Stars & Bars WILL Fly At Civil Ware Reenactment

History does not need to be hidden or rewritten.

civil war

Event coordinator, Tim Reese, with the local chapter of
the Sons of Union Veterans of the Civil War, told The Pine
Cone this week that the confusion originated from a series of email messages from the Presidio pertaining to the flag and this year’s event. Subsequently, Reese said he mistakenly posted on the event Facebook page that the Confederate Battle Flag would be “banned” from the encampment. “In the end,” Reese told The Pine Cone, the Presidio was referring to a ban on the “waving of the Confederate Battle Flag in a political fashion.” The event “has never engaged in such an activity of political rhetoric since [the event] was founded in 2007.”

Stars & Bars WILL Fly At Civil Ware Reenactment

Moe Says More Tourists Will Solve Everything

Never mind the minimum wage workers and those that prey on tourists that follow.

The Holman renovation will include four ocean-view penthouses, eight new stores, and 25 2,000-square-foot luxury condos.

The condos are expected to cost between $550 and $700 per square foot.

“We have never had condos built in this price range on the Monterey Peninsula with the exception of the Inn at Spanish Bay,” Pacific Grove Chamber of Commerce President Moe Ammar said.

Ammar said he believes even though it’s a first for Pacific Grove, the development will be successful.

“We know it’s going to work because the demand is there,” Ammar said. “Everybody wants to live on the Central Coast. Everybody wants an ocean view. And ocean view development just doesn’t exist anymore.”

At the Tin Cannery, a 160-room hotel is being planned across the street from the aquarium.

Still in the early stages of the project, the development needs approval by the Coastal Commission. But first, the city’s voters will have to approve zoning changes that allow for a hotel.

The Chamber of Commerce predicts the hotel could bring in $30 million a year, or 25 percent of the city’s budget.

Moe Says More Tourists Will Solve Everything

Venison Is Low Fat And Calories

Mountain lions can’t be wrong.


In the past week, there have been two reported deer kills and one mountain lion sighting, according to the Pacific Grove Police Department.

The incidents occurred near the golf course and 17 Mile Drive ballpark. Deer frequently graze here and there have been mountain lion sightings in the past.

Venison Is Low Fat And Calories

Missing P.G. Man Found Deceased In Hollister

Chad Hillhouse, 39, loved the outdoors and frequently visited Asilomar State Beach. But when he went missing on Aug. 13, he left no trace. No one saw or heard from him until this past weekend, when a group of people in the Hollister Hills area found his body.

His mother, Deb Dahlinger, was notified Tuesday, three days after she flew back home to Hawaii without knowing much about her son’s whereabouts. She came to Monterey County with her two other children to search for Hillhouse.

Missing P.G. Man Found Deceased In Hollister

Forest Hill Too Good, Let’s Ruin It

Traffic Calming
Coming soon to Forest Hill. Roundabouts, bumpouts, unused bike lanes, and other “traffic calming improvements” to bring the war on cars to another Pacific Grove roadway much like Central Avenue. Just the thought is costing taxpayers $150,000.

Some of the design solutions on the table include extending sidewalks and slowing down vehicle traffic with narrower turn lanes.

Leaders charged with making Highway 68 a safer place for everyone in Pacific Grove took to the streets Wednesday to identify key problems.

Recently a $150,000 Cal Trans grant was allocated to study ways to improve all modes of transportation along Highway 68 within Pacific Grove city limits.

“We are looking at the physical corridor to see where the issues really lie and where the problems are,” Ariana Green with TAMC said.

“It’s really sad all of the accidents, all of the fatalities. Just in the last year there have been three fatalities and seven accidents with pedestrians getting hurt, so it’s pretty bad,” Moe Ammar with the Pacific Grove Chamber of Commerce said.

Forest Hill Too Good, Let’s Ruin It

Shared Police Chief Quits P.G.

Was it too quiet for Vicki in Pacific Grove?

PGPD Help Wanted

After three years as police chief for both Pacific Grove and Seaside, Chief Vicki Myers is stepping down as top cop in Pacific Grove so that she can devote her full attention to Seaside.

Myers made this decision about a month after both city’s police officer associations voted that they have no confidence in her.

When we asked Myers about the votes of no confidence, she said it was one of the many reasons she is switching to solely focus on Seaside.

Shared Police Chief Quits P.G.

Graveyard Decor Rules – No Solar, No Prohibited Memorabilia

But cell phone towers are OK. Dan Miller was the no vote, saying that efforts could be better put toward the brown grass and gopher holes.

Dead Zone Cell Tower 2

On Wednesday, the P.G. City Council voted 6-1 to ban those things and other “prohibited objects” from being left at burial sites, niches and crypts, including “solar lights, whirling lawn ornaments” and unapproved vases. “The placement on any burial site of objects other than real or artificial flowers of a reasonable size or flags exceeding 8 inches in length and 12 inches in height is prohibited,” according to the P.G. Municipal Code, “and, if so placed, the city may remove and dispose of them at its discretion.”

Graveyard Decor Rules – No Solar, No Prohibited Memorabilia

Chamber Of Commerce Wants Robocalls So You Can Be Interrupted

Now there are two things that have zero credibility with me. The Chamber of Commerce and and Robocalls.

The Chamber of Commerce is suing to strike down the Federal Communications Commission’s new robocall restrictions approved in June. The FCC proposal, approved in a 3-2 vote, would broaden the definition of autodialers, which can churn through numerous telephone numbers at the same time but are banned from calling mobile phones.

The Chamber also alleged that the new rule allowing consumers to more easily opt out of being called are largely unworkable. And the limits on calling a number that has been reassigned opens business up to litigation for “simply attempting in good faith to communicate with customers who previously provided valid consent to be contacted,” according to the Chamber.

Chamber Of Commerce Wants Robocalls So You Can Be Interrupted