HPOL Canceled – Somebody Must Have Been Offended

It just aint going to be Christmas without a decorated shark. Parade Shark

The parade was planned for 6 p.m. Thursday in Downtown Pacific Grove. The city did not say when and if they would reschedule the parade.

“We hope to celebrate this beloved event with you all soon.,” said the Pacific Grove Chamber.

HPOL Canceled – Somebody Must Have Been Offended

News 46 High On Devil’s Lettuce?


Councilmember members Chaps Poduri and Tina Rau are arguing in favor of approving Measure M. They believe Pacific Grove is missing out on a source of revenue when people from Pacific Grove drive to dispensaries across the Peninsula. They estimate that having a cannabis business within city limits could bring in $300,000 annually.

Tina Rau is NOT a councilmember and never should be. Taxing aquarium admissions was estimated to bring in more than twice that.

And on the no tokin’ in the Grove side

people like Kevin Hanley believe the city has a lot to lose . . . if you visit towns with the pot shops, you find a lot of blight around them.

Not seeing it. Visit Marina for local examples. Give me another reason Kevin.

News 46 High On Devil’s Lettuce?

P.G. Police Chief Bailin’ Like Palin

Are there ever any internal applicants for chief? They may be more loyal to the town instead of the come heres with no connection or work history in P.G.

PGPD Help Wanted


The Pacific Grove Police Officer’s Association confirms Police Chief Vicki Myers announced she will no longer be working for the department during a briefing on Saturday.

P.G. Police Chief Bailin’ Like Palin

P.G. School Employee Arrested For Sex With Underage Boy

I wonder what the bumper stickers on Chyo’s car said.

Andrew Chyo

Pacific Grove Police said that a man was arrested Tuesday at around 7:30 a.m. on nine felony oral copulation charges against a minor.

A victim reported to police in April that Andrew Chyo, 26, had allegedly sexually assaulted them in 2019 when they were 17-years-old, according to police.

Mr. Chyo was employed by the District in roles that included high school tutor, instructional assistant at both Pacific Grove Middle School and Pacific Grove High School, assistant Pacific Grove High School athletic coach, and short term hourly work supporting school staff at high school functions. He was employed during specific periods between 2015-2021 school year.

P.G. School Employee Arrested For Sex With Minor

Pebble Beach Pervert Packs Plenty Of Pistolas 1

Glue Gun
A glue gun. It bonds things

On Thursday the Monterey County Sheriff’s Detectives served a search warrant in Sheppard’s Knoll to investigate the sexual assault of a 17-year-old victim.

Michael Abbott, 55 of Pebble Beach, allegedly entered a B.DS.M (Bondage/Discipline/Submission/ Masochism) relationship with the victim against their will, where the victim was coerced into being the submissive partner, according to the Monterey County Sheriff’s Office.

Abbott met the female victim on social media and enrolled her in an online submissive training course and met her several times for sexual encounters.

Pebble Beach Pervert Packs Plenty Of Pistolas 1

Taking Caution Investigating Graffiti

pacific grove graffiti help


The Pacific Grove Police Department is looking for people who witnessed a graffiti spree Sunday night.

Residents awoke to find the several-block radius between Robert Down Elementary School and the Pacific Grove Museum of Natural History covered in graffiti, with taggers hitting 12 different spots over the course of the night.

Problem: depending on the source of the expressive paintwork, arresting anyone or covering up the graffiti might be seen as a racist response to free expression. Watch your backs.

graffiti on parklet

Taking Caution Investigating Graffiti

Beacon House Closing It’s Doors

Could not recover from Covid it seems.

Beacon House

Senior Vice President Teresa Garate said, “For over six decades, Beacon House has been there for people suffering from substance use disorders and mental health issues, and has done so with compassionate care and the highest quality treatment in the field.”

“The pandemic has negatively impacted many industries and addiction treatment has not escaped its wrath. At the same time, we have seen deterioration in insurance reimbursement,” says Garate.

As of December 31, 2020, Beacon House will close its doors.

Beacon House Closing It’s Doors

Pollution Advisory For Beaches. Again.

Seal posse Thom Ache-man’s bacteria pollutes beaches

Seal Posse Orange Sign

The Monterey County Health Department has issued a Beach Advisory for Lovers Point Beach in Pacific Grove and Monterey Municipal Beach

There are various sources of bacteria such as marine life (i.e. seals, otters, and birds) and other animals; rainfall runoff; storm drains; and human activity. Rainfall is associated with increased bacterial levels due to runoff particularly in the area of man-made and natural storm drains such as culverts, streams and rivers.

Pollution Advisory For Beaches

Prison For Hammer Swinging Man

Aaron Peter Thomas got 2 years and 8 months.
Aaron Peter Thomas

Officials say on December 7, 2017, Jane Doe arrived home to find Thomas highly intoxicated and sitting on the couch with a hammer. He was annoyed at their upstairs neighbors for being too loud, and told Doe he felt like “murdering them.”

When Doe tried to calm him down, Thomas stepped on her feet and threatened to “smash” her. He then threatened to strangle and kill their cat if it came out from under the bed. Doe, terrified, tried to leave, but Thomas took her phone, shoved her down on their bed, forbid her from leaving, and then began swinging the hammer around her head as he continued to threaten to “smash her” with it.

Prison For Hammer Swinging Man

Monterey High Teacher Caught Having Sex With Minor

30 year old Austin Love was arrested on Monday, September 19, after an investigation by Monterey Police Detectives. He’s being charged with several violations including sex with a minor.

Monterey High and the district were notified by a student about a serious and sensitive situation pertaining to an MPUSD employee. The district took swift action and notified Monterey Police Department. Additionally, the District released the probationary employee.

Monterey High Teacher Caught Having Sex With Minor