Taking Caution Investigating Graffiti

pacific grove graffiti help


The Pacific Grove Police Department is looking for people who witnessed a graffiti spree Sunday night.

Residents awoke to find the several-block radius between Robert Down Elementary School and the Pacific Grove Museum of Natural History covered in graffiti, with taggers hitting 12 different spots over the course of the night.

Problem: depending on the source of the expressive paintwork, arresting anyone or covering up the graffiti might be seen as a racist response to free expression. Watch your backs.

graffiti on parklet

Taking Caution Investigating Graffiti

Beacon House Closing It’s Doors

Could not recover from Covid it seems.

Beacon House

Senior Vice President Teresa Garate said, “For over six decades, Beacon House has been there for people suffering from substance use disorders and mental health issues, and has done so with compassionate care and the highest quality treatment in the field.”

“The pandemic has negatively impacted many industries and addiction treatment has not escaped its wrath. At the same time, we have seen deterioration in insurance reimbursement,” says Garate.

As of December 31, 2020, Beacon House will close its doors.

Beacon House Closing It’s Doors

Pollution Advisory For Beaches. Again.

Seal posse Thom Ache-man’s bacteria pollutes beaches

Seal Posse Orange Sign

The Monterey County Health Department has issued a Beach Advisory for Lovers Point Beach in Pacific Grove and Monterey Municipal Beach

There are various sources of bacteria such as marine life (i.e. seals, otters, and birds) and other animals; rainfall runoff; storm drains; and human activity. Rainfall is associated with increased bacterial levels due to runoff particularly in the area of man-made and natural storm drains such as culverts, streams and rivers.

Pollution Advisory For Beaches

Prison For Hammer Swinging Man

Aaron Peter Thomas got 2 years and 8 months.
Aaron Peter Thomas

Officials say on December 7, 2017, Jane Doe arrived home to find Thomas highly intoxicated and sitting on the couch with a hammer. He was annoyed at their upstairs neighbors for being too loud, and told Doe he felt like “murdering them.”

When Doe tried to calm him down, Thomas stepped on her feet and threatened to “smash” her. He then threatened to strangle and kill their cat if it came out from under the bed. Doe, terrified, tried to leave, but Thomas took her phone, shoved her down on their bed, forbid her from leaving, and then began swinging the hammer around her head as he continued to threaten to “smash her” with it.

Prison For Hammer Swinging Man

Monterey High Teacher Caught Having Sex With Minor

30 year old Austin Love was arrested on Monday, September 19, after an investigation by Monterey Police Detectives. He’s being charged with several violations including sex with a minor.

Monterey High and the district were notified by a student about a serious and sensitive situation pertaining to an MPUSD employee. The district took swift action and notified Monterey Police Department. Additionally, the District released the probationary employee.

Monterey High Teacher Caught Having Sex With Minor

In Shape Gyms Fined $26,000,000

Can’t you use a prepaid credit card to open a ‘trial’ membership? Places sound as corrupt as carpet stores and furniture stores.

In Shape

Without acknowledging liability, In Shape agreed to provide $23 million in different forms of restitution to past and current members and pay a $3 million dollar penalty. The health club will also be bound by a 5-year injunction to prevent future unfair practices.

The multi-county investigation began in 2014 in response to complaints that In Shape sold “free” services without fully disclosing membership terms, refused to accept cancellation requests, issued unauthorized billing statements and pursued collections on invalid debts. The alleged violations occurred as the club expanded from 40 to 70 health clubs between 2010 and 2015.

In Shape Gyms Fined $26,000,000

Monterey Now Eyeing Aquarium For More Rent

P.G. not the only town looking under rocks in the tide pools for treasures.

Giant Salmon fish

On Tuesday night, the Monterey City Council voted 3-2 to hire an appraiser to evaluate the land.

Several residents spoke against the appraisal, asking why the city wants to spend $31,000 of the tideland fund, but Monterey City Manager Mike McCarthy says the lease agreement allows the city to perform rent review.

“Our lease with the aquarium for the tidelands requires a review on the rent,” McCarthy said.

One dollar per year is all the State Lands Commission wanted when the aquarium first asked to build on the tidelands in 1981.

Monterey Now Eyeing Aquarium For More Rent

Fewer Seals Sighted Sunning On Shore

Tired of being watched so the went to Pismo?

Hungry Alien Sharks

People along the coast in Pacific Grove have been asking where all the seals have gone. According to a new census report, at least a third of the harbor seals along the Monterey Peninsula have disappeared.

Seal experts said it is hard to know how many of the missing seals are actually dead, but studies show that at least 40 disappear from the Monterey Peninsula colony each year.

“Particularly for the harbor seals if you come up to this fence you don’t want to go above the fence line. They take that as a threat and they will immediately vacate the beach. So we want to control that stress level because they’re already dealing with a lot,” said Kim Akeman.

Fewer Seals Sighted Sunning On Shore

Bruiser’s Owners Take To Social Media

P.G. Demands Bookface posts removed. Is the city’s Bookface page by the city and they don’t know how to remove/ban/block opinions it does not agree with?

While the Hanes family appeals this decision, Lisa found and posted emails between Pacific Grove city employees on the city’s Facebook page that she says”Let’s the community know what’s really going on.”

Hanes says she will not remove the posts from the city’s Facebook page as she’s not legally obligated to and because of the support she’s gotten from them. Pacific Grove Mayor Bill Kampe told KION that no further action by the city will be taken in regards to the posts. Pending an appeal, the family has till August 20th to relocate Bruiser the Pig out of the city.

Bruiser’s Owners Take To Social Media

And This Little Piggie Gets Evicted From P.G.

Homeless Pig

P.G. is famous for stories about fussy neighbors. Could be chickens, wind chimes or the assumed ownership of the street parking spaces.

Lisa claims her neighbor tried to sabotage their efforts to keep their pig. even photoshopping feces into pictures of their backyard to use against them. After more complaints, yesterday the city yesterday decided the pig must be moved outside the city and the family must pay the city nearly 500 dollars in administrative costs. The Hanes family is appealing the decision.

And This Little Piggie Gets Evicted From P.G.