurdles involved in a development project of this size. He said he was pleased to see the city reach a point where the election has been called and a reimbursement agreement has been made. So did David Armanasco, a spokesman for the project.

Special Election Coming For Project Bella

Sewer Rate Increases

Never mind the lack of maintenance and failing MRWPCA pump station. Pay Per Flush and Smart Sewer Meters can’t be far behind.

A discovery that the city had been overcharging customers for several years angered many and led to a grassroots effort to overturn a 10-year rate hike proposal, with 1,421 residents penning letters against the idea. But it wasn’t enough to stop the move — 3,051 responses were needed — and the City Council unanimously adopted the increases.

“We’re going to be able to move ahead,” said Pacific Grove Mayor Bill Kampe just after the responses were tallied.

The figure was not what the opposition had hoped for. The controversy arose after the city collected $600,000 in sewer fees over the last few years without issuing a required notice to ratepayers. During that time, the Monterey Regional Water Pollution Control Agency also raised its rates, which were linked to the city’s rate and added to homeowners’ bills.

Sewer Rate Increases

Rules Are For Others, Not Kampe And Frutchey

Nevermind the humans, close the beach for sea lions.

At a March 5 P.G. City Council meeting, numerous volunteers who help protect the seals urged the city to install bigger fencing to protect them. But before they even spoke, city
manager Tom Frutchey told the council that the city “will go ahead, and even without coastal commission approval, erect a more substantial barrier.” The city installed the lattice fencing not long after the meeting.

Rules Are For Others, Not Kemp And Frutchey