New Monterey Police Blotter – June 2011

6/1/11 Vandalism on 700 Lighthouse.

6/1/11 Graffiti vandalism on Lighthouse.

6/1/11 Found property on Lighthouse and Irving.

6/2/11 LOPEZ, JUAN C FUENTES was cited for driving on a suspended license at Lighthouse and Reeside.

6/2/11 Vandalism on Lighthouse.

6/2/11 Hit and run in the 400 block of Lighthouse.

6/2/11 Grand theft on Cannery Row.

6/3/11 MCSO was aided in the arrest of EATON, ZACHARY for a warrant on Portola Plaza.

6/3/11 URSO, MICHAEL was arrested for public intoxication outside of Portola Plaza.

6/4/11 Commercial burglary on Lighthouse.

6/4/11 Graffiti on Hoffman Ave.

6/4/11 Traffic accident on Hoffman at Foam.

6/4/11 Theft on Cannery Row.

6/5/11 CATHEY, JUSTIN was arrested for DUI at Lighthouse and Pvt Bolio.

6/5/11 Hit and run on Wave.

6/6/11 FOREST, CAMILLE was arrested for DUI at Prescott and Hawthorne.

6/7/11 Traffic accident in the 400 block of Lighthouse.

6/7/11 Traffic accident on Pacific Grove at Foam and Prescott.

6/8/11 GRIFFIN, KEVIN was arrested for public intoxication in front of the harbor master’s office on today’s date.

6/8/11 Commercial burglary on Foam.

6/8/11 Traffic accident on Prescott and Pine.

6/8/11 Annoying phone calls on Foam.

6/9/11 Found keys at Oak Newton Park.

6/9/11 MCSO was aided in the cite and release of REYNOLDS, LARRY for warrants at Bruce Ariss and the Rec Trail near Cannery Row.

6/10/11 KELLEY, JACOB was arrested for DUI at Pacific and Scott.

6/11/11 LOMONACO, JOSEPH was arrested for DUI of drugs on Lighthouse at Drake.

6/11/11 LOMONACO, JOSEPH was transported to Monterey County Jail with an outstanding traffic warrant issued out of Monterey County.

6/11/11 Traffic accident on Lighthouse at Drake.

6/11/11 Hit and run in the 600 block of Wave.

6/12/11 Towed vehicle from the 500 block of David.

6/13/11 Theft of a wallet on Prescott.

6/13/11 COLLINS, DOUGLAS was cited for battery on Foam.

6/13/11 Transient was identified as a shoplifter at 700 Cannery Row.

6/13/11 Hit and run on 400 Hoffman.

6/14/11 Theft of a wallet in the 600 block of Cannery Row.

6/15/11 Traffic accident on Prescott and Cannery Row.

6/15/11 Lost property on Laine St.

6/16/11 Commercial burglary on Cannery Row.

6/16/11 Graffiti vandalism on Foam and Hoffman.

6/16/11 MCSO was aided in the cite and release of REYNOLDS, LARRY for a warrant on Lighthouse.

6/16/11 Theft on Lighthouse.

6/16/11 MPD assisted PGPD in locating a runaway juvenile in 700 block of Hawthorne.

6/17/11 ARSENAULT, DANIEL was arrested for DUI in the 100 block of Lighthouse.

6/17/11 Traffic accident in the 200 block of Lighthouse.

6/19/11 Hit and run in the 800 block of Lighthouse.

6/21/11 Graffiti on Lighthouse.

6/21/11 MPD documented graffiti Foam St.

6/22/11 Theft of license plate on Grace St.

6/22/11 Traffic accident on Lighthouse Tunnel.

6/22/11 Traffic accident on Withers.

6/22/11 Commercial burglary at the Monterey Plaza.

6/23/11 Theft of a purse on Foam.

6/23/11 Hit and run on Foam.

6/23/11 Vandalism on Lighthouse.

6/23/11 Graffiti vandalism on Lighthouse.

6/23/11 Traffic accident on Lighthouse tunnel.

6/23/11 TORRES, ANDREW was arrested for DUI on Foam at Lighthouse.

6/23/11 Traffic accident on Prescott and Lighthouse.

6/23/11 Grand theft on Grace St.

6/24/11 Commercial burglary on Cannery Row.

6/25/11 Vehicle burglary on 2000 David.

6/25/11 Residential burglary on Oak St.

6/25/11 MPD towed a vehicle on Belden.

6/26/11 BAMBA, EDWARD was arrested for public intoxication at Wave and Prescott.

6/26/11 Hit and run on Wave.

6/28/11 DUSENBERRY, RICHARD was cited for no passenger seat belt worn at the intersection of Prescott and Belden.

6/28/11 HAZARD, MICHAEL was in possession of a shopping cart on David Ave.

6/28/11 Traffic accident on Lighthouse.

6/30/11 Graffiti at the Harbor Master’s Office.

6/30/11 Hit and run on Wave St.

New Monterey Police Blotter – June 2011

Jellyfish Win Latest Bay Crossing Challenge

Jellyfish 3, Humans 2
Jellyfish Warning

Dublin’s Patti Bauernfeind made it about halfway through her second attempt to swim across the Monterey Bay on Tuesday morning before jellyfish stings once again forced her to stop.

Cindy Cleveland crossed the Monterey Bay in 1983 in 17 hours, becoming the only person known to complete the swim without a wetsuit. Last year, Santa Cruz native Chase Bruckner completed the swim in 14 hours after stopping near Moss Landing to put on a wetsuit when jellyfish stings became unbearable.

Jellyfish Win Latest Bay Crossing Challenge

Have We Forgotten The Squid?

Oohhh, the Squid Festival. That was fun. I’d start a calamari booth at the Farmer’s Market just to be able to munch on fresh squid.

Even with those record hauls, Tringali laments the overall loss of identity with squid in the general community, pointing to the now-defunct Monterey Bay Squid Festival, the annual Memorial Day weekend event that ended its run in the late 1980s.

“It would be fantastic to have a squid festival again, but it’s hard to get people to (organize) it,” said Tringali, who encouraged squid fans to try instead the local Santa Rosalia Festival, a free event in September that blesses the local fleet and serves a myriad of Italian delicacies such as calamari.

Capt Calamaris

NOAA Lights Approved By CCC, Hated By JQP

It’s the government approving what the government wants, silly. And taxpayers foot the bill.
Noaa Lights Of Pain

The lights drawing protest include six 24-foot-tall fiberglass poles with attached LED lights, solar panels and battery units, which some residents say look out of place in the scenic neighborhood.

But according to NOAA, the new low-wattage lights are an improvement over the old halogen system because they are “dark sky certified,” turn off three hours after sunset and turn on one hour before sunrise, and don’t have as much effect on the night sky, points reiterated by the coastal commission.

“The LED lights will reduce the footprint and intensity of night-time lighting when compared to the previous non-directional searchlights that illuminated the [NOAA] parking lots,” Delaplaine wrote, “and the commission believes this element of the project yields a reduction in adverse lighting effects on adjacent neighborhoods and environmentally sensitive habitat.”

NOAA Lights Approved By CCC, Hated By JQP

Sheriff Miller’s Son Arrested On Drug Charges

Let the gossip & conspiracy stories begin.
Miller Sheriff

Cmdr. Jerry Teeter said Miller was arrested at the residence on suspicion of possessing methamphetamine for sale and possession of drug paraphernalia.

Detectives found the drugs packaged in a manner consistent with sales, Teeter said.

The search began about 11 a.m., and according to a neighbor, deputies remained on the property until about 2:30 p.m.

Sheriff Miller said he first learned of the investigation shortly before deputies arrested his son.

“I was informed they were executing a search warrant on my son’s apartment while they were on the property and knocking on the door,” Sheriff Miller said.

Sheriff Miller’s Son Arrested On Drug Charges

Stove Fire On Wave Street

Was someone drinking wine from Torelli’s and didn’t notice the fire?

The fire was reported shortly after 4 p.m., firefighters said, in the kitchen of a house at 470 Wave St.

Three engines and a ladder truck responded and the fire was confined to the kitchen, firefighters said. The blaze originated on the kitchen stove, which was removed from the house after the fire was put out. No one was injured, firefighters said.

Stove Fire On Wave Street

Aquarium Cleans, Renames Exhibit

Remodel from “Outer Bay” into “The Open Sea”. Notice that the Fish Jail is losing most of the Monterey Bay part of it’s name?

In what may be the mother of all fish tank spring-cleaning projects, the Monterey Bay Aquarium is putting the final touches on the overhaul of its Outer Bay tank — a 1 million gallon structure that holds more water than the other 90 tanks in the aquarium combined and ranks among the largest tanks in the United States. It’s all part of a $19 million transformation that re-opens to the public Saturday.

Aquarium Cleans, Renames Exhibit

7 More Rape Victims To Testify Against Pollacci

Good chance of Tom being put away for life.

Tom Pollacci won’t have to face the woman whose powerful testimony riveted his first rape trial last spring, with her story of being kidnapped in her bathrobe and raped by him in 1980 when she was just 16 years old.

But seven other women who say they were raped by Pollacci — including Jane Doe 10, whose accusations resulted in his conviction in April 2010 and sentence of eight years in prison — will be allowed to testify against him on charges of raping two more victims in 2007 and 2008, a judge ruled Friday.Prosecutors now say there at least 10 women were victimized by Pollacci during a crime spree that began when he was 20 years old and continued while he worked at his family’s liquor stores in Carmel and Pacific Grove

7 More Victims To Testify Against Pollacci

Presidio Plans Portal On 68 Pikeway

A new entrance, could it help the traffic at Lighthouse & PVT. Bolio?

68 Bw1985

The work, which would include widening Highway 68 near the S.F.B. Morse Gate into Pebble Beach, could cause major traffic problems on the two-lane highway, the document shows.

The new gate, or “access control point” as the Army calls it, would “shift traffic demands” from the DLI’s existing gates and handle more than 700 cars each hour during morning and evening commutes, according to a 2010 Presidio of Monterey traffic study, the EIS shows.

Presidio Plans Portal On Pike