‘Gypsy scam’ Robbed P.G. Couple Of $8,000

Communities that vote Democrat are easy marks..

Police said a pair of men ages 45 to 50 and 20 to 25 years old who drive a white or yellow van or sport utility vehicle are committing home repair service scams.

About two weeks ago, police said, the suspects obtained $8,000 in cash from an elderly couple for fraudulent vehicle repairs.

‘Gypsy scam’ Robbed P.G. Couple Of $8,000

New Monterey Police Blotter – April 2007

4/2/07 Citizen in the 700 block of Pine report unknown to have stolen 3 surfboards from his unlocked vehicle from at 0000 hours to 0500 hours.

4/2/07 Citizen reports his wallet to have been stolen and his ATM card to have been accessed and $50.00 removed from his account. Wallet was lost at the Monterey Bay Aquarium.

4/2/07 A fire was reported at the east end of a vacant private lot at the intersection of Bruce Ariss Way and Wave St.

4/3/07 Citizen reported witnessing a vehicle being tampered with while parked in the 300 block of Laine St.

4/3/07 Citizen had his 1987 Honda Accord tampered with while parked in the 200 block of Laine Street. Vehicle was unlocked.

4/3/07 Citizen 200 block of Laine reported her vehicle was tampered.

4/3/07 Citizen in the 800 block Alice reports unknown to have stolen his registration, insurance card, and owner’s manual from his unlocked vehicle’s glovebox between 4-2-07 at 0000 hours and 4-2-07 at 0800 hours.

4/3/07 Citizen reports unknown to have stolen her black nylon bag, containing personal papers, from her unlocked vehicle parked in the 700 block of Filmore.

4/4/07 Citizen reports his 1972 blue and white Fiber Form boat stolen from Slip E-17 in Monterey Harbor on 4-2-07 at 1736 hours and recovered on 4-2-07 at 1857 hours by the Coast Guard in the same slip as above.

4/4/07 JOYA-CUEVAS, VERNON was arrested for being an unlicensed driver at Prescott and Pine.

4/5/07 MORGAN, DANIEL was arrested for DUI on a bike on Pacific at Artillery.

4/5/07 Juvenile assistance in the 800 block of Cannery Row.

4/5/07 Citizen 2000 block David reports her Apple I-Pod music player to be lost in the area of her residence.

4/5/07 Citizen 2200 block of David reports a possible prowler inside of the second story of his home. No suspect or evidence of entry located.

4/6/07 HENDRIX, STEPHEN was arrested for prowling and utilizing another’s utilities at 400 Cannery Row.

4/6/07 Citizen reports the theft of her U2 autographed IPOD from 500 block of Lighthouse.

4/6/07 GAUNA, MANUEL (AKA VELA, ROBERT)was arrested for possession of methamphetamine and possession of prescription medication with no prescription at Drake and Archer, GAUANA additionally cited for providing false identification to a peace officer. REGALADO, MARISSA (AKA MENDREO, VICTORIA) was cited for driving without a license, providing false information to a peace officer, and no proof of insurance.

4/6/07 GAUNA, MANUEL was arrested on a felony warrant at Drake and Archer.

4/6/07 SHINAUT, CHARLES was arrested for displaying a counterfeit registration tab at Drake/Cannery Row.

4/6/07 Manager of the Lighthouse Bar and Grill, 281 Lighthouse reports theft of $85 cash and a case of beer.

4/7/07 Juvenile male was cited for battery and display of an imitation firearm in the 600 block of Lighthouse.

4/8/07 WEDEL, JEAN was arrested for public intoxication. POLD: Sardine Factory.

4/8/07 Suspicious circumstances in the 1500 block of David.

4/8/07 Citizen 800 block of Devisadero reports a baseball to have broken her kitchen window. The baseball came from the park next to her house from an unknown person.

4/8/07 Citizen reports the theft of a red 1994 Toyota 4-Runner from the 700 block of Foam.

4/8/07 Citizen 1100 block of McClellan reports two male adults prowling in the carport.

4/9/07 Citizen 800 block of Hawthorne reports theft of items from her unlocked vehicle.

4/9/07 Citizen 800 block of Hawthorne reports theft of a lawn chair.

4/9/07 LOPEZGUEVERA, FRANCISCO was arrested for DUI at Del Monte and El Estero. POLD: Planet Gemini.

4/9/07 MPD recovered a stolen vehicle on Devisadero at Irving. Original reportinga gency was PGPD.

4/9/07 JEWETT, DANIEL LESLIE was cited for drinking in public on Prescott near Lighthouse.

4/10/07 Citizen 700 block of Fillmore reports her residence burglarized.

4/11/07 Citizen reports her vehicle being struck by an unknown vehicle while parked at Withers and Lyndon.

4/12/07 MPD is investigating a vandalism (window smashed) to a tan 1991 Volkswagen at Hoffman and Archer.

4/12/07 MPD responded with MFD to a structure fire in the 600 block of Taylor St

4/13/07 Battery report in the 700 block of Cannery Row.

4/13/07 JEWETT, DANIEL and REYNOLDS, LARRY were cited for trespassing under the Charthouse.

4/15/07 Citizen in the 700 block of Lyndon reports unknown to have broken the side window to his residence.

4/15/07 Citizen 400 block of Hawthorne reports theft of two computers from her open parking stall.

4/15/07 Citizen 700 block of Fillmore reports a burglary to her residence.

4/16/07 MCSO was aided in the arrest of SHAEFER, RAIA for four outstanding misdemeanor warrants totaling $26 000 at Cannery Row and Prescott.

4/17/07 Citizen reports an unknown broke a window to his business located at 600 block of Wave.

4/17/07 Citizen reports the theft of furniture and bedding from a motel room, located at 400 block of Wave.

4/17/07 Citizen 800 block of Hawthorne reports his residence burglarized.

4/19/07 MUESBECK, DAVID and MURPHY, STEPHANI were arrested for public intoxication at Foam and Drake.

4/19/07 FLORES, LESLIE was cited for driving on a suspended license and not wearing his seatbelt at Prescott and Archer.

4/19/07 MCSO was aided in the arrest of FLORES, LESLIE for having an outstanding misdemeanor warrant with a bail of $8,000 at Prescott and Archer.

4/19/07 STOHAN’S, 399 Cannery Row, had three unknown white male adults paint graffiti on the wall bordering the ocean.

4/19/07 Citizen reports burglary to his 88 Chevy Blazer while parked in the rear lot of The Whaling Station.

4/19/07 Citizen in the 400 block of Archer, reported approximately $25 worth of recyclable cans and bottles were stolen from his backyard.

4/21/07 Citizen 400 block of Pine reports unknown to have broken his left rear wing window of his vehicle.

4/21/07 Citizen reports being yelled at and threatened in the 700 block of Cannery Row.

4/22/07 Citizen 400 block of McClellan reported burglary to his residence.

4/22/07 BAZETTA, ANDREW was arrested for public intoxication in the 400 block of Drake.

4/23/07 NOBLETT, JAKE was placed on a parole hold in the 200 block of Lighthouse.

New Monterey Police Blotter – April 2007

City Manager’s Recommended Budget

Staff will present the recommended FY 2007/08 budget. The City Council will discuss the budget, but will not take any action at this meeting. Public hearings are scheduled, for May 2, 2007 and May 16, 2007, with adoption tentatively scheduled for May 16, 2007.

Increases revenues 1.44 million.

Eliminate the Fire Division Chief position $90,000
De-fund 2.0 authorized Police Officer positions $216,000
De-fund one (of two) full-time staff at the museum for 25% of year $35,000
De-fund the Office Assistant position in the Recreation department $40,000
Eliminate contract plan-check services in the Community
Development Department $10,000
Contract with the City of Carmel for additional fire management services $60,000

Additional parking enforcement $25,000

Ha. A regular subject here about merchants & employees parking all day on Lighthouse and side streets.

Parking Victorian Corner Chevy 130803

Tree evaluation services and permit fee $65,000
Golf fee increases $400,000
Modify golf course clubhouse use permit to allow non-golf events $20,000
Increase rents from City facilities and parks $50,000
Decrease General Fund support for Museum; rely on other sources $60,000

How would you like to be the Park Fee Enforcement person? Stop, the wedding, lets see your papers . .

Implement metered parking in vicinity of Lovers’ Point $270,000
Implement metered parking in vicinity of Central Ave. and Eardley Ave. $99,000

Lovers Point Parking

That would look ugly on the shoreline.

Still fleecing the tourists, but staying away from Lighthouse Avenue. Looks like more of the high tech parking meters on the way.

Why not put some at the golf course parking lot as well?

PG Golf

City Manager’s Recommended Budget

Auditors Find No Fraud, But Trouble None The Less

A routine audit of Pacific Grove’s books found that the city failed to document transactions and reconcile account balances last year which could affect the city’s ability to borrow money and issue bonds, city officials said.

The city’s finances have been in a tangle as a result of poor bookkeeping and overspending since at least 2000, said city officials and members of the city’s ad hoc budget and finance committee.

In December, Colangelo told the council that an inaccurate record keeping had caused the city to work with inflated numbers for six years in planning the budget. As a result, the city had overspent about $500,000 each year since 2000, including $1.9 million of reserve funds. Now, the city is considering putting tax measures on the ballot to bring in revenue to refill the depleted coffers.

Auditors Find No Fraud, But Trouble None The Less

Pacific Grove Good Old Days 2007

It started as a small get-together, tucked between Christmas and summer celebrations, when neighbors exchanged recipes and baked goods. Fifty years later, Pacific Grove’s Good Old Days has grown to a supersized, two-day block party with a parade, carnival rides and enough sweets to rot a kindergarten class of teeth. This year, more than 25,000 people are expected to attend the city’s $60,000 party.

“It was a just a neighborly thing to do,” said former Pacific Grove Fire Chief and City Councilman Don Gasperson, who started the annual Firemen’s Muster Competition and Bucket Brigade in the 1960s.

Pictures from the scene:

Ah – a hint of localism
GOD Locals

Don’t forget this is Earth Day – Appear to be substainable and push to recycle.
GOD Recycle Or Not

But add more car exhaust as you circle the town looking for a place to park. Holmans shows it’s usual non hospitality.
God No Parking

Lighthouse Avenue takes on the look of a carnival midway.
God Tent City

Jurassic Survivor? Let’s vote the raptors off..
God Inflatable

Hungry after that? Time for Meat On A Stick as Snick calls it. There seemed to be too many dogs around the food area.
God Meat On A Stick

A little return to the PG Good Old Days of the past – handicrafts for sale.

God Stained Glass

Tie Dye!
God Expensive Tie Dye Dres

But the prices are up there with Carmel Plaza – whoo! a $69 aloha shirt.
God Expensive Shirt

A $75 denim shirt
God 75 Dollar Shirt

I saw these unusual mobile wind thingys
Wind Thing

Just when I was about to declare that the find of the week for it’s distinctive look of craftsmanship and originality, I saw another merchant offering the same thing:
God Windthing 2
The seller at mobile wind thing # 2 was quite rude and declared “NO PICTURES”. Pftft, you are in public, in the middle of a street. You and the other vendor lost any appreciation from my family and declared the weird mobiles just another piece of overpriced Chinese imported junk.

Good Old Days has obviously changed from a townspeople event to another chance to fleece the tourists.

Pacific Grove Good Old Days 2007

Mountain Lion Chomping Down Dogs

A series of attacks on dogs by a mountain lion in Big Sur has left residents shaken and searching for answers. In just the past two months, nine pets have disappeared and perhaps more.
One homeowner told The Pine Cone her two dogs were grabbed by the lion almost as soon as they walked out the front door.

I’m on the lion’s side. There’s too many barking dogs in my neighborhood all day. Message to all P.G. dog owners – keep your pooches inside at night if you do not want to attract our well known cat.

Mountain Lion Chomping Down Dogs

Union Pickets Return To PG

With it’s paid picketers donning new signs and bright yellow vests, Carpenters Union Local 605 has resumed a picketing campaign against a local construction company after a hiatus of more than two months.

According to two local general contractors, the picketing is a waste of time and money. Dale Bender, owner of Dale Bender Construction, said he believes the union ís message is lost among the general public. People just drive past them and they are just there, he said. The [union] is doing absolutely nothing but supporting picketers.

Randy Randazzo, another small contractor, said he believes the money the union spends on the picketing could be better directed. There are a lot of union carpenters out of work, he said.

The activity hasn’t had a negative impact on DMC. It sounds silly, McAweeney said, but it’s actually had a positive effect on our business because people recognize the value of merit-based employment.

I see a Monterey Hear-Old truck stop and hand out papers to the picketers.

Union Pickets Return To PG

Pebble Beach Man Threatens Grandma Over Addicting Inhalant

Jim Ferris

An 18 year old living in really filthy conditions in Pebble Beach with his 85-year-old great-grand-mother was arrested April 4 on suspicion of extortion, elder abuse and being under the influence of toluene, according to Monterey County Sheriff’s Sgt. Scott Ragan. Addicted to the inhalant, Jim Ferris reportedly threatened his great-grandmother if she didn’t purchase more for him.

She has a few cats and a couple of dogs, and he held one of the dogs with a pair of scissors like he was going to stab the dog if she didn’t go out and get his aerosol can of choice, which is spray-on deodorant, Ragan said. So she left, went into Pacific Grove some where and called 911.

Way to go grandma.

Pebble Beach Man Threatens Grandma Over Addicting Inhalant

Pedestrians Beware In P.G.

Jackie Burns wrote to the Hear-Old:

I walk nearly every day in Pacific Grove. And nearly every day, no matter where I am walking, drivers do not stop for pedestrians in the crosswalks. I can be off the curb into the crosswalk or even in the middle of a wide street and have eye contact with them and they still don’t stop. Please, drivers, respect the pedestrians, speed limits and stop signs!

If there’s no police presence to enforce parking limits, there’s also none to enforce safe driving. Shame.

Pedestrians Beware In P.G.