P.G. Smoking Ban Fail

No real changes where the public smoking really shows such as the front of Hazaras & Juice ‘n’ Java – carry on, future cancer sufferers.

A Bird In Every Pot

A city law tightening regulations for smoking in public places passed unanimously at its second reading Wednesday before the Pacific Grove City Council.

The ordinance stops short of banning smoking in outdoor dining areas or sidewalk tables, and allows smoking on the municipal golf course. It bans lighting up in city parks, beaches and recreation areas.

P.G. Smoking Ban Fail

8 thoughts on “P.G. Smoking Ban Fail

  1. why not enforce the existing ordinances first then look into new ones. After being told by city hall that pressure washing is not allowed in PG anymore. I call city hall to report a large apartment complex washing the carports out and letting the water run into the bay, now city hall says they don’t know of the ordinance.

  2. Lover’s Point was closed for longer than I have ever known, like 7 weeks, for too much bacteria in the water. A lot of that comes from the big storm drain at the bottom of Forest, but there are pipes that run 24/7 at the bottom of Fountain.

  3. Too bad someone kept taking the warning signs down (the burger place?). Several times I walked the trail and little tourist kids were playing in the water. Disgusting.

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