P.G. Police Blotter 2/25/2000

Repossessed Vehicle – Repossessed a 1994 Honda Civic from Lincoln. Notified River City Auto Recovery.

Suspicious Circumstances – Report of a plane banking steeply off the coast and sounded like it was having engine trouble. Area searched. Unable to locate. Monterey tower reported a military aircraft had requested to go off radar to below 1500′ in the area.

Tide Pool Investigation – Report of subjects with buckets on the rocks in the Great Tide Pool area. All had proper gear and licenses. Associated vehicle was not creating a hazard.

Suspicious Circumstances – Report of a subject with a knife in 400 block of Central, in a white van. Subject had an altercation with a passing motorist. No knife found. Released.

Reckless Driver – Report of a reckless driver speeding up and down 500 block of Cypress. Subject was driving his car to test a brake job. License status was checked. Advised not to test vehicle on a city street.

Stolen Property – Theft on Lighthouse Ave. of a 3×4 brown and red needlepoint tapestry. Valued at $500. No suspects.

Civil Papers – Served civil papers on a student at PGHS.

Property Damage – Unknown person(s) cut a hole in the cyclone fence near boat with outboard motors. Nothing taken.

Injured Person – Female on Lighthouse fell off the curb. AMR paramedics and PGFD treated her.

Found Property – Found a purse at Mayflower Church. Returned to owner.

Hazard – Followed up PGFD on downed wires. PG&E notified.

Suspended License and Warrant -Arrest of a driver on Forest with a suspended license and an outstanding warrant.

Parking Problem – Large motorhome parked legally, but blocking view of motorists from side street. Advised mobile home drivers to move.

Grand Theft – Male adult, 51, states a tile cutting saw was removed from the back of his pick-up within the last hour. Unable to locate.

Vandalism – Report of an unknown person on Lighthouse possibly threw a rock at her car windshield causing it to crack, occurred sometime Sunday or Monday night.

Possible Hazard – Report of a “brown foam” in water off Lover’s Point. With the aid of the PGFD the Water was checked, Nothing unusual observed. Health Dept. advised.

Unwanted Subject Female adult complained that a male adult bothered her at McDonald’s. She asked them to call 911 and they refused. Investigation proved no merit.

Citizen Assist – Transported disabled person from Carrows to Grove Acre

Injured Person – Subject on Lighthouse fell and hit his head. PGFD responded. Transported to CHOMP by a private party.

DUI – Driver on 800 Jessie stopped for erratic driving. Found to be under influence of drugs. Arrested, booked and released to husband.

DUI – Male arrested for DUI on 300 block of Congress. Transported to CHOMP for blood test.

Juvenile Problem – Report of having been struck by a tire with which 2 juveniles were playing on I 3″‘ and Lighthouse. She was not injured. Juveniles not held.

Verbal Domestic – Verbal domestic dispute on Sunset between husband and wife.

Refer to DUI on previous page -Witness followed car from Marina. Subject also rolled into police car after stop. Beachfront Detail – Ocean View to Asilomar Beach. Cleared beachfront. 3 cars moved, 1 camper awakened and advised to move along.

Noise Disturbance – Resident on Walnut reports neighbor’s washer is keeping him awake. Subjects contacted and said that they were finished with laundry for the evening.
Injured Person – Elderly woman fell while locked in her residence. Forced entry. Family took her to CHOMP.

Juvenile Problem – Citizen on Forest and David flagged down police stating that juveniles were stealing street signs on David. Juvenile suspects contacted. Two arrested. Released to parents after citing.

Suspicious Circumstances – Report on Central. Window smashed and door ajar at doctor’s office. Nothing disturbed.

Domestic Problem – On Balboa. Contacted family. Couple having a problem getting along. Problem resolved for now.

Hazard – Sink hole in new patch on sidewalk. Barricade put over it. Public W notified.

Found Bike – A bike was found and placed at City yard.

Structure Fire – On Eardley Ave., found to be smoking firebox. PGFD responded

Hazard – In 100 block of Eardley. Tractor ran out of gas. Trailer detached and left in roadway. Driver contacted an advised to move it ASAP.

Disagreement on Lighthouse – Station report of having had been threatened and spit upon by another woman at 1700 hours on Lighthouse.

Petty Theft – Report on Forest that employer is detaining a person for theft. Subject was arrested and is currently on probation for petty theft. Booked into county jail for petty theft with a prior and probation violation.

Domestic Problem – On Gibson, father and son arguing. Parties separated. Son had to take a time out.

Flooded Roadway – On Olmstead due to rain. City crew notified.

Stolen Bike – Report on Forest of theft of a specialized Buc/Silver Mountain bike. 17″ – 21.speed. Taken during the night. Valued at $350.

Tree Down – On Crocker. Tree down. PGFD responded.

Found Bike – Found Boy’s 16″ Huffy – 21 speed bike on Sanford Ct. Lodged at City yard.

Reckless Vehicle – Report of vehicle being~ driven recklessly and honking the horn. Area cased – unable to locate.

Vehicle Damage – Report that tires on vehicle were slashed while she was at work at the Fishwife.

Warrant Arrest – On Lighthouse. Subject arrested on 2 warrants with a bail of $102,500.