Hart Mansion Closing. This Is Not A Repeat From 2010

Another case of needing to spend more time with family. Sure, the owners are moving to “wine country”. Spend more time with fermenting grapes.

Hart Mansion

The Victorian home, built in 1893 and known as the Hart Mansion after Dr. Andrew Jackson Hart for whom it was built, is now on the market for $2 million. The four bedroom property — often featured on the town’s annual Home Tour when it was still held, and in national publications — has served as a tea room and special event venue since 2015, five years after the current owners Jim and Kathy Turley bought it in 2010.

While the Turleys initially planned for it to be solely their residence, the two said that because so many people were coming up to their front door and trying to come in and look around, they decided to find a way to open it to the public.

Hart Mansion Closing. This Is Not A Repeat From 2010

Sunshine Surf Shop Shutters

Bought gear there for my kids. Seemed higher priced but definitely an excellent customer experience.

Sunshine Freestyle OOB

While Sunshine Freestyle has had a few different owners over the years since it first opened in 1976, when Wenzlik and Kreyenhagen purchased it on April 1, 1998, the store carried winter sports gear. But when sales of skis, snowboards and winter clothing started to decline, they stopped carrying that inventory and turned their focus to summer merchandise.

“Since 2010, there’s been a lot of changes with corporations,” said Wenzlik, noting that both the REI in Marina and the Vans store in the Del Monte Center have affected his sales.

The one thing that remained over the years was the annual Surfabout two-day event that Sunshine Freestyle sponsored at Carmel Beach. This year, due to the store closing and mounting costs to schedule the use of the beach, the event was canceled.

“It was an idea of bringing the tribe – all the surfing communities around Monterey Bay and Monterey County – of bringing everybody together for a community family event and friendly competition,” explained Wenzlik, noting that this last three or four years, he’s been able to witness three generations compete in the contest. He hopes to resurrect the event in the future.

Sunshine Surf Shop Shutters

Wharf Marketplace Closes

wharf marketplace

People were not buying the most expensive vegetables in the county. Surprised?

It was back in December that Rick Antle, president and CEO of Tanimura & Antle, the employee owned family farm company that owns the cafe/coffee house/specialty market, said it was time to sell the space. The property located at 209 Figueroa St. in Monterey includes 3,701 square-feet of retail space. It’s up for sale for $2.09 per square foot plus triple net charges. Antle said that going into the venture, management had expected produce and local sales to be a larger percentage of the profit but instead it became heavily skewed toward the cafe, which isn’t the company’s main focus.

Wharf Marketplace Closes

Pacific Grove's McDonald's Closed

Other locations are close (permanently)

We Are Close

Thought to be the slowest McDonald’s in the world but it held on.

In 1995, the city adopted a ban on any “formula fast food” establishments coming in, but the four existing fast-food spots were grandfathered in and allowed to remain. Today those spots are occupied by McDonald’s, Subway, Mountain Mike’s and Domino’s.

Moammar discovers the secret of PG’s business areas south of Sinex and will help kill that too, undoubtedly.

“It attracts people from different walks of life and has the most diverse group of people because it’s affordable,” said Ammar, noting the many times he’s seen the restaurant packed with senior citizens in the morning having coffee. “Last week I must have seen 18 different groups of people in there ranging from children to teens to construction workers and seniors.”

Pacific Grove’s McDonald’s Closed

Failed Hotel To Be Sold

String of failures? Maybe it was better divided up as a rental.

John Hankard, a realtor with Sotheby’s International Realty, said the property will be listed with a price tag of $3.5 million once the current bankruptcy proceedings that surround it are settled.

In July the inn was abruptly shut down leaving prepaid guests with room reservations high and dry. That was after the lessee, Malibu business man Gary Peterson, filed for bankruptcy. The 16-room yellow historic inn located at 581 Pine Ave. is owned by David Spence who also owns Pacific Grove’s Beachcomber Inn. Spence leased the inn to partnership Monterey Peninsula Inns LP in 2001, who then assigned the lease to Monarch Hospitality LLC. In 2009, Monarch assigned the lease to PG Inn Inc. (principal Gary Peterson).

Hankard said Peterson has been behind in property taxes and transient occupancy taxes to the city, as well as payments to Spence.

Failed Hotel To Be Sold

McDonald's Leaving Town

No drive up window and rent hikes push the affordable family burger chain to leave after winning the fight to build in P.G. back in 1974 when the town was more serving to residents.

Arches Gone

While the building that the fast food restaurant is located in at 100 Country Club Gate was sold in January, 2014, the golden arches remained. But now, the building is up for lease and McDonald’s is departing America’s last hometown.

“Somebody bought the property where McDonald’s is and now they want to increase the rent but McDonald’s can’t afford it,” said Pacific Grove’s Chamber of Commerce President Moe Ammar.

McDonald’s Leaving Town

Rappa's Closed

City is against consolidation.

The Monterey City Council on Tuesday will consider taking final action to deny the transfer of a wharf lease for Rappa’s Seafood Restaurant from Anthony Rappa to would-be buyer James Gilbert, who has three other wharf restaurants.

Rappa, who has been running the restaurant since 1980, said Thursday that he hopes the council decides otherwise.

“What they are doing is counterproductive,” said Rappa, who at age 79 wants to retire. He said Gilbert has the money to make badly needed improvements to the property, along with plans to make it a “destination location.”

The restaurant sits in a good location near the end of the wharf, with a second-level observation deck overlooking the harbor.

Rappa’s Closed