New Eateries

Two with sidewalk cages that were bakeries long ago. One was the Fighting Favaloros which closed again for reasons unknown. Perhaps more of the family time they talk about. Other was Mauricios. Last one is the first ‘pub’ allowed in P.G. Grab a fork and go.

PG Menu

Among three new restaurant establishments opening on downtown’s main thoroughfare in mid-April is The Monarch Pub & Restaurant, the first pub ever in the state’s last dry town. The new establishment, which will be located at 617 Lighthouse Ave. where the 17th Street Grille used to reside, will join fine dining restaurants Wild Fish and Poppy Hall. The former, which will feature locally-caught fish and seafood and farm-to-table cuisine will be located at 545 Lighthouse Ave., the old location of Favaloro’s Big Night Bistro while the latter will take the spot where longtime eatery Mauricio’s was at 589 Lighthouse Ave.

Price spotting – Monarch pub looks best if one is real hungry.

  • $10 for some mixed veggies at Poppy Hall
  • $9.95 for a turkey burger at Monarch
  • $32 for Bouillabaisse at Wild Fish

New Eateries

Favaloros Might Just Take Their Fence And Go

Pick a fight with the Favaloros, eh? That’s what they like. According to the newz, the fence must be bolted permanently to the sidewalk due to liquor rules. So is it a cafe or a bar?Favaloros Fence

City Manager Tom Frutchey told News Channel 5 the city authorized the business to build temporary, movable fencing, but not permanent. Otherwise, he said Cafe Ariana is making public property, private.

On Friday, the city made a visit to the business and said it would help take down the fencing. The city told News Channel 5 it would be willing to weld steel bars to the bottom of the fence so that it’s movable.

Favaloro said she’s ready to close her business of nearly 21 years because the city went back on its word

Please. Leave. Don’t forget to give back the sidewalk you fenced off.

Favaloros Might Just Take Their Fence And Go

Also see the video segment with the owner’s dramatics.

Favaloro Fences In The Tables So You Can Be Under The Table

Favaloros Fence

So is is a Cafe or is it a bar? The drama goes on about the loss of the sidewalk in front of Cafe Ariana.

In order to serve alcohol, some type of enclosure is required by the Department of Alcohol Beverage Control. The owners at Cafe Ariana feel the rug is being pulled out from underneath them.

“I think its kind of sad that there’s opposition to this because Pacific Grove has always been a sleepy town and I know we’ve been here for almost 21 years and it hasn’t been getting easier,” Favaloro said.

Favaloro Fences In The Tables So You Can Be Under The Table

Favaloros Re-Opens

I’m all choked up…

Will the fights go on?

Nino and Marie Favaloro stand side by side at the stove in their aprons, stirring, in steady dignity, as their son John brings us to say goodnight. They look up, full of graciousness, not stopping stirring. They are still cooking for a restaurant that is full of diners at 9p.m., and was full when we walked in at 7:30.

This feeling of family pervades the restaurant that has served classic Italian on Lighthouse Avenue for going on 20 years — minus its time under a spell like Sleeping Beauty’s castle, in which a fire caused them to be closed for 18 months. Not 100 years, but it felt to everyone, loyal patrons included, that long.

Favaloros Re-Opens

Seagull Summit Declares Problem Is Solved

The gulls that are mucking up downtown are not Sea Gulls, but Western Gulls. Y’all aint got a SEAgull problem, pardner.

Woohoo Gull

The hot topic forced the meeting to move from a small, Jewell Park meeting room, across the street to the museum. That’s where museum executive director Lori Mannel set the record straight. There is no such thing as a sea gull, she said, explaining that the circling, squawking hordes over Pacific Gull are Western Gulls — never found far from the ocean.

Anyway, readers of no doubt can recall back in 2009 when the Dumpsters Of Commerce story was posted to illustrate my opinion that downtown’s bistro owners showed little respect for the town and it’s citizens. The constant violators from back then were checked recently and (surprise!), no wide open trash receptacles.

Seabreeze Motel
Dumpster Sea Breeze Motel 130803

Dumpster Mandos 130803
Lighthouse Cinema
Dumpster Lh Cinema 130803

Dumpster Fandango 130803

PG Plaza – a little loose
Dumpster PG Plaza 130803 Trash

Dumpster Peppers 130803

17th Street Grillee
Dumpster 17th Street Grill

P.G Juice N Java – kind of sloppy
Dumpster Juice Java 130803

Not all is rosy –
Some crows were picking up berries from the ground behind Peppers
Peppers Crows 4

Favaloros leaves garbage uncovered in the alley
Dumpster Favaloros 130803

City trash can with no cover
Trash Uncovered 4 130803

Grapes Of Wraith Catering – this is shared (obviously) with a medical office in the Central Medical Clinic. The lid was up, there were medical records laying there. HIPAA issues possibly, but no food scraps.
Dumpster Grapes O Wrath 130803

Check back in a week – see if there is no longer a gull problem.

Seagull Summit Declares Problem Is Solved

Clarify This Or I’ll . . .

Marie Favaloro writes to the Coast Weakly:
Favaloros Closing Reason

Rocky Coast stays in business with no restroom.
Ice Cream Shoppe No Public Restroom

And Marie closed the the first Favaloro’s saying she wanted to spend more time with the children. For the children. GOD WHAT DID SHE DO WITH HER CHILDREN?

“We have sold the Restaurant to spend more time with our two beautiful children” (PG Hometown Bulletin, November 2nd and 16th 2005).

One of the strangest business owners in P.G.

Assault At Favaloro’s
Favaloro’s Closes
Another Assault At Favaloro’s
Ambulance Seen Loading Up At Favaloro’s

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At the very least, have a snack before you leave home. The crowd seemed sort of old-money, country club, tennis snobbish.


The Boston clam chowder wasn’t piping hot, however it was thick, the way I like it, but I didn’t get much ‘clam’.


great before. These were, alas, bad. Tasteless goo. I’m sure the tourists will LOVE it, like they love Fisherman’s Wharf and the Santa Cruz Boardwalk. Like morons do. Ga-hilk.


Lovers Point deserves sparkly windows. The floor in the restaurant was also filthy and the air inside was not as fresh as it could be-

Tillie Gorts

I’d never had a bad tuna sandwich…til I ate here. C’mon, crack open the can, throw in some mayo, how hard can it be?

Favaloro’s Big Night Bistro:

This place has all the ambiance and romance you want, with a nice fat side of pretentious, mostly the clientèle of course. I came here with my boyfriend to celebrate our one year anniversary and left unimpressed with the service and accommodations. We felt discriminated and really, the food wasn’t that great for me. I’ve had better clams! Anyhow, the experience left me disappointed and hurt, so I wrote a letter to the owners. I explained my experience in detail and got a call a few days later. Maria, one of the owners understandably defended her family business and yet was very accommodating and offered me a gift certificate. If only in response to my uncomfortable experience did I in turn offend her. So 3 stars on the account of Maria’s efforts and the fact that they are a family business. I don’t intend on returning with the gift certificate. What am I supposed to say “Hey I’m the girl who totally dissed your business with a big fatty letter and now I’m back, so feed me for free?” nah, I don’t think so


WHACK!!! lots of old people. Overpriced breakfast with bad coffee. $8 for two pieces of “french toast”, are you serious?
The waitress hurries and let’s the hostess know she does not want us in her section because she already has one table…..Well……I’m tall and dark, and came in with a beanie on. It was blatant racism by one person

Red House:

Sometimes you get somebody sweet and helpful, but thrice I have dealt with this snotty, rude college-age girl with blond hair. had the crab cakes and almost gagged upon the first bite–fishy in that BAD fishy way, bits of crunchy i-don’t-know-what.

The waiter suggested a basket of fries for the table and assured us that they were worth the price of $3.50 a basket. Shoestrings with a smidge of garlic. Wow! Cutting edge. A girlfriend ordered extra cheese on her sandwich and was charged an additional $3.50 for that as well. I guess that is there way of telling you You’re in PG now.

Lighthouse Cafe:

made a big mistake in ordering the salmon benedict though. I paid dearly for ordering that–it was too salty and I had extra servings… errrr, shavings of pubes. Not the way to start your day!

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TripAdvisor Rates PG’s Top 25 Restaurants

TripAdvisor’s restaurant popularity ranks restaurants based on evaluations in guide books, articles and user opinions. The things people write are often amazing.

First Awakenings
Restaurant popularity: #1
entertaining bird population on the outside patio (unless you choose to use the squirt bottles)

Red House Cafe
Restaurant popularity: #2
Been here a few times… wait’s always long

Peppers Mexicali Cafe
Restaurant popularity: #3
that’s how they modify Mexican food for the gringos? And I never found the host particularly friendly.

Joe Rombi’s La MIA Cucina
Restaurant popularity: #4
We especially like the rice ball appetizers

Thai Bistro
Restaurant popularity: #5
The ambiance could be more authentic but we go there for the food.

Restaurant popularity: #6
Well, I guess the chef just loved it and so he figured we all must love it as well?

Tillie Gort’s
Restaurant popularity: #7
customers seem to be locals. There isn’t anything fancy about their food

Petra Restaurant
Restaurant popularity: #8
They bill themselves as serving mediterranean dishes, but I think of them as Greek.

Fifi’s Cafe & Bakery
Restaurant popularity: #9
Given the wealth of excellent restaurants in the area, I hope that the evening staff finds a way to make its patrons feel more welcome.

Taste Cafe & Bistro
Restaurant popularity: #10
parking can be tight, but there’s plenty of space across the street in the Safeway parking lot.

Fishwife at Asilomar Beach
Restaurant popularity: #11
served our entrees before we received our appetizer and our daughter received her entree 5-8 minutes after we did.

Fandango Restaurant
Restaurant popularity: #12
We immediately sensed a snootiness about them: They did not acknowledge our presence for quite awhile and then they finally gave us the worst seat in the house!

Restaurant popularity: #13

Restaurant popularity: #14
Wonderful staff – all related

Aliotti’s Victorian Corner
Restaurant popularity: #15
We were walking through charming downtown Pacific Grove, and entered one restaurant, where we were promptly ignored for 10 minutes–while other tables were greeted with cheers!

Restaurant popularity: #16
much more authentic than the silly, over-rated poseur place, Peppers

Central Avenue Bakery
Restaurant popularity: #17
vegan chocolate, pastries, cheese made from coconut milk.

Archie’s American Diner
Restaurant popularity: #18
my fish-n-chips were overcooked. But that didn’t bother me as much as the flies.

Toasties Cafe
Restaurant popularity: #19
after I “got rid of” the crab cakes I started to recover.. I told her that I wasn’t trying to accuse her of anything but I just didn’t want anybody else to get hurt- especially a child. She was extremely defensive and didn’t listen.

Grove Bistro
Restaurant popularity: #20
If you don’t like alcohol, you might still like the food.

Cellar Door Chop Shoppe
Restaurant popularity: #21
Hand embroidered flavors, really.

Restaurant popularity: #22
beet & goat cheese salad,

Pablo’s Mexican Restaurant
Restaurant popularity: #23
They serve huge burritos with the best tasting beans I’ve had in a long time

Favaloro’s Big Night Bistro
Restaurant popularity: #24
owner came running out of the kitchen shouting that the certificates were fake. I heard the owner say to his wife as I was leaving that “he might have made a mistake”… still, no apology, and I would never recommend the place to anyone.

Lattitudes at Lover’s Point
Restaurant popularity: #25
The food is just ordinary but carries extraordinary prices. You’d be better off going to KFC and carrying a bucket of chicken to the park across the street (Lover’s Point) to take in the view.

TripAdvisor Rates PG’s Top 25 Restaurants

Parking Time Limits Lowered – Bulletin Opposes

PGbull Header

The City Council unanimously rejected installation of parking meters on Central Avenue; but not before laying the groundwork for what may be future problems including more budget challenges.

As an alternative to the lost meter revenue, Councilperson Scott Miller suggested changing the parking sign time limit from two hours to ninety minutes, saying “our parking enforcement guy made a killing down there. He would write 64 tickets a day and many of them from there” (Scott Miller was speaking as to the time he was Chief of Police). Wasn’t the two hour limit for parking on Central Avenue imposed to allow ample time for people to have a meal and do some leisurely shopping without fear of citation?

That was the intention of the two hour limits – however it looks like businesses take up a majority of two hour spots, leaving a precious few for those “leisurely shoppers”

Parking Favaloro Truck
Parking Victorian Corner Chevy 080501 Parking Victorian Corner Ho

Parking Oh Flowers Van 1
Parking Favaloro Suburban

Parking Grand Ave Art Works
Parking Hazara (2)

Parking Comptuer Help


Parking Favaloro Mits

Parking Time Limits Lowered – Bulletin Opposes