Invest in Laurel Avenue Beachfront Property

Might pay off in 50,000 years.

According to the Pacific Grove Public Works Department, steady erosion along the coastline is not to the point where immediate action needs to be taken, however it no longer can be ignored either.

“We’ve retained Haro, Kasunich and Associates to do the study,” said Public Works Director Daniel Gho.

That study, which is planned to begin soon, will look into different scenarios the City could take.

Invest in Laurel Avenue Beachfront Property

P.G. Shores Attract Crime

The shoreline and recreation trail are definitely not safe after dark.

Just after midnight, an officer contacted a man parked near the ocean front on the 1600 block of Ocean View Boulevard. The man was allegedly in possession of a loaded and concealed weapon on himself and having drug paraphernalia in his vehicle.

Santos Gervacio Benitez, 18, of Salinas, was arrested and booked into Monterey County Jail.

At 11 a.m. an officer saw a man smoking marijuana adjacent to the waterfront on the 1700 block of Sunset Drive. Another man was contacted near the water. Both men, under 21, were found in possession of alcohol and had been illegally collecting marine life from teh tide pools.

Alvaro Miranda, 20, and Jesus Miranda Gonzalez, 19, both of San Jose, were arrested on suspicion of a minor in possession of alcohol and illegally taking animals from a marine sanctuary.

P.G. Shores Attract Crime

$3,000,000 To "Improve Water Quality" At Lovers Point

Interesting. What is given up in order get bestowed with these tax dollars? No fireworks shot over the water?

On Thursday, the state water board announced it had awarded the city a $3.3 million grant to fund part of a planned $4.8 million project aimed at improving a storm drain and sewer pipelines near the beach. The drain and pipelines are believed to be the source of poor water quality due to human bacteria contamination. The beach is regularly subject to public warnings and closure due to poor water quality.

$3,000,000 To “Improve Water Quality” At Lovers Point

Rules Are For Others, Not Kampe And Frutchey

Nevermind the humans, close the beach for sea lions.

At a March 5 P.G. City Council meeting, numerous volunteers who help protect the seals urged the city to install bigger fencing to protect them. But before they even spoke, city
manager Tom Frutchey told the council that the city “will go ahead, and even without coastal commission approval, erect a more substantial barrier.” The city installed the lattice fencing not long after the meeting.

Rules Are For Others, Not Kemp And Frutchey

Monterey Sewage Closes The Beach In P.G.

Plumbing contractor sends sewage down storm drain, public works lets drain empty to ocean.

Both the MFD and the Monterey County Health Dept. were informed by MPW last night that the diversion pump had been switched on, Ramirez says, but this morning the health department was informed by MPW that the switch was still turned off. Ramirez could not elaborate as whether the error was mechanical or human, but a statement issued by the health department earlier today said it was a “mechanical failure.”

Monterey Sewage Closes The Beach In P.G.

Council Gives Up Beaches To Birthing Seals

Kind of like the immigration policy. Come here, give birth and you can stay. Will there be social programs for the seals? Fish Stamps?

The P.G. City Council Oct. 16 unanimously agreed to clarify the harbor-seal protection policy in the city charter. If pups are delivered at Lovers Point, officials will temporarily close the beach, install fences and post signs to keep the public away while they wean.

Council Gives Up Beaches To Birthing Seals

Ex Tree Posse Turned Seal Posse Responds To Losin' Susan

P.G. Newcomer Akeman has a new calling against humans – watching seals and blocking access to the beach.

Tom Acheman

I may not know all the definitions of vigilante, but I believe Susan Goldbeck used the term erroneously in a guest commentary in Thursday’s Herald. She was concerned about efforts to protect harbor seals and the babies they have each spring on Pacific Grove beaches.

The city applied its policy this month when the first baby seal in known history was born at Lovers Point. After mom and pup were spotted on Sunday morning, city police asked Monterey Bay National Marine Sanctuary’s Bay Net docents to provide a human presence at Lovers Point. Public Works brought barricades and yellow tape; the Marine Mammal Center brought signs.

Ex Tree Posse Turned Seal Posse Responds To Losin’ Susan

Humans Or Seals, Who Is Allowed To Block Access To The Beach?

The opposition is watching Losin’ Susan move signs . .

It is curious the city of Pacific Grove, which appears to have a back door role in all this controversy, must have had a decided change of heart regarding marine mammals.

The city’s solution to keeping all marine mammals off Lovers Point Beach just a few years ago was to bang pots and pans to frighten them away. Now it seems we need to keep the public off the beaches if so much as one mother and pup venture into those areas.

Even Lovers Point Beach was recently closed after one mama seal appeared on the beach with her pup. It was mighty cute, yes, but the public was denied access to the beach and beach-related businesses were adversely affected.

Humans Or Seals, Who Is Allowed To Block Access To The Beach?