Seagull Summit Declares Problem Is Solved

The gulls that are mucking up downtown are not Sea Gulls, but Western Gulls. Y’all aint got a SEAgull problem, pardner.

ridge pooper

The hot topic forced the meeting to move from a small, Jewell Park meeting room, across the street to the museum. That’s where museum executive director Lori Mannel set the record straight. There is no such thing as a sea gull, she said, explaining that the circling, squawking hordes over Pacific Gull are Western Gulls — never found far from the ocean.

Anyway, readers of no doubt can recall back in 2009 when the Dumpsters Of Commerce story was posted to illustrate my opinion that downtown’s bistro owners showed little respect for the town and it’s citizens. The constant violators from back then were checked recently and (surprise!), no wide open trash receptacles.

Seabreeze Motel
seabreeze motel 2013

mandos 2013

Lighthouse Cinema
cinema 2013

fandango 2013

PG Plaza – a little loose
pgplaza 2013

peppers 2013

17th Street Grillee
17th Street13

P.G Juice N Java – kind of sloppy
juicenjava 2013

Not all is rosy –
Some crows were picking up berries from the ground behind Peppers
berry for crows

Favaloros leaves garbage uncovered in the alley
favaloros 2013

City trash can with no cover
pg open can

Grapes Of Wraith Catering – this is shared (obviously) with a medical office in the Central Medical Clinic. The lid was up, there were medical records laying there. HIPAA issues possibly, but no food scraps.
grapes of wraith 2013

Check back in a week – see if there is no longer a gull problem.

Seagull Summit Declares Problem Is Solved