Gay Help Wanted In Solving Murder In P.G.

Richard Coleman

Crime Stoppers of Monterey County is a volunteer organization that assists enforcement agencies by urging the public to call anonymously with information about criminals and crimes. The following account regards a murder that took place in Pacific Grove in 1995 of a young man who was known in the gay community.

On March 4, 1995 an unknown male called police about 9 p.m. to report what was discovered to be the body of Richard Graham Coleman III in Apt. A at 303 Grand Ave., Pacific Grove. He had been murdered.

Coleman’s body was found on the floor of the kitchen that Saturday night. There were signs of a struggle and indications of boxes and cupboards having been searched.

The victim had reported that the same apartment had previously been burglarized. Two days before the murder, he had moved to a motel room in Marina because he feared for his life.

Moe Ammar Hates The Tree

Even at night, it’s ugly

Ugly Tree 2006

Business leaders are dreaming of a green Christmas in Pacific Grove — but it’s a vision with a price tag.

For years, Chamber of Commerce Director Moe Ammar has heard complaints about the scraggly pine in Jewell Park that the town decorates every holiday season.

“That’s got to be the ugliest tree I’ve ever seen,” said Ammar. “Last year we had 17 or 18 people comment, saying, `What kind of a horrible tree is this?’.

Moe Ammar Hates The Tree