E. coli Outbreak In Vegetables From Taylor Farms

Poo salad fixings came from Salinas

Craig Wilson, Costco vice president of food safety and quality assurance, said Wednesday he was told by the Food and Drug Administration that the strain of E. coli seems to be connected to an onion and celery mix.

Wilson identified the supplier as Taylor Farms in Salinas.

E. coli Outbreak In Vegetables From Taylor Farms

When The Fish Fight Back

Fish kicked three fishing buddies butts.

The three men, who were not injured, fell from the dinghy after failing to navigate the beach’s rocky outcrop, said Suzanne Guzzi, a schoolteacher from Modesto who witnessed the accident. The passengers were not identified.

The men managed to carry their fishing gear ashore, though the boat remained in the water, bobbing upside down, hooked on a rock about 11 a.m. The Pacific Grove Police Department responded to the call, and was followed by the Monterey Fire Department.

When The Fish Fight Back

Moe Hates The New Garbage Company

Greenwaste’s mandatory recyclables sorting rules are not making the trash creators happy. Was he old way any better?
Hollys Cafe Garbage

And what a typo – Ron Shank!

Ron Shank with St. Vincent De Paul Thrift Store said a centralized location to deal with the cardboard isn’t what the businesses are paying for.

Shank said he’s paying more money under GreenWaste for less service.

“I don’t mind paying a few more dollars, I realize costs are going up. I expected that,” he said. “I did not expect to have poor service and in my opinion, it’s poor service.”

Moe Ammar, president of the Pacific Grove Chamber of Commerce, said a lot of work needs to be done for the sides to reach an agreement. He criticized GreenWaste’s claims of being environmentally friendly, saying some businesses will end up just driving to the dump or putting recyclables in the trash.

“The only thing that’s green about that company is money,” Ammar said.

Moe Hates The New Garbage Company

Mrs. Doubtfire Robber Arrested In P.G.

Look at this! My first day as a woman and I’m getting hot flashes. Oh, you wicked, wicked man! Isn’t there enough flesh here to feast your eyes on?
Mrs Doubtfire Bank Robber

Brandon Alfred Calantoc

About 4:30 p.m. Thursday, detectives with the Regional Violence and Narcotics Team in Monterey County acted on a tip and went to a home on the 1100 block of Seaview Avenue in Pacific Grove where Calantoc was believed to be living, said Michael Bruno, acting commander of the team.

Calantoc was found in the home and was arrested without incident for the warrant and other misdemeanor warrants, Bruno said. A wig that belonged to Calantoc also was found in the home, Bruno said. As Calantoc was being booked into Monterey City Jail, he was found in possession of 2.1 grams of heroin packaged individually for sale, Bruno said.

Calantoc originally came to the attention of Santa Cruz police on April 3, when he robbed a bank on Morrissey Boulevard while dressed as a woman with a wig, purse and necklace. Police dubbed him “Mrs. Doubtfire” in reference to the 1993 Robin Williams movie in which Williams portrayed a woman.

A cross-dressing man also believed to be Calantoc went into a bank in Capitola the same day but did not rob it, Santa Cruz police Lt. Bernie Escalante said at the time.

Later in April, Carmel police were investigating vehicle burglaries and mail theft from the Carmel post office when they found Calantoc with stolen mail, stolen credit cards and a purse and locket necklace believed to have been worn during the Santa Cruz robbery.

Mrs. Doubtfire Robber Arrested In P.G.