If Anyone Should Know About Gulls, The US Navy Does

But do the New York company’s solutions used by the Navy School work on Western Gulls?

The Naval Postgraduate School in Monterey seems to have found a way to keep ever-present, garbage-munching gulls from landing and nesting on its rooftops.

And neighboring Pacific Grove is taking notice.

The type of system NPS uses was one of the topics of discussion last week at a gull summit in Pacific Grove, as plans move forward for cleaning up the mess left by large Western gulls and trying to find solutions to reduce the numbers of roosting birds — especially on the flat roofs they love.

Seagull Control Systems LLC, a New York company, specializes in rooftop grid systems with wire or monofilament line — like fishing line — that owner Barry Fast says is foolproof in preventing gulls from landing.

By the way – Pacific Grove Juice N’ Java has returned to it’s old ways – picture taken August 10:

Dumpster Juice Java 130810

If Anyone Should Know About Gulls, The US Navy Does

Seagull Summit Declares Problem Is Solved

The gulls that are mucking up downtown are not Sea Gulls, but Western Gulls. Y’all aint got a SEAgull problem, pardner.

Woohoo Gull

The hot topic forced the meeting to move from a small, Jewell Park meeting room, across the street to the museum. That’s where museum executive director Lori Mannel set the record straight. There is no such thing as a sea gull, she said, explaining that the circling, squawking hordes over Pacific Gull are Western Gulls — never found far from the ocean.

Anyway, readers of LighthouseAvenue.com no doubt can recall back in 2009 when the Dumpsters Of Commerce story was posted to illustrate my opinion that downtown’s bistro owners showed little respect for the town and it’s citizens. The constant violators from back then were checked recently and (surprise!), no wide open trash receptacles.

Seabreeze Motel
Dumpster Sea Breeze Motel 130803

Dumpster Mandos 130803
Lighthouse Cinema
Dumpster Lh Cinema 130803

Dumpster Fandango 130803

PG Plaza – a little loose
Dumpster PG Plaza 130803 Trash

Dumpster Peppers 130803

17th Street Grillee
Dumpster 17th Street Grill

P.G Juice N Java – kind of sloppy
Dumpster Juice Java 130803

Not all is rosy –
Some crows were picking up berries from the ground behind Peppers
Peppers Crows 4

Favaloros leaves garbage uncovered in the alley
Dumpster Favaloros 130803

City trash can with no cover
Trash Uncovered 4 130803

Grapes Of Wraith Catering – this is shared (obviously) with a medical office in the Central Medical Clinic. The lid was up, there were medical records laying there. HIPAA issues possibly, but no food scraps.
Dumpster Grapes O Wrath 130803

Check back in a week – see if there is no longer a gull problem.

Seagull Summit Declares Problem Is Solved

Moe Holds Seagull Summit

Is the Mercedes getting dirty from bird poo these days?
Chamber Of Poop

Pacific Grove Chamber of Commerce President Moe Ammar said there is no immediate solution to the stinky situation, but in response, a Seagull Summit is being held at 8:30 a.m. Friday in Jewel Park. The summit will include a panel of experts.

Business owners said the city needs to roll up its sleeves and clean up the sea birds’ mess because pedestrians’ shoes are tracking gull droppings into local restaurants and creating a potential health hazard.

Hey business owners, you are required to clean the sidewalks outside your store.

Moe Holds Seagull Summit

CHASE That Bird Poop Off

Among all this Global Warming pseudo science Chase makes no mention of stopping the pollution of environment by it’s own practices..

Chase employs this anonymous pair to pressure wash the exterior of the building in the early morning. All the rinse water goes right down the storm drain.Chase Washers

A true caring business in the community would capture the run-off and dispose of it properly.

CHASE That Bird Poop Off

Employees Must Wash Hands . .

after taking out the trash. And touching bird poo. Ask, is the kitchen as clean and safe as the trash?

Is it Peppers Cafe? (taken May 22, 2009)

Is your wine cellar open to rats and full of germs like this garbage area, Fandango’s?(taken May 22, 2009)
Dumpster Fandango 09

Is that organic free range carrot juice safe after someone took out the boxes, P.G. Juice & Java? (taken May 22, 2009)
Dumpster Juice Java 052209

Employees Must Wash Hands . .

City Hall Roof To Be Cleaned, Cost: $22,000.00

Poopy City Hall Roof

Minutes of the October 15 Council Meeting

B. Announcements

• Celia Perez Martinez, Public Works Business Manager gave status on the following:

o Public Works will be cleaning the outside of City Hall except the roof as it contains a toxic material and requires special handling.

Martinez goes on to describe the process, and says it will cost the city $17,000 to $22,000 just to clean the roof. Thanks to businesses that do not cover the garbage.

Zocalos Restaurant, 8/21/08
Dumpster Zocalo 080820

City Hall Roof To Be Cleaned, Cost: $22,000.00

P.G. Wants Our Beautification Ideas

The city of Pacific Grove is seeking suggestions for ways to use $309,000 given to the city by the late Jeanette McIndoo for beautification and enhancement of the public facilities and grounds for the city.

Residents and organizations are asked to submit their suggestions in writing by Oct. 8 to the city’s Beautification and Natural Resources Committee, in care of the City Manager’s Office, 300 Forest Ave. Cost estimates should be submitted when possible.

One way plane ticket for Loosin’ Susan?

Pay a cleaning company to wash off the bird poop?

Hire a code enforcement person to keep the off-season xmas lights, blinking LED signs, sidewalk advertising and other tacky commerce tricks in check?

P.G. Wants Our Beautification Ideas