That Sewer Internet? Oh It’s On The Way

Google TISP

Another bad decision by Tom Fruit-Cheese. Why would Comcast or ATT want to use SiFi Networks’ fiber cables in sewers when they already have their own? Who wants to work on cables soaking in poop? And what happens when the  Monterey Regional Water Pollution Creation Agency breaks a valve? Does the internet go out or just ooze sewage into your computer?

In a revised deal still under negotiation, City Manager Tom Frutchey says, SiFi would construct and install the network. Internet service providers such as AT&T and Comcast would pay the city for each customer who signs up, he says, and the city in turn would use that money to lease the system from SiFi for 30 years. When the term is up, the city would own the system. According to staff calculations, P.G. would net $1 million over 10 years.

Pacific Grove City Council made a deal with London-based SiFi Networks to install fiber-optic Internet cables through the city’s sewer pipes. The company announced it had selected P.G. as a California “FiberCity,” intended to showcase speeds of up to 1 gigabyte per second – 20 times faster than the fastest DSL connection – and the network would be installed by the end of 2015. SiFi would cover the construction costs, up to $40 million.

That Sewer Internet? Oh It’s On The Way

100,000 Gallons Of Raw Sewage Dumped On Lovers Point

M.R.P.C.A, the Monterey Regional Water Pollution Creation Agency had no plan in place for one lousy valve?


Scott Kathey, emergency response coordinator for the Monterey Bay National Marine Sanctuary, said cleaning sewage out of the ocean is impossible.

When asked what environmental impact may occur, Kathey said, “It’s hard to say. Obviously the plume is going to spread. Any kind of effects would be long-term.”

Marine animals could develop bacterial infections from coming into contact with the sewage, he said. Luckily, there were no sea otters or seals nearby at the time of the spill.

The recreational trail was closed to the public from the Monterey Bay Aquarium to Point Pinos. Lovers Point Beach was also closed, as well as all beaches one mile to the north and one mile to the south of it.

100,000 Gallons Of Raw Sewage Dumped On Lovers Point

Gas Pumps Hacked In P.G.

If you must use plastic to buy gas get a dedicated gas company card. With a low limit.

Credit card skimming devices were found at the Shell Gas Station, 1201 Forest Ave., according to the Pacific Grove Police Department.

An investigation showed the skimmers were placed at approximately 11 p.m. on Tuesday and the pumps were deactivated at that time. It is unknown if any customer information was collected or disseminated by the devices.

The suspects were caught on video surveillance and the investigation is ongoing.

Gas Pumps Hacked In P.G.

Lighthouse Avenue Dot Com Idea Comes True

Make the business that use the public walkway as added square footage pay for it as mentioned here six years ago.

“Up until this point people just went and did it, and they actually encroach upon our sidewalk,” said Mark Brodeur, with the city of Pacific Grove.

Broduer said the new rules require tables and chairs only take up 45 percent of the sidewalk and that 5 feet be available to meet Americans with Disabilities Act compliance rules. He said there are still a number of places that currently have outdoor seating that have not applied for a permit. He expects those owners to apply at a second scheduled meeting.

Pacific Grove is waiving the permit application fee for six months, allowing anyone who already has the seating to apply for the newly required permit and comply for free.

Red House Sidewalk

Lighthouse Avenue Dot Com Idea Comes True

Ocean View Plaza On Cannery Row For Sale

One company buys the land, hammers out the details to get permits then sells it to someone else who may or may not build what was approved.

Cannery Row Ecology Symbol

The property — which includes both 484 Cannery Row, which is Oceanside; and 501 Cannery Row, which is on the other side of the street — is just over 3 acres of land. On May 4, 2015, Altman Brothers, a luxury real estate agency based in Beverly Hills, put a listing online. Brittany Clark, with Altman Brothers, said the $20 million buy is already generating $400,000 annually for a parking lot on the 501 Cannery Row side of the street.

Ocean View Plaza On Cannery Row For Sale

Looking At $100,000 Teacher Pensions

Even the bad teachers get the payout. Their union protects them all.

On average, the retired teachers and administrators worked for 37 years in the education system and only one worked for less than 30. The districts from which they retired include Salinas Union High, Monterey Peninsula Unified, Greenfield Union, Monterey County Office of Education, Pacific Grove Unified, Santa Rita Elementary, Carmel Unified, North Monterey County, Gonzales Unified and Soledad Unified.

Pacific Grove Unified, with an average yearly pension of $81,887 per retired educator, and MPUSD with $58,588 are among the 10 districts on the Central Coast with highest pensions for their teachers, according to the California Policy Center.

Mark Bucher, president of the California Policy Center, a conservative-leaning, self-described free-market think tank which published the data, said the release of the figures was done to “challenge the popular conception of the poor retired teacher struggling to get by on a fixed pension.”

Looking At $100,000 Teacher Pensions

New Plan For Holman’s

Holmans Casino

Holman Bowling Lanes

Would be cool, but no. Expensive condos for weekenders.

Chamber president, Moe Ammar calls the development partners “the dream team” who he believes can do great things with the property given their collective backgrounds and intent. “We want people to come out and give their input,” said Ammar.

If approved, the lot line adjustment would split the property into two parcels. Parcel 1 would be the 120,000-square-foot Holman building being purchased by the development company. The other would be a parcel consisting of the parking lot and Grand Central Station building behind the main parcel, which is currently owned by Nader Agha.

“It’s very simple to split the property, it’s my prerogative,” said Agha. As far as the process goes, Agha said he felt the city went about it the wrong way but now that they are at this point, “let’s see what they do.”

Agha was not ready to talk about his plans for the Grand Central Station property on Thursday. He has been the Holman block property owner since 1995 and has put it up for sale many times. The last was an online auction which was canceled.

New Plan For Holman’s

Tourist Goes Arse Over Tit, Cuts ‘Er Bonce

Don’t know why the tourist’s nationality matters. Credit for British Slang

An 82-year-old woman visiting from England hit her head and was knocked unconscious when she fell on the rocks at Lovers Point on Tuesday morning.

The woman was bleeding from a “significant head injury” sustained from the fall when paramedics arrived on scene, according to emergency personnel. She had regained consciousness by the time she was transported by ambulance to Natividad Medical Center’s trauma center in Salinas to treat her injuries.

Tourist Goes Arse Over Tit, Cuts Bonce

Central Avenue Pharmacy Robbed Again

The place has been robbed so many times it’s becoming a danger to the town.

Central Drugs


The burglar happened in the early morning hours of April 17. According to Central Avenue Pharmacy, the suspects made off with several drugs, mostly Xanax.”They appear to be about 18 to 25 years of age. They appear to be Hispanic males about 5-foot-5-inches to 5-foot-7-inches,” said Gorman.

Central Avenue Pharmacy Robbed Again