High Tech Meter Maid Marking Misses The Boat

I bet someone at Victorian Corner is responsible. Or the number one objective of AutoChalk is collecting all the locations and license plates of every car.


The issue, administrative manager Jocelyn Francis said, is that the system isn’t properly alerting parking enforcement officers when a vehicle has been in a timed space too long and is in violation — which is the purpose of the parking technology.

While Francis said that the city is working with the company to improve the accuracy of the equipment, it’s decided to withhold a final payment of $11,800 for the machines until the system “consistently meets our standards.” The system was supposed to replace the chalk method, but P.G. parking officers are still marking tires.

High Tech Meter Maid Marking Misses The Boat

Letters From The Editor – Let Store Owners Take Up Parking Spaces

Newcomer to P.G. thinks shoppers will park far from town to spend money, therefore LET store merchants take up all the 2 hour spaces all day.

I have lived in Pacific Grove for 18 years. In that period of time I have observed our parking meter police ticketing vehicles belonging to our local PG merchants and their employees. These people must interrupt whatever they are doing every two or three hours to move their cars from one spot to another. This is usually a few feet from where they were. How foolish is this?
Mark C. Klein, Pacific Grove

Mark C. Klein needs TWO parking spaces for his Cadillac.
Mark C. Klein
Mark C. Klein of Pacific Grove stands next to his 1975 Cadillac Coupe de Ville. Klein bought the car from an estate in Illinois. It had 3,900 original miles on it.

Smarter resident sets it straight.

The last time I worked in any city including Pacific Grove I was told that downtown parking was for customers and employees had to park elsewhere and walk to work. In Pacific Grove you can park on off streets and Pine Avenue with no time restrictions. Mr. Klein’s way of thinking is let’s make customers drive around looking for parking while businesses stay empty — no wonder Pacific Grove is losing money.
Gary L. Page, Monterey

Letters From The Editor – Let Store Owners Take Up Parking Spaces
Letters From The Editor – Mark C Klein Is Wrong

Central Coast Juicery Parks Delivery Truck In Disabled Parking


Noon on Saturday I come across an unattended commercial vehicle parked in the disabled parking place. Look around and see none of P.G.’s finest so I take a few pictures and consider call them or at least the 831-747-7085 number and reporting them. Then head off to go to the bank.


Central Coast Juicery

The driver shows up and shouted at me asking if I had some concern and after a debate on what the definition of parking is I go into the bank. Driver of said Central Coast Juicery truck moved it to a legal parking spot and goes to the same bank as I, where he continues to deny any wrongdoing. Give it up Mark, you ended up on Facebook in addition to LighthouseAvenue.com.

Spectacular Gateway For Monterey. Just Step Back 30 Years.

What? Tear out all the parking and marina improvements to remake a beach that is likely to become a transient plaza for sea lions?

Wharf Parking

The waterfront plan, which has been put together during the past four years, is intended to transform Monterey’s shoreline between San Carlos Beach and Monterey Bay Park into a “spectacular gateway” for the city.

But many in the wharf business community say the proposal — which would eliminate hundreds of parking spaces in lots nearest the harbor by the city’s two wharves in favor of grass, walkways and a plaza — is anything but spectacular.

At a city Planning Commission meeting May 13, the battle over the future of waterfront parking under the proposed plan came to a head.

Wharf business owners and hospitality industry officials predicted the changes would drive away customers and cost the city hundreds of thousands of dollars a year in parking fees generated by the wharf lots.

Spectacular Gateway For Monterey. Just Step Back 30 Years

Pacific Grove Tries To Attract Homeless With Free Parking

I say they should be allowed to sleep in Parklets overnight too.

The Pacific Grove City Council on Wednesday moved closer to creating a city ordinance allowing homeless people to sleep in their cars at church parking lots and other approved locations.

The city has been “visionary” in its approach to homelessness, said Tia Sukin, founder and director of One Starfish Safe Parking and Supportive Services, which will run the project.

“They’ve also been very aggressive in making sure this gets on their agenda. That’s really nice to see, trying to help people,” she said.

Under the program, homeless people with vehicles will be screened before they are approved to sleep in a designated church or other parking lot.

Pacific Grove Tries To Attract Homeless With Free Parking

Is Parking A Real Problem In P.G?

So much that Moe is offering thirty bucks if you get a ticket. What next? Moe should offer free car washes if the gulls poop on your car.

And no matter what the parking enforcement is I see that the 300 block of Fountain remains as all day employee parking.

fountain parking

So why the spike in May then? Police said they started sending officers out part-time more that month — mostly in response to complaints from businesses.

Between the two parking enforcement officers, they usually issue anywhere between four and 600 citations per month — for an average of about 6,000 citations per year.

And if that two-hour window isn’t enough for you to do your dining and shopping and you wind up with a parking ticket, Ammar has a solution.

“What we typically do is offer 30 dollars — the cost of a citation — for dinner or lunch anywhere in downtown Pacific Grove,” he said.

Those offers are made on a case by case basis — with proof of your receipt.

Is Parking A Real Problem In P.G?

Remove P.G.'s Parking Spaces?

While some stores loudly complained about the closure of Forest & Lighthouse for the poorly engineered road re-do, others want to take away parking spaces so no one will park and shop.

Where did this kooky idea come from?

“I think the visuals of folks enjoying themselves in the sunshine socializing will be a greater draw,” said Todd Champagne, co-owner of Happy Girl Kitchen.

Oh, the place that uses the handicap PARKING SPACE for their deliveries. And what’s up with the folding chairs blocking the other space – is a parade on the way?
Remove P.G.’s Parking Spaces?