Are You Ready To Fight Godzilla El Nino?

El Nino

Since 1951, there have been 26 El Niño events. Of those, 11 have been weak, 7 moderate, 5 strong and 3 very strong. Overall during all of them, rainfall in Southern California averaged 126% of normal. In the Bay Area it was 109% of normal.

During two of the three very strong El Niños, the winters of 1982-83 and 1997-98 were among the wettest in recorded California history, with massive Sierra Nevada snowpacks and major flooding.

The third, in 2015-16, was something of a bust. Hyped as a “Godzilla El Niño,” that event did see big winter storms, but they ended up hitting Oregon and Washington, dashing hopes of breaking a California drought, which didn’t end until big storms finally arrived in 2017.

Are You Ready To Fight El Nino?

Coast Weakly Calls Lighthouse Ave A Struggle

Lighthouse Ave Traffic

Comparing it to Alvarado. Apples and oranges. Avlarados and Lighthouses. And no one wants the homeless bums sleeping in doorways or acting strange on Lighthouse.

It’s been a balancing act for Monterey officials over the decades, figuring out how to serve the needs of motorists, pedestrians and bicyclists while managing the demands and expectations of residents and business owners. A vision for Alvarado Street forged a decade ago in the city’s Downtown Specific Plan has led to what is now a flourishing destination. The vision for Lighthouse Avenue, laid out in the Lighthouse Specific Plan adopted in 2016, has been clouded by its geography and competing opinions on how to make it work as best it can for all involved.

Coast Weakly Calls Lighthouse Ave A Struggle

Come-Heres Want To Remove the Grove Of P.G.

Move. Why buy a home under trees if you have dendrophobia?

Wtf Tree

Christie Monson and Tim Calvert know the municipal battle well. With three, 50-foot-plus cypress trees in their front yard – and worries one or more will fall onto their home, especially amid consistently stormy weather of late – the Pacific Grove couple has been wrestling with the city to have the towering conifers removed.

So far, the city has denied the pair’s request, maintaining the trees are healthy and don’t need to come out.

But Monson and Calvert aren’t convinced. Instead, they’ve started sleeping as far away from the trees as they could get, moving their bed from their front-of-house bedroom to a nook near the back.

Come-Heres Want To Remove the Grove Of P.G.

Sick Rec Trail Attacker’s Parole Upheld

Horse pucky.

Jason Blad

The grounds for approval, laid out at the board’s October hearing, rested on “Youthful Offender” factors, the DA’s Office said in a press release announcing Blad’s parole. On its website, the CDCR explains that the “idea of a youth offender parole hearing is based on scientific evidence showing that parts of the brain involved in behavior control continue to mature through late adolescence and that adolescent brains are not yet fully mature until a person is in his or her mid-to-late 20s.”

Sick Rec Trail Attacker’s Parole Upheld

Why Is It Always Central Pharmacy?

Put a steel gate up. Central Drugs

On Feb. 14. at about 2:25 a.m., two men broke the front glass door of Central Avenue Pharmacy at 133 15th St. Surveillance video shows them hurling a large rock at the
door several times before breaking it, kicking in the broken glass panel, climbing in and hopping over the sales counter toward the drugs.

With firearms drawn, Pacific Grove Police officers entered the pharmacy and searched  for the thieves, Gordon said, but they had already taken off. The burglars took less than $50 worth of codeine,” Gordon said. “The only thing they took is liquid codeine-type products.”

Why Is It Always Central Pharmacy?

Mayor’s Zoom Meeting Gets Good As Goatse

This would not have happened if they had trusted the schlock website operators that know better.

And Moe? The same Moe that talks about his orgasms in meetings? He did not say his normal “the best thing to happen to P.G.”

“My wife was watching from home, and she was shocked,” Peake said. He added that former P.G. Chamber of Commerce president “Moe Ammar was there, and he said something to the effect of that it was ‘ugly. ‘ There was no laughing.” Peake, who said his State of the City address will be rescheduled, added that “city staff was aware” of the potential for hacking, “and if they had set up the meeting differently, this would not have happened.”

Mayor’s Zoom Meeting Gets Good As Goatse

Don’t google “goatse”. Trust me.

Losers Keep On Losin’

Hello Loser

Wachs has not lived in P.G. long enough to contribute anything of substance. And Tina Rau was an embarrassment.

Pacific Grove Mayor Bill Peake’s appointments to the city’s boards and commissions raised some eyebrows when the list was released in an agenda report for the P.G. City Council meeting taking place tonight, Jan. 18. In one case, it appears he snubbed his political opponent in the Nov. 7 election, Mike Wachs.

The chair of the DEI Task Force, Tina Rau, was also rejected in her bid to remain on the task force, in a surprising move by Peake who rejected two other members who wanted to retain their seats. He did appoint one woman, Marie Hunter, who in her application called into question DEI principles.

Losers Keep On Losin’