No Bail Reduction For Lynne Nicole Feurer

A judge refused Wednesday to lower the bail for a Seaside High School teacher accused of murdering her elderly male companion.

Visiting Judge Arjuna Saraydarian rejected a bail-reduction motion by the attorney for Lynne Nicole Feurer, 65, who was arrested by Pacific Grove police late last month.

Feurer is accused of killing Joseph Cupita, 81, at the couple’s home May 29. She has been held in jail on $1 million bail since being charged with Cupita’s death.

Defense attorney Frank Dice argued that her bail be lowered, citing her background in the community. He presented several letters from community members who said she is a good person.

Nicole Fuere Court

No Bail Reduction For Lynne Nicole Feurer

Fish Prison Ranked #8 US Attraction

The Monterey Bay Aquarium was ranked No. 8 on the list of the 10 top attractions for travelers in the United States today by TripAdvisor — the world’s largest travel community.

The list of top attractions is based on both the evaluation of TripAdvisor editors and traveler popularity as reflected in online opinions posted by TripAdvisor’s 6 million members.

It beats the San Diego Zoo, that’s surprising. And a fountain in Vegas, no surprise. Not as good as a rooftop in New York or a closed down prison though.

From Yahoo! News, The List:

1.Orlando, Florida
2.Cirque du Soleil, Las Vegas, Nevada
3.Hana Highway, Maui, Hawaii
4.Grand Canyon National Park, Arizona
5.Central Park, New York City, New York
6.Alcatraz, San Francisco, California
7.Top of the Rock Observation Deck, New York,New York
8.Monterey Bay Aquarium, Monterey Bay, California
9.Bellagio Fountains, Las Vegas, Nevada
10.San Diego Zoo, San Diego, California

Fish Prison Ranked #8 US Attraction

Substainable P.G. Will Not Solve #1 Problem

Letters From The Editor:

Calling P.G. a green town is admirable, but this will not build up businesses. Most people simply don’t care, and are shopping for a bargain or an exceptional piece of art. Don’t wish for a tourist town. Wish for a town tourists enjoy visiting, a place that reminds them of a place long forgotten.

Say it louder. Cater to and take care of the locals and the tourists will want to be part of it. Take care of just the tourists and you lose the locals that may carry you through off season times.

Substainable PG Will Not Solve #1 Problem

Even Little Ol Watsonville Gets It

Worried about gang activity and public health, the Watsonville City Council on Tuesday put off lifting a decades-old ban on body art shops.

Councilman Antonio Rivas said tattoos would “bring a certain element into town,” namely gangs and white supremacists.

“It’s important to me not to see that kind of thing come to our city,” he said.

He argued for more stringent restrictions on the location of shops.

Make the shops photograph and register every tatt.

Even Little Ol Watsonville Gets It

A Beauty College Downtown?

Lighthouse Cinema

Developer Robert Enea is now considering bringing a Paul Mitchell School to the old Lighthouse Cinema, where projectors were shut off in September.

City Manager Colangelo said he’d prefer to see the spot go to a retailer that will generate sales tax for the city. The only revenue the city would get from a cosmetology school would be from “students spending money here and patrons coming in to get beautified,” he said.

What happened to the discount liquor store idea? What about an Outback Steakhouse? Bring some REAL revenue. Or are there too many mediocre PG merchants that cannot even match the service of a formula chain establishment brown nosing the council these days?

A Beauty College Downtown?

Empty Headed Eco-Nuts – Sustainable P.G.

I’m all for common sense to reduce waste, but this crap is ridiculous. This sounds like hippies that sold to the man out are back, and now they are broke and looking for handouts, or at least a reason to not find real work. “Dude, lets grow organic herbs and sell them, like, to the hardware store for some nails”. “Yah, man – we can also have a fashion show with garbage. We can get a far out grant from the city and score some bud, man.”


From the website.

Are you having a gathering where you want to use biodegradable food service items? Want to spread the word on how to help organizations become more sustainable?
Click here to see a page of sources for biodegradable goods.

That source contains NOTHING LOCAL. Links to buy stuff from sustainable Cleveland. Aint that stupid?

Got a lot of time on your hands and don’t want to use modern disinfectants or cleaners? They recommend solving world problems with vinegar. Does not work.

Then lets change some more. After a few tokes they come up with this fantasy:

Residents walk throughout town finding the goods they need and new stores open to showcase locally manufactured products. A local bike store houses a bike-lending library, and citizens ride scooters and bikes down our roads. A tool-lending library and a fix-it shop opens to allow residents to share tools and knowledge.

Problem is, the town does not cater to residents. This stuff is useless to tourists and generates little to no tax revenue. To really sustain, you need money. Unless we move toward living in communes . . .

Waco Utopia

More Fantasies:

Rail, transit expansion, bicycle and walking,
Speed limit reduction, self limitation of non-essential driving

Hah! “limitation of non-essential driving” They want to take away your driving privileges.

Telecommuting, compressed work week, worker relocation closer to job sites.

Workers in PG cannot afford to live here. Will they set up tents in the “open spaces” like street medians?

More . . some of the group’s ideas include

A green job corps, in which high school students could learn skills such as converting businesses or houses to solar energy

Solar in PG? Named the foggiest town in America.

Growing community gardens and selling the produce at a weekly farmers market now in the works

Let’s not pay income or sales taxes.

Creating a local mutual fund with money going to community projects.

Where does they money come from? Compost Sales?

Widening bike lanes and bringing electric bikes to town

Electric bikes. Ooh, more wasteful energy. Streets in PG are too narrow to share – so see the part about taking our cars away.

Reclaiming common spaces, such as traffic medians, for community art projects and gardens.

Or tents for the people that have to live closer to their minimum wage jobs.

Holding community-building events such as a soup night or projecting movies against a building

Ooo boy. Yah, let’s all gather for showings of “Loose Change” and other leftist propaganda. Don’t drink the kool aide.

Jim Jones Kool Aid

Someone tell me this is all a joke.

Empty Headed Eco-Nuts – Sustainable PG

Business Group Wants To Sell Town’s Soul

When people near and far imagine Pacific Grove, there isn’t necessarily one image that comes to mind. And that’s a concern to business owners who want to draw more visitors and boost sales in America’s Last Hometown.

Another issue that came up repeatedly was the fact that the Monterey County Convention and Visitors Bureau no longer promotes Pacific Grove.

Nancy Holland, owner of Reincarnation Vintage Clothing in Pacific Grove, said she went to the bureau’s kiosk at El Estero on Sunday to investigate because she hadn’t heard a single foreign accent in her shop this summer.

She asked the person behind the counter whether there were any “cute little antique shops in Pacific Grove.”

“She goes, ‘I’m sorry. They don’t want to participate. I can’t tell you anything. I’ll tell you how to get to the border (of Pacific Grove),'” Holland said, adding, “Talking about these idea are all well and good, but if people don’t come here, we’re going to die.”

It these businesses sold something people wanted in the first place, they would be found.

When I tell business associates that I live in Pacific Grove, the image is one of beaches and hotels, not antique stores or even restaurants. Tourists come to P.G. for a quiet hotel room, and then go to Carmel or Monterey to vacation. Give P.G. back to the locals. Or pimp the town and build a casino or music hall.

Business Group Wants To Sell Town’s Soul

P.G. Looks Toward Businesses for Budget Help

Some business owners tell us they’ve seen a 20 percent drop in sales lately compared to past years. Business owners say that’s because they’re feeling the effects of not being a part of the Monterey County Convention and Visitors Bureau.

You may remember last year the city decided not to renew its membership because the city didn’t have the funds.

So businesses want the city to pay for their advertising? If they are so darned smart why don’t THEY pay to be included in Visitors Bureau?

P.G. Looks Toward Businesses for Budget Help

First Recreation Trail Stabbing Of The Year

About 11:25 p.m., a 31-year-old man was walking on the trail near the Naval Postgraduate School when he encountered Robert Cepeda, 33, of Marina and the men began to argue, said Monterey Lt. Leslie Sonné.

When the fight escalated, Cepeda stabbed the 31-year-old, whose identity is not being released because of federal privacy laws, Sonné said.

About five minutes after they were called, officers found Cepeda on the trail at the edge of city limits near Roberts Lake. He was in possession of a knife that matched the description of the weapon used in the fight, Sonné said.

Dangerous place at night. Stay away.

First Recreation Trail Stabbing Of The Year

Budget In Downward Spiral, Here Comes Tax Hikes

Results of the city-commissioned telephone survey, presented at Wednesday’s meeting, found that 35 percent of those polled opposed a tax increase, 47 percent would support a tax increase for essential city services and 13 percent wanted more information.

Under consideration for increases are the city’s transient occupancy tax, business licenses, property transfer fees and sales taxes. The council is considering implementing a parcel tax. Such measures would need a simple majority — or 50 percent of votes cast plus one — to pass.

Someone called this a majority favored a tax increase.

47% for
48% not for

Tell me the pollsters are not current or former city employees in charge of the budget.

Budget In Downward Spiral, Here Comes Tax Hikes