PG Police On Maximum Enforcement. For Blankets Saving Places for FOL

Last year they said you can save spots at your own risk.

Dawn on the day of the beach entertainment is the only time you can stake out a place. And someone has to stay with the blankets. I bet there will be some exceptions.
Ufos Take Beachgoers

Last year dozens of blankets were laid out on the beach a week before the event. Police say that is not allowed this year.

PG Police On Maximum Enforcement. For Blankets Saving Places for FOL

P.G. Police: Your Feast Of Lanterns Blanket Beach Reservation Means Nothing

I was a family spot saver for the Feast Of Lanterns for many years. On Friday night I would put down a tarp of the ground and then come back at about 11:00 am on Saturday to enjoy the day at the beach. I hated the few saved spots that were only occupied from 7:00 pm to closing. It’s gotten crazier with people saving places earlier in the week.

Ufos Take Beachgoers

We want you to know, and please share with others, that if you place blankets on the beach you do so at your own risk. Be aware the tide might take blankets, other visitors who want to hang out or swim at the beach may move them, and so on.

Our message to staff regarding calls from community members wondering if they may move a blanket to hang out at the beach is, they most certainly can.

P.G. Police: Your Blanket Reservation Means Nothing

Pollution Advisory For Beaches. Again.

Seal posse Thom Ache-man’s bacteria pollutes beaches

Seal Posse Orange Sign

The Monterey County Health Department has issued a Beach Advisory for Lovers Point Beach in Pacific Grove and Monterey Municipal Beach

There are various sources of bacteria such as marine life (i.e. seals, otters, and birds) and other animals; rainfall runoff; storm drains; and human activity. Rainfall is associated with increased bacterial levels due to runoff particularly in the area of man-made and natural storm drains such as culverts, streams and rivers.

Pollution Advisory For Beaches

P.G. Pays Consultant $274K To Say “Fence Off The Shoreline”

Shoreline Management Plan = shoreline access restriction rules.

Remember when you could park on both sides of Ocean View at Asilomar and take your sweetie and a blanket to the dunes? Now it’s all going the don’t touch just look from over the fence rule.

closed for plants

The initiative, which is aimed at looking at ways to protect future public access along the shoreline while enhancing the area’s natural and cultural resources, will examine both challenges and opportunities involved in that endeavor moving forward.

The City hired Bay Area urban planning consultant Eisen/Letunic, which specializes in healthy and sustainable communities, for the preparation and development of the plan at a cost of $274,400.

P.G. Pays Consultant To Say “Fence Off The Shoreline”

Fireworks Come Early

For those who love the smell of red phosphorus in the morning.

Pacific Grove Police said that the live red phosphorus U.S. military marine locater flare was found near Asilomar near and the 1400 block of Sunset Drive. After securing the area, the police notified the Monterey County Bomb Squad, who in turn contacted the Department of Defense Bomb Squad at Travis.

The bomb squad used explosives to blow up the device, which is used for military search and rescue operations and

Fireworks Come Early

Invest in Laurel Avenue Beachfront Property

Might pay off in 50,000 years.

According to the Pacific Grove Public Works Department, steady erosion along the coastline is not to the point where immediate action needs to be taken, however it no longer can be ignored either.

“We’ve retained Haro, Kasunich and Associates to do the study,” said Public Works Director Daniel Gho.

That study, which is planned to begin soon, will look into different scenarios the City could take.

Invest in Laurel Avenue Beachfront Property

El Torito Sewage Spill Closes Beach

Go easy on the frijoles, ok?

The bureau closed access to McAbee Beach around 10:35 a.m., after the Monterey Fire Department reported a sewage spill coming from El Torito Mexican Restaurant, located at 600 Cannery Row, according to the county officials.
The restaurant sits adjacent to the beach and right on the water’s edge.
The fire department learned of the spill sometime between 9 a.m. and 10 a.m. when a person passing through the area called to report sewage spilling into the ocean, according to Monterey Fire Captain Barry Perkins.
The amount of sewage released into the Monterey Bay is unknown at this time, Supervising Environmental Health Specialist with Monterey County Marni Flagg said.

El Torito Sewage Spill Closes Beach

P.G. Shores Attract Crime

The shoreline and recreation trail are definitely not safe after dark.

Just after midnight, an officer contacted a man parked near the ocean front on the 1600 block of Ocean View Boulevard. The man was allegedly in possession of a loaded and concealed weapon on himself and having drug paraphernalia in his vehicle.

Santos Gervacio Benitez, 18, of Salinas, was arrested and booked into Monterey County Jail.

At 11 a.m. an officer saw a man smoking marijuana adjacent to the waterfront on the 1700 block of Sunset Drive. Another man was contacted near the water. Both men, under 21, were found in possession of alcohol and had been illegally collecting marine life from teh tide pools.

Alvaro Miranda, 20, and Jesus Miranda Gonzalez, 19, both of San Jose, were arrested on suspicion of a minor in possession of alcohol and illegally taking animals from a marine sanctuary.

P.G. Shores Attract Crime