Wild Fish Sued For $4,450.00. Innkeeper Defrauds Magazine

Substainable – until it’s time to pay the bills then there’s no sustenance. Why is the place still open?

Widfish Ad

Edible Monterey Bay ran an ad in its glossy magazine for Liz Jacobs of Wild Fish, the restaurant that dodged taxes and business license fees. The story is the same, Jacobs has not paid the magazine and it’s gone to small claims court.

Court date is August 29, 2024 in Marina.

Widfish Court Document

Wild Fish Wild Fish Sued For $4,450.00. Innkeeper Defrauds Magazine

Sheriff Tina Nieto And Her Dangerous Driving Style

Tina Nietos Need For Speed

CHP pops her three times and every time “professional courtesy” lets her go.

In the first dash cam video, the CHP officer pulls over Nieto after he said she passed him at a speed of 95 miles per hour.

“You were in and out of traffic [inaudible] to about 90 okay,” said the officer in the video. “No worries, we’re just, obviously going to give you a warning but ah, just make sure you slow down a little bit and just be a little more cognizant.”

The officer tells the sheriff to drive safely before walking back to his vehicle.

March 2024
In this incident, video shows the officer telling Sheriff Nieto he was pulling her over for her speed of around 95 miles per hour and said she passed another CHP vehicle traveling at 92 miles per hour.

CHP Officer: Were you running code 3?

Nieto: They haven’t upgraded my vehicle yet.

CHP Officer: Alright, so I’m not going to issue you a citation. This is the second time I stopped you for your speed. Umm, I don’t know what it’s going to take to slow down but… Next time if you’re obviously speeding and you’re not going to an emergency, it’s going to be a little different, okay?

The officer emphasized to Nieto he wanted to make sure she and everyone else on the road was able to get where they needed to be safely before he walked back to his patrol car.

May 2024
During the traffic stop in May, video shows the officer asking Sheriff Nieto for her license. Nieto responded by asking to speak with a supervisor.

Sheriff Tina Nieto And Her Dangerous Driving Style


No Parole For Recreation Trail Stabber Jesse Carson

This sick SOB stays in jail. His partner is free on parole. Don’t go on the rec trail at night.

Jesse Carson

“Carson anonymously corresponded with local media in an attempt to taunt the authorities and the public about the attack,

Carson was 19 when he was enrolled in the Defense Language Institute. He for “reasons known to himself” and his codefendant, Jason Bland, planned to become serial killers, said Pacioni. The victim was a stranger to them both.

“They restrained her, then repeatedly stabbed, and slashed her. They taunted her with threats and promises of death. During the attack, the victim suffered multiple stabs to her torso and slash wounds to her neck,” detailed Pacioni.

No Parole For Recreation Trail Stabber Jesse Carson

DEI Thinks These Are The Days To Recognize

This was started last year and has not improved from the original list of days. Is this all the DEI does?

at the DEI Task Force meeting Monday night, members unveiled a pared-down draft of the calendar, which omitted what are likely the two most internationally celebrated cultural events of the year — Christmas and Easter. While none of the four task force members mentioned the two Christian events during the  meeting, Doneux said the panel is “certainly open to other people’s suggestions for additions” to the calendar.

The DEI task force, which meets once a month, voted
Monday to continue discussion of the cultural calendar to
a “date uncertain.”

Korean American Day
Martin Luther King Jr. Day.
National Day of Racial Healing. Our Beloved Community: A Journey Towards Black
& Brown Solidarity on the Monterey Peninsula.
Homelessness: Monterey County Point-in-Time Street Count.
Kwanzaa ends
UN Holocaust Remembrance Day
National Freedom Day
Lunar New Year
BLAAC and Mils Film Festival
Black History Month
Black, Indigenous People of Color (BIPOC) Voices at MIIS
Women’s History Month
International Women’s Day
On the Road to Hope & Joy: A Workshop at PG Adult School
Farmworkers Awareness Week
World Down Syndrome Day
Celebrate Diversity Month
Emancipation Day
World Autism Awareness Day
Asian Cultural Show at MPC
Festival of Languages, Cultures, and Ideas
Moonflower Festival
Oaxaca Guelaguetza Cultural Festival
College of Health Sciences and Human Services (CHSHS) Diversity Celebration
May Day/lnternational Workers Day
International Day Against Homophobia, Transphobia, and Biphobia
Mothers’ Day
Walk of Remembrance (Chinese) in PG
Red Dress Day (Indigenous People)
De Colores (advance farmworker advocacy)
LGBTQ+ Pride Month
International Day for Countering Hate Speech
Fathers’ Day
Monterey Bonsai Show
Marina Multi-cultural Festival
Palenke Arts Festival• Seaside
Monterey Peninsula Pride Celebration
Santa Cruz Pride
PrideLand (Hollister/San Benito County)
Disability Pride Month
Obon Festival
International Non-Binary Peoples Day
International Day of the World’s Indigenous People
International Day of People of African Descent
Watsonville Strawberry Festival
International Youth Day
Women’s Equality Day
LatinX Heritage/National Hispanic Heritage Month (starts Sept 15th)
LatinX Heritage/National Hispanic Heritage Month (finishes October 15th)
Global Diversity Awareness Month
National Disability Employment Awareness Month
Rosh Hashanah
Yom Kippur
Indigenous Peoples’ Day (second day of October)
International Pronouns Day
National Native American Heritage Month
Transgender Day of Remembrance
Native American Heritage Day
International Human Rights Day
Kwanzaa begins

So, here is Lighthouse Avenue’s list of suggestions. Not as inclusive or as wack Katie and Bruce’s list, but very accommodating.

National Big Forehead Day
My Way Day (A favorite of DEI members)
Extraterrestrial Culture Day
National I LOVE My feet Day
National Bad Poetry Day
Measure Your Feet Day
National Cheese Sacrifice Purchase Day
Talk Like William Shakespeare Day
National Griper’s Day
Alien Abduction Day
Send an Electronic Greeting Card Day
National Lumpy Rug Day
Create a Great Funeral Day
National Bubble Wrap Appreciation Day
National Rubber Eraser Day
No Socks Day
Cow Milked While Flying in an Airplane Day
Stay Away From Fresno Day
National Emo Day
Invite an Alien to Live with You Day
Take it in the Ear Day
Hurray for Buttons Day
Call of the Horizon Day
A’Phabet Day or No “L” Day
National Ugly Truck Contest Day
Do a Grouch a Favor Day
False Confession Day
Dumbstruck Day
Festival for the Souls of Dead Whales
Clashing Clothes Day
National Name Your Car Day
Curmudgeons Day
Hawaiian Shirt Day
Quirky Country Music Song Titles Day
Barbie-in-a-Blender Day
National Reach As High As You Can Day
Gorilla Suit Day
Haunted Refrigerator Night
Keep Off the Grass Day
Fill Our Staplers Day
Jump Over Things Day
Sock Monkey Day
Kyrgyzstan National Hat Day
Blah Blah Blah Day
Quitters Day
National Paranormal Day
Hobbit Day
Look for Circles Day
Thumb Appreciation Day
National Handcuff Day
Everything You Think Is Wrong Day (DEI founded on this day)
Middle Name Pride Day

DEI Thinks These Are The Days To Recognize

P.G. Schools Hand Over Sex Ed To Baby Killers

Should be from the county health department or developed by the school district, not pass the buck to a divisive organization.

Next up, drugs and alcohol in health class with lessons from Bev-Mo.



Resident Mike Gibbs — who reviewed parts of the sex
ed curricula at the district office — said he was surprised to find that the course contained internet links to Planned Parenthood pages on sex toys with photos and descriptions on how to use them, and a “How do you know how to orgasm?” tutorial, which contained a video.

Following the complaints that have occurred over the past  month, a Planned Parenthood Mar Monte official sent a terse message to PGUSD saying it’s not allowed to let the public see the course.

P.G. Schools Hand Over Sex Ed To Baby Killers


Fish Prison Offers Free Admission By Showing A W2 Form

Oh? Sorry, it’s free if you get food stamps or other handouts. Taxpayer admission is sixty dollars per adult.


People who qualify under the SNAP or CalFresh programs will receive complementary entry for up to four people.

In order to get into the Aquarium, the qualifying beneficiary must be present and a valid SNAP/EBT card and a photo ID with matching name required.

Fish Prison Offers Free Admission By Showing A W2 Form