Dumpster Update: They Built A Covered Shed To Keep Animals Out

Saw these two back in April, same old same old. Cant teach people to close the lid to quit attracting gulls, raccoons and rats

This one I saw someone from the do-no-wrong Grove Market emptying garbage and walked away leaving it open.
Dumpster Grove Market

And down the street at P.G. Juice N Java – yep. A gull’s buffet.
Dumpster Juice Java

What can we do? Let’s build the kids a playhouse to hide the trash in. What do they do? Yep, leave it open.

Dumpster Update: They Built A Covered Shed To Keep Animals Out

Grove Market Robbers Arrested

Grove Market Banner

Don’t tell  me the robbers ran up the street to the police station? One of the suspects was ordered to undergo a mental health evaluation

Riley Elvin, 24, and Jorge Cisneros, 22, were housed in
Monterey County Jail on felony charges of robbery, drug
possession, probation violation and other crimes.

A couple of guys went into the store acting suspiciously and attempted to steal some alcohol and products from the store,” Lakind said. “They were confronted by an employee, and they took off running and were arrested a few blocks away.”

What would have been shoplifting became a robbery charge when the men tangled with the employee who tried stop them.

Grove Market Robbers Arrested

Holman Hotel Host To Walgreens?

Sounds good on paper. A Walgreen store would not step on to many blessed businesses that oppose anything that would compete (Grove Market, Fandango, Pollacci Liquor & Date, etc). But if Nadir is in the mix, I predict failure.

Walgreen Holmans

The first floor of the Holman building in downtown Pacific Grove could become home to a Walgreens pharmacy — a large retailer that could bring a boost to local business, according to the city’s chamber of commerce.

Agha’s plan for a 300-room hotel, which the developer has pursued for years, would still be possible even if the building’s first floor is leased to a retailer. Currently, the 60,000-square foot-space is occupied by antique dealers, a bank and a restaurant.

Holman Hotel Host To Walgreens?

Letters From The Editor

Vanessa writes to the Hear-Old:

“Why would I shop at a Pacific Grove farmers market when I can find fresh produce at Grove Market

Why would I shop at a cavernous hardware store when I can walk into P.G. Hardware

Why would I shop at an enormous office supply chain when Alpha Stationery

There are so many reasons to live and shop in Pacific Grove, many of them that feed my soul and reassure me of the decision we made 32 years ago to make this our home forever.”

Well Vanessa, some people have to work and don’t have a lot of time to dodge the tourists or find parking downtown. Biggest factor is that the streets once again roll up at 7:00PM and none of those stores are open when working people come home to PG.

Letters From The Editor