Pacific Grove's McDonald's Closed

Other locations are close (permanently)

We Are Close

Thought to be the slowest McDonald’s in the world but it held on.

In 1995, the city adopted a ban on any “formula fast food” establishments coming in, but the four existing fast-food spots were grandfathered in and allowed to remain. Today those spots are occupied by McDonald’s, Subway, Mountain Mike’s and Domino’s.

Moammar discovers the secret of PG’s business areas south of Sinex and will help kill that too, undoubtedly.

“It attracts people from different walks of life and has the most diverse group of people because it’s affordable,” said Ammar, noting the many times he’s seen the restaurant packed with senior citizens in the morning having coffee. “Last week I must have seen 18 different groups of people in there ranging from children to teens to construction workers and seniors.”

Pacific Grove’s McDonald’s Closed

Failed Hotel To Be Sold

String of failures? Maybe it was better divided up as a rental.

John Hankard, a realtor with Sotheby’s International Realty, said the property will be listed with a price tag of $3.5 million once the current bankruptcy proceedings that surround it are settled.

In July the inn was abruptly shut down leaving prepaid guests with room reservations high and dry. That was after the lessee, Malibu business man Gary Peterson, filed for bankruptcy. The 16-room yellow historic inn located at 581 Pine Ave. is owned by David Spence who also owns Pacific Grove’s Beachcomber Inn. Spence leased the inn to partnership Monterey Peninsula Inns LP in 2001, who then assigned the lease to Monarch Hospitality LLC. In 2009, Monarch assigned the lease to PG Inn Inc. (principal Gary Peterson).

Hankard said Peterson has been behind in property taxes and transient occupancy taxes to the city, as well as payments to Spence.

Failed Hotel To Be Sold

McDonald's Leaving Town

No drive up window and rent hikes push the affordable family burger chain to leave after winning the fight to build in P.G. back in 1974 when the town was more serving to residents.

Arches Gone

While the building that the fast food restaurant is located in at 100 Country Club Gate was sold in January, 2014, the golden arches remained. But now, the building is up for lease and McDonald’s is departing America’s last hometown.

“Somebody bought the property where McDonald’s is and now they want to increase the rent but McDonald’s can’t afford it,” said Pacific Grove’s Chamber of Commerce President Moe Ammar.

McDonald’s Leaving Town

Rappa's Closed

City is against consolidation.

The Monterey City Council on Tuesday will consider taking final action to deny the transfer of a wharf lease for Rappa’s Seafood Restaurant from Anthony Rappa to would-be buyer James Gilbert, who has three other wharf restaurants.

Rappa, who has been running the restaurant since 1980, said Thursday that he hopes the council decides otherwise.

“What they are doing is counterproductive,” said Rappa, who at age 79 wants to retire. He said Gilbert has the money to make badly needed improvements to the property, along with plans to make it a “destination location.”

The restaurant sits in a good location near the end of the wharf, with a second-level observation deck overlooking the harbor.

Rappa’s Closed

Searles Art Supplies Paints A Picture Of Closed

Held on in tough times for 5 years. Was the foolish MST project a contributer to the final straw?Searls Art

The nail in the coffin for Searle, he said, was the construction of Monterey-Salinas Transit’s JAZZ line bus stops last year. He said snarled traffic kept customers away.

MST general manager Carl Sedoryk said Monday afternoon they never heard from Wiseman during construction and noted Searle has its own parking lot and no construction took place in front of it.

He did say, however, that traffic was likely backed up in front of Wiseman’s store.

“I’m sorry to see such a long-standing member of the retail community has not been able to make it,” Sedoryk said. “I’m not certain what role though our project, if any, really had on that decision.”

Sedoryk said no claims against the transit district had been filed by Lighthouse Avenue businesses.

Searles Art Supplies Paints A Picture Of Closed