Pacific Grove's McDonald's Closed

Other locations are close (permanently)

We Are Close

Thought to be the slowest McDonald’s in the world but it held on.

In 1995, the city adopted a ban on any “formula fast food” establishments coming in, but the four existing fast-food spots were grandfathered in and allowed to remain. Today those spots are occupied by McDonald’s, Subway, Mountain Mike’s and Domino’s.

Moammar discovers the secret of PG’s business areas south of Sinex and will help kill that too, undoubtedly.

“It attracts people from different walks of life and has the most diverse group of people because it’s affordable,” said Ammar, noting the many times he’s seen the restaurant packed with senior citizens in the morning having coffee. “Last week I must have seen 18 different groups of people in there ranging from children to teens to construction workers and seniors.”

Pacific Grove’s McDonald’s Closed

McDonald's Leaving Town

No drive up window and rent hikes push the affordable family burger chain to leave after winning the fight to build in P.G. back in 1974 when the town was more serving to residents.

Arches Gone

While the building that the fast food restaurant is located in at 100 Country Club Gate was sold in January, 2014, the golden arches remained. But now, the building is up for lease and McDonald’s is departing America’s last hometown.

“Somebody bought the property where McDonald’s is and now they want to increase the rent but McDonald’s can’t afford it,” said Pacific Grove’s Chamber of Commerce President Moe Ammar.

McDonald’s Leaving Town

Shoplifter Mob Hits Rite Aide

Crime is alive and well at Country Club Gate. Looks like one of them was stealing Sharpie pens.

riteaid shoplifters

One of them, police said, tried to spray an employee with pepper spray.

Employees watched them run into a residential area and kept in contact with police by cellphone, and four of the six were caught and arrested, investigators said.

They were Jamilah Lynn Barth, 26, of Boulder Creek; Kelly Lynn Loretz, 26, of Ben Lomond; Patrice Roxmary Hayes, 24, of Fremont; and Jasmine Robinlsa Magnuson, 23, of Watsonville, police said

Shoplifter Mob Hits Rite Aide

Country Club Gate Center Sold

Pacific Groove

“This is a great piece of news,” said Moe Ammar, president of the Pacific Grove Chamber of Commerce. “People are still investing in commercial real estate.”

Ammar said he understands ROIC plans to operate and manage the center.

Moe, stay away from Forest Hill. I don’t want all the stores to turn to resale shops and overpriced restaurants.

Country Club Gate Center Sold

Counterfeit Thwarted

Good work, Save Mart.

A clerk at a SaveMart store refused to accept the bogus bill, and police were called about 8:20 p.m. The suspect was found nearby, and police said he had five counterfeit $100 bills.

Brendon McCloskey, 29, was booked into Monterey County Jail on a parole hold and suspicion of burglary, attempting to pass a fictitious note and providing false identification.

Counterfeit Thwarted

Pet Store Owners Growling At New Dog In Town

It this not what’s wrong with P.G. these days? Low volume specialty stores that contribute less in sales tax revenue think that they are entitled to some kind of protection by the city. That kind of thinking drives me out of town to shop.

Six small, locally owned P.G. pet businesses – Stone’s Pet Shop, Best Pets and Posh Pets, plus three grooming services – are leading a protest of the chain store they say could shut them down.

“They’re picking on the little kids on the playground,” says Stone’s co-owner Tom Radcliffe.

Radcliffe is upset Pet Extreme plans to open a store just a short sprint from Stone’s, into the 7,000-plus-square-foot space vacated by Hollywood Video in the Country Club Gate Center.

CC Gate video store

Pet Store Owners Growling At New Dog In Town