New Monterey Police Blotter – August 2008

Off topic, but notable, neighbor/dog issues in North Monterey are an ongoing source of blotter entries:

8/8/08 CASE, DAVID cited for MCC code violation “dog running loose” at Melway Circle and Casanova.

8/19/08 VICTIM reports unknown to have placed a burning bag of dog feces on the hood of her vehicle while parked at 65 Melway Cir. Approximately $500 worth of damage. Occur: 08/18/08 between 2300 hours and 08/19/08 at 0800 hours.

Onward with New Monterey stories . .

8/1/08 Monterey Fire Engine versus a parked Silver 2001 Jeep Cherokee in the 800 blk of Hawthorne.

8/1/08 MSCO was aided in the arrest of MCCRAY, KEVIN on an outstanding $8K misdemeanor warrant in the 500 blk of the Rec Trail.

8/1/08 Citizen 500 block of Laine reports an unknown to have broken into his silver Chevy Malibu on 1-1-08 and again on 4-15-08 while parked at this residence.

8/1/08 Citizen placed HUDSON, GLENN under citizen’s arrest for disturbing the peace in the 200 block of Dickman.

8/1/08 Citizen reports unknown to have attempted to gain entry into a storage door located on the 3rd floor of 711 Cannery Row, causing the door frame to split.

8/2/08 Citizen reports unknown to have run into him with a bicycle on the rec trail and La Playa and stolen his wallet and backpack. No description of suspect.

8/2/08 AIELLO, MARYROSE Monterey Senior Center Director, reports damage to the plate glass window to the front of the Senior Center and a window to the back door, 280 Dickman. The glass was etched and damage is estimated to be approximately $800.

8/2/08 COUNTRYMAN, DARLENE arrested for public intoxication at Lighthouse and Reeside.

8/2/08 JEWETT, DANIEL was arrested for public intoxication located on the 600 Block of Cannery Row.

8/2/08 Citizen reports the attempted burglary of 451 Wave by an unknown person. Point of entry into building unknown.

8/2/08 QUIGLEY, KEVIN arrested for public intoxication in the 700 block of Lobos. POLD Monterey Beer Festival.

8/2/08 Baum, Matthew was arrested for DUI at Lighthouse and Reeside. Vehicle was parked at the scene.

8/3/08 Citizen reports being battered by an unknown male near the area of 400 Cannery Row.

8/3/08 Citizen 500 block of Hawthorne reports unknown to have damaged his jade tree and bend the antenna on his Volkswagen.

8/3/08 Citizen reports finding an unusual amount of dried blood in Larkin Park.

8/3/08 PAUL, JOHN was arrested for DUI and hit and run at David and Hawthorne.

8/4/08 CANALES, ARMANDO was arrested for DUI with .08% BAC or higher at 541 Wave after being involved in a hit and run collision at Dickman and Foam.

8/4/08 Citizen reports IPOD, IPOD charger and Monster radio/IPOD adapter taken from her vehicle while valet parked at in the 700 block of Wave between 8/1/08 2000 hours and 8/2/08 1230 hours.

8/7/08 Waterfall-Dunn, Debra was arrested for DUI in the 600 block of Lighthouse.

8/7/08 Lakeport Police Department was aided in the arrest of Waterfall-Dunn for an outstanding warrant charging FTA DUI in the 600 block of Lighthouse.

8/8/08 Monterey Plaza Hotel, reports finding an envelope containing cash in front of the hotel.

8/8/08 HUDSON, GLENN was arrested for public intoxication and delaying, obstructing, and resisting a peace officer at Scholtze Park.

8/9/08 Citizen 800 block of Pine reports unknown to have scratched his lower passenger side door to his vehicle.

8/10/08 Monterey Boatworks, reports unknown person(s) to have untied 3 boats from their moorings causing the boats to float out of the marina.

8/11/08 SCHAFER, KENNETH was arrested for out standing misdemeanor warrants, total bail $25000.00, at Bruce Ariss Way.

8/11/08 Citizen reports unknown to have stolen the rear license plate from a vehicle while parked in the 200 block of Lighthouse.

8/12/08 Hit and run traffic collision at Irving and Archer.

8/14/08 Citizen was found to be trespassing in the 500 block of Lighthouse.

8/14/08 Citizen reported his camcorder was stolen from his person between 8/12/08 1500 and 1630 hours in the area of 700 Cannery Row.

8/14/08 Monterey Bay Inn, 242 Cannery Row reports being the victim of burglary and defrauding an Innkeeper by CONNELLY, RYAN on June 30th

8/15/08 CITY OF MONTEREY reports unknown to have written the word “DIE” in black permanent marker on the utility box, located at Reeside and the Rec Trail.

8/15/08 CITY OF MONTEREY reports unknown to have written the word “YERN” in black shoe polish, and “MOWR084!” in gold spray paint along the east curb IFO 550 Wave.

8/15/08 BIRNER, FRANK was placed under citizen’s arrest for battery at 400 Cannery Row.

8/16/08 COSTA, CHRISTOPHER was arrested for DUI at Prescott and Lighthouse. POLD: Cibo’s.

8/16/08 VICTIM reports unknown to have broken the front right window to her silver 2002 Chrysler sedan while it was parked on the 6th floor of The Heritage Harbor Parking Garage, 100 Pacific,

between 8-15-08 at 1800 hrs and 8-16-08 at 0200 hrs. The suspect took her purse containing her phone and other personal items valued at $410.

8/16/08 VICTIM reports unknown to have used his debit card at 7-11, 381 David Ave on 7/12/08 in the amount of $28.42.

8/17/08 PETERSON, DAVID was arrested for public intoxication in front of 598 Lighthouse.

8/17/08 SCHONEBERG, KATHERINE was placed under citizen’s arrest for trespassing at 501 Lighthouse.

8/17/08 VICTIM reports losing an envelope somewhere between Lighthouse and Cannery Row off of Prescott. The amount of loss was $475.00. In the envelope was $475.00 cash, her DL, military ID, and bank card.

8/18/08 VICTIM reports unknown to have snatched her camera bag from her shoulder in the 600 block of Cannery Row. Taken was an Olympus camera, 3 memory cards, Mastercard, Spanish I.D. card, a black camera bag and $70. Total loss: $875. Occ 11/17/08 at approximately 2300 hours. Suspect: HMA 30-35, 5’2″ wearing a baseball cap and black clothing. DOT: eastbound on Cannery Row.

8/18/08 VICTIM reports unknown to have burglarized a residence in the 700 block of Archer between 8/16/08 at 1915 hours and 8/18/08 1420 hours. Taken loose coin and a pillow case. Value $105.

8/18/08 VICTIM reports the theft of two debit cards from her wallet from the Fish Hopper, 700 Cannery Row, #O, and charged $117.99. Total value: $117.99.

8/20/08 SCHONENBERG, KATHERINE MERTZ was arrested for trespassing at 501 Lighthouse.

8/20/08 MPD investigating child endangerment in the 300 Block of Dickman.

8/20/08 STEINBECK JEWELRY 711 Cannery Row, reports suspicious circumstances at the above.

8/20/08 JEWETT, DANIEL was arrested for public intoxication at Cannery Row & Prescott.

8/21/08 Hit and run traffic collision at Laine & Hoffman with vehicle that fled S on Laine. Suspect vehicle is a Gry SUV with personalized Ca Lic (CML _ _ _ ) driven by a WFA55-60 Grey hair and glasses.

8/21/08 VICTIM reports loss of her purse at the Paradiso Restaurant, 654 Cannery Row on 8-19-08.

8/22/08 CITIZEN reports the window of her vehicle to have been broken by a BB gun while parked at the Monterey Plaza Hotel garage, 275 Cannery Row between 2200 on 8-22-08 and 1010 hours this date.

8/22/08 SCHONENBERG, KATHERINE was arrested for trespass at 501 Lighthouse.

8/23/08 MCSO was aided in citing HOFFMAN, ROY for a $3500 warrant at Irving & Lighthouse.

8/24/08 TIRADO, TYLER was arrested for driving under the influence of alcohol, with a BAC of .05 or greater, at Lighthouse and Hoffman.

8/24/08 JEWETT, DANIEL was arrested for public intoxication at McAbee Beach.

8/24/08 JEWETT, DANIEL was issued a notice to appear citation for an outstanding $2000.00 misdemeanor warrant, while at the MPD Jail.

8/25/08 SAKURA Restaurant, 574 Lighthouse, had unknown break the front window of the business sometime on 8/25/08 between 0001hrs and 0800hrs.

8/26/08 HUDSON, GLEN was cited for possessing an open container of alcohol in public at 280 Dickman.

8/28/08 CITIZEN reports fraudulent use of his credit card in an amount in excess of $11,000 in seven days at Spanish Bay, 2700 17 Mile Drive, Pebble Beach, in June 2008.

New Monterey Police Blotter – August 2008

Cal Am Water Takes It’s Time To Fix Leak

Four months ago, plumbers doing work on the house pointed out a leak at the water meter that connects to the house.

“It’s not visible to the naked eye. You have to lift the cover,”

Plumbers who found the leak called California American Water Company and told them about the problem.

Cal Am’s own employees HAD to have seen this when the check the meter every month, right? In the meantime, they spend money on advertisements telling us to save the precious H20 they suck out of the ground and charge us for . .

Cal Am Water Takes It’s Time To Fix Leak

Running For Council Causes Global Warming!

Deborah Lindsay has announced that her campaign will be “carbon neutral.” The green radio host plans to offset carbon dioxide emissions from campaign-related driving, marketing, merchandise and office equipment by creating a community solar project.

Right, solar in foggy forested Pacific Grove. The woman is a kook.


Great White Shark Back In Fish Jail

The 4-foot, 55.5-pound young female shark was brought to the aquarium Wednesday after being trapped Aug. 16 in a net off Malibu, aquarium spokesman Ken Peterson said in a news release. The shark will likely remain on exhibit for several months.

Since 2004, three white sharks have been displayed at the aquarium, with more than 2 million visitors seeing them before they were released into the ocean.


Lighthouse Avenue Going One Way?

City council approved it. It’s not too bad for the average Pacific Grove commuter, but what’s to gain by making one of the 3 lanes an HOV lane. Taking out two lanes of parking and not replacing it, I can see why business people are against the one-way.

The age old suggestions of opening up Hawthorne is absent, as is widening Holman Highway.

Lighthouse Ave Traffic

Converting Lighthouse Avenue from four-lane, two-way traffic to three-lane, one-way southbound traffic between David Avenue and Private Bolio Road. The right lane would be reserved for buses, carpools and other high-occupancy passenger vehicles.

· Keeping Foam Street one-way northbound, but eliminating parking on the east, or ocean side, to provide three lanes of traffic rather than the current two lanes. Parking would have to be replaced, Deal said.

· Adding a southbound right-turn lane at Private Bolio Road to accommodate cars entering the Presidio of Monterey.

· Restoring two-way traffic on Dickman Avenue.

· Widening David Avenue at Lighthouse to provide additional turn lanes from Foam to David.

· Making Hoffman Avenue one-way westbound between Foam and Lighthouse to accommodate vehicles leaving the Cannery Row parking garage.

Members of the public who spoke at the meeting generally supported Alternative 6, with its bus lane. But two spokesmen for area businesses, John Narigi of the New Monterey and Old

Monterey business associations and Frank Donangelo of the Cannery Row Co. and Foursome Development, said it would be more practical to widen Lighthouse and keep it two-way.

Lighthouse Avenue Going One Way?

eBay Find – Bob’s Liquors Ashtray

“Bread Milk Ice Cream”

Looks a lot like the current Bottles N’ Bins at 898 Lighthouse Ave. I can’t make out the address in the photo but the phone number confirms it. The old FRontier 5-5488 (got to love the simple times of the 60s) is the number for Bottles N’ Bins Liquors.

Starting bid – $14.99 ow!
Bobs Liquor Ash Tray

Today’s view:
Bobs Liquor Today

Dumpsters Of Commerce August 2008

Not downtown, but a violation none the less. Pacific Grove Golf. That cardboard tube has propped the lid open all week.

Dumpster PG Golf 080824

Also not downtown. It’s in a closed compound, but the bird’s eye view is wide open.
Dumpster Lattitudes 080724

Dumpster behind Holmans.
Dumpster Holmans 082408

And now our most consistent winners. The businesses that always can be found with garbage open to the air, offering treats to gulls, raccoons and other vermin.

Zocalos Mexican Restaurant – wanna bet the kitchen is just as (un)tidy?Dumpster Zocalo 080824

And Grapes Of Wrath Catering. Garbage is never closed.
Dumpster Grapes O Wrath 080824
Juice N Java continues to use the tree planter as a trash can
Dumpster Juice Java 080825
Juice N Java Garbage dumpster – hey vegans, free carrots!
Dumpster Juice Java 080825 Carrots

Water War – Use It Or Have It Taken Away

Owner of the old Grove Theater building is sitting on water allotment, city want’s to pull it out from him..

On Wednesday, the P.G. City Council decided the owner of a downtown building who has excess water should either use the allotment or give it back so others can.

Rudas’ attorney, Dave Swaggert, firmly told the council they have no right to take away his client’s water. “I don’t know who is more shocked, Mr. Rudas or me,” Swaggert said, “that the [city] would deprive Mr. Rudas of a vested property right.”

Water War – Use It Or Have It Taken Away

Here’s A New Business

A “Talent Agency” in Country Club Gate. Look at all the minivans and SUVs filling the lot. Read the BBB entry for the nearest one in Oakland:

John Robert Powers

Based on BBB files, this company has an unsatisfactory record

According to the San Francisco District Attorney’s Office, all San Francisco John Robert Powers locations have been closed and phone numbers have been disconnected.

The John Robert Powers organization operates in various locations under different owner/managers who operate similar to franchisees. They accept responsibility for their own offices independently. The John Robert Powers organization generates complaints which are processed through Better Business Bureaus serving the areas in which individual offices are located. Complaints generally express dissatisfaction with the company’s services and request refunds of up-front fees already paid. Most complainants do not understand the nature of services offered by John Robert Powers.

More stuff on the web. Buyer beware!

P.G. Police Taser Suspect – Suspect Lives

And suspect was suicidal. Nice work, P.G.P.D. for ending this incident with no shots fired and no one assuming room temperature.

Pacific Grove police tased a reportedly suicidal suspect on Aug. 22. According to a PGPD press release, police responded to a report that Glenn Preston had a gun to his head. Preston left his residence before the cops arrived, and police chased him through the city, eventually forcing him to stop. Police tased him when he allegedly resisted arrest, later charging him with evading an officer, resisting arrest and possessing a firearm.

P.G. Police Taser Suspect – Suspect Lives