Anti-Plastic Fish Prison Puts Plastic In Bay

Do as I say, not as I in a glove
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“Unfortunately, we didn’t monitor our contractor closely
enough and the contractor used the wrong bag covers — plas-
tic instead of burlap or paper,” Meister told The Pine Cone.
In 2017, after learning of the infraction, the coastal com-
mission slapped the aquarium with a notice of violation of the
Coastal Act. At the Fort Bragg meeting, commissioners will
weigh a bid by the aquarium to remove the plastic-wrapped
sacks, which also haven’t worked, and install concrete and
stainless steel supports for the pipelines.

Anti-Plastic Fish Prison Puts Plastic In Bay

Golf Course Car Auction Returns

Red Ferraris On Golf Course

The only issue, according to Ciani, was that some black oystercatchers and Heerann’s gulls were disturbed when a photographer tried to launch a drone near the auction tent.

Ciani added that the photographer was “very responsive to our concerns about wildlife disturbance,” and he later set the drone off near the lighthouse, which allowed him to film “without disturbing the birds on the way up.”

Harvey was unaware of the incident, and said he didn’t think it had been reported to city hall or the police, but said he would follow up with Ciani, the photographer and Worldwide Auctioneers.

Golf Course Car Auction Returns

Cannery Row Caboose Rides Again

Follow the progress at

Cannery Row Caboose

Ed Ciliberti of Pebble Beach told The Pine Cone that Monterey gave him a license for the 1916 caboose, which he purchased from local author Randall Reinstedt and his wife, Debbie. The state granted Ciliberti a seller’s permit this week.“I hope to have the new ground lease in the next few days for The Cannery Row Caboose,” said Ciliberti on the train car’s new business name.

Cannery Row Caboose Rides Again

Isn’t This Normal Behavior For Porsche Drivers?

Ehh it was an automatic Boxster.

On Aug. 12 shortly before 1 a.m., Sgt. Chris Johnson saw a silver Boxster make an illegal left turn out of the Crossroads shopping center onto Rio Road, and when Johnson pulled the car over on northbound on Highway 1, the driver initially stopped. But as Johnson walked toward the Porsche, “the driver — later identified as Eric Miskey —
revved the engine, shifted the vehicle into gear and sped away,”

24 hours later, when a Pacific Grove officer saw the Boxster in a no-parking area on Ocean View Boulevard “with a guy asleep inside,” at around 12:25 a.m.

But instead of acquiescing, Miskey again tried to escape, according to Lakind. Before he could get away, one of the officers was “able to get into the vehicle and put  it in park,” Lakind said. And, using “control techniques,” the officers were able to get him  out of the car. Nobody was injured, he said. PGPD turned Miskey over to a Carmel police officer, who took him to Monterey County Jail

Isn’t This Normal Behavior For Porsche Drivers?

Newest TAMC Silliness – Put Buses On Railroad Right Of Way

And who really thought that Measure X was going to improve roads for cars? Better spent on substainable things like slow empty buses and more unused bicycle lanes.

Would it not be easier to use those metal ribbons and come up with some sort wheeled vehicle that could ride people from one end to the other faster and safer than MST buses?

For Monterey County, the study concluded that a “bi-directional” busway along the branch line between Fremont Boulevard and Reservation Road would be the “most cost-effective alternative,” noting that it is supported by TAMC’s Measure X funding (about $15 million designated for bus rapid transit, along with potential grant funding). The project cost is currently estimated at about $33.4 million, according to a TAMC staff report.

Newest TMC Silliness – Put Buses On Railroad Right Of Way

Visitors Start A Marriage With Stabbings

Stabbing victims from East Bay take care of their own.

Olympia Lodge

A wedding celebration turned violent in Pacific Grove over the weekend when two men were stabbed by a third person who had also attended the wedding.

The attack happened just after 2 a.m. on Lighthouse Avenue at Olympia Lodge.

The victims were treated at a hospital for major injuries and are expected to survive. They are not cooperating with police, a commander said.

Police said the victims and attacker live in the East Bay, and they were in Pacific Grove for the wedding.

Visitors Start A Marriage With Stabbings

Who Wants To Be Vibrant?

Rudy Fischer wants to. Quaint and peaceful is not for him.

“With the hotel, (the) project where Goodie’s currently is, the Holman Building and the apartments that are going to be built on Laurel Avenue, it’s going to be a few years but we’re going to have a vibrant downtown,” said Fischer. “It’s going to help the city a lot.”

Who Wants To Be Vibrant?

Vintique Boutique Owner Pleads Guilty To Fraud Charges

Another dealer of antiques stealing from people. Then writes hot checks to hide the crime!

Monterey County District Attorney Dean D. Flippo announced today that on August 10, Michael Frank Schellhous, age 50, has pled no contest to felony grand theft by embezzlement, felony grand theft from an elderly person, and misdemeanor petty theft from an elderly person.

In 2014, Schellhous operated a consignment shop in downtown Pacific Grove by the name of Vintique Boutique. He developed a relationship of trust with many individuals in the community and encouraged them to consign jewelry, furniture, and other personal property with him. Schellhous agreed to sell these items on their behalf for a percentage of the proceeds. However, rather than abiding by this agreement, he pawned or sold the items and refused to pay the consignors or return the unsold items upon request.

After several victims persisted in seeking payment, Schellhous opened a checking account using his partner’s personal identifying information but never deposited any money into the account. He then wrote multiple checks to victims from this account as “payment,” despite his knowledge that the account had no funds. When the victims attempted to cash the checks, they were returned for non-sufficient funds and the victims incurred additional expenses. He also remained in possession of other valuables belonging to these victims, most of which he never returned.

The District Attorney’s Office identified at least five victims, three of whom were over the age of 65 at the time of the theft, and estimates that Schellhous embezzled approximately $37,000.00 worth of personal property through this scheme. On August 9, 2018, Judge Mark Hood sentenced Schellhous to four years of felony probation, 180 days in county jail, and full restitution to his victims. Judge Hood immediately remanded Schellhous into custody upon sentencing. As terms of his probation, Schellhous must not engage in any consignment business, hold any position of trust for elder adults, or possess any checks in the name of another person without the approval of his probation officer.

Vintique Boutique Owner Pleads Guilty To Fraud Charges
Monterey County DA