Stuart Elder Waives Preliminary Hearing

Sharon Daly had been drinking.

Recently, prosecutors and Elder’s attorney revealed that blood tests show Daly had also been drinking prior to the deadly crash, although no details about either driver’s level of intoxication have been made public.

Friends of the two women have expressed frustration about the many months it took to charge Elder after the collision, but his waiving of the preliminary hearing could now speed the process along.

Officials with the district attorney’s office said at least some of the delay was because a “black box” that records braking, speed and other vehicle information was difficult to extract from the women’s car.

Stuart Elder Waives Preliminary Hearing

Sheriff's Son Arrested Again

Sheriff Scott Miller’s son was arrested by probation officers on Tuesday in Pacific Grove after he allegedly stole “well over $1,000” in goods from Asilomar Conference Grounds, State Parks officials said.

Asilomar superintendent Eric Abma said Jacob Miller, who is in Monterey County Jail, stole phones, iPads, at least one laptop, and a “couple” of purses on Thursday and Friday.

Abma said he could not specify where the items were stolen from or if they were taken from people attending a conference.

Sheriff’s Son Arrested Again

Organic Growers Look Down On The Common Folk

Asilomar must have saved a ton of $$ when they fill up with dirty hippies. Think of the savings on water and towel usage.

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Organics make up 4 percent of at-home food sales, said the Organic Trade Association. Cantisano said organic food is only mainstream for urban, educated people “of means.”

“The majority of it is consumed on the coast,” he said. “… You don’t even have to go very far from Monterey to find a total lack of it. You have to look long and hard if you get to Greenfield or King City.”

Still, the conference continues to grow considerably.

By the end of the 1980s it had about 500 people attending a year. By the time it moved to Asilomar Conference Grounds in the 1990s it had jumped to around 800.

For the last four years, much of the lodging near the conference grounds has sold out.

Organic Growers Look Down On The Common Folk

Pebble Beach Woman Robbed By Caregiver

Maybe someone on probation is not the best choice for a caregiver

An elderly Pebble Beach resident reported to deputies that $2,245 worth of personal checks had been stolen from her home, forged with her signature and cashed, deputies said. Monterey County sheriff’s deputies investigated the incident and subsequently arrested Seaside resident Javier Vazquez Arango at about 4:30 p.m. on Saturday in the 1200 block of Aguajito Road in Monterey.

Pebble Beach Woman Robbed By Caregiver

Security Guard Arrested For New Monterey Rape

Daniel Lee Bell, of Seaside, was arrested at 12:14 p.m. on a $150,000 warrant. The warrant stemmed from a Dec. 30, 2013, report by a woman who told police she had been raped by an unknown man.

At the time of the alleged assault, Bell was on duty as a uniformed security guard patrolling apartment complexes throughout Monterey County. Employed by San Jose-based Code 3, Bell was driving a marked security vehicle and wearing a duty belt with pepper spray, a baton and a stun gun, police said.

The woman and her male companion were contacted by Bell on the 700 block of Pine Street in Monterey as they walked home from a local bar. They thought Bell was a police officer due to his uniform and marked vehicle, the woman told police.

Security Guard Arrested For New Monterey Rape

Water Bills Went Up, Up, Up For P.G. Businesses

And they all thought that by filling out a survey the bill would be reduced.

District board chairman Tom McMahon said the board decided to act after it became apparent that so many business owners were blindsided by significant water bill increases late last year. McMahon, who owns Monterey Bay Laundry, counted himself among them.

McMahon said business owners expected a decrease based on promises contained in a Cal Am water use survey last summer and on the company’s website.

Water Bills Went Up, Up, Up For P.G. Businesses

Mike Zimmer Retires

Director Of Public Works, after 4 years – Gone!

Retirement looms, as Zimmer sits down at his desk for the final month as the director of public works. He says he’s confident his small town city will continue to thrive and focus on infrastructure.

Zimmer began as the director in 2010 and will leave office by Jan. 31st. There will be an interim director until a permanent replacement is hired.

Mike Zimmer Retires

Infinite Parking Hours Downtown

And the business district will self police the parking to make sure that shopkeepers and workers don’t take all the spots.

But word has it that there is little to no parking enforcement currently. In a rare moment of news reporting, the Cedar Street Bulletin is reporting that tickets are down and it is said that the parking officer is on temporary assignment.

So park as long as you want!

More Of Those Outzen Buildings Coming In

locksmith shop

Developer Carl Outzen is seeking approval for a 32-apartment-and-retail project on several parcels now occupied by nine vacant, dilapidated buildings in the 200 block of Lighthouse Avenue and Foam streets.

He is proposing two buildings three stories in height with upper-story residential units and ground floor commercial-retail space. The residential units would be one- and two-bedroom units.

The City Council in November designated about 1.4 acre-feet in water for the project, which, together with historical water uses on the properties, will provide enough water, a commission report says.

More Of Those Outzen Buildings Coming In