If Otters In Your Teacup Is Character . .

I don’t know what is.

On Tuesday, two of the students began painting on the sketch on a wall that is 18 feet long and 9 feet tall in the coffee shop overlooking Lovers Point. The design, which is meant to capture Pacific Grove’s unique character, features a giant teacup with an otter floating in it along with other regional imagery including a Cypress tree and flying monarch butterflies. It was previously drawn out on the wall by sophomores Kaysa Paulsen and Sofia Chang.

If Otters In Your Teacup Is Character . .

Monterey’s Lighthouse Specific Plan

Outzenville buildings, open space and “art”. No, work on the traffic.

Lighthouse Ave Traffic

“Besides the traffic and parking, the biggest talking point was to look at building heights in that area,” said McCarthy, noting that in the future, three-story buildings would only be allowed under special conditions, could be no higher than 35 feet and would be required to be set back 12 feet from the second story to provide a two-story appearance. The project must also include public open space and pre-approved public art elements.

Monterey’s Lighthouse Specific Plan

P.G. Art Center Looking For Money Making Ideas

Looking at the hours of operation, one might suggest being open more than just 24 hours in a week?

Art Center Hours

At an emergency board meeting Monday, all seven members of the center’s board who were in attendance agreed on some new approaches to keep the 47-year-old center viable and the community engaged with its economic health.

“We sat down and made some real action plans. The board was just 100 percent on board and confident to march into the future.”

Specifically, Brown said, plans were laid out to display the center’s art in other venues and to have more musical and performance programs. Improvements to the center’s entrance and a new logo are also in the works.

P.G. Art Center Looking For Money Making Ideas

Texan’s Kinkade Galleries Closed

Not even a mass market art gallery can sustain.

The former Consuelo’s turned into a gallery.

Building Of Light

when Larson took over, that all changed, according to Dow. He fired the gallery’s employees and “hasn’t answered a phone call, nor has he returned one since the day this deal went through. You CAN quote me on that!” she said.

In addition to the Ocean Avenue shop, the small space next to the Tuck Box on Dolores Street and the “national archive” on Lighthouse Avenue in Monterey were also shuttered, though Dow said Kinkade’s headquarters recently called and expressed interest in reopening the Ocean Avenue location.

Texan’s Kinkade Galleries Closed

Auction Company Settles

And I was just about to see if I can pick up some painting in Pebble Beach at a good price.

A company that held several estate auctions in Pebble Beach and Pacific Grove over the last four years has been ordered to pay $140,000 for alleged auction fraud.

In May, the Monterey County District Attorney’s Office filed a civil complaint against American Wholesale Jewelry, Inc., and president Alon Varsha, doing business as Kingston Auctions, for deceptive marketing claims.

Auction Company Settles

Crackpot “Artist” Rewrites History At Mvsevm

Someone sold the Mvsevm a ball of sticks, called it art and left it in the garden. Looks like a giant dung beetle left it’s namesake in the garden.

Spirit Nest

The jewel in the crown of the Pacific Grove Museum of Natural History’s redesigned Native Plant Garden is a “spirit nest” created by Big Sur artist Jayson Fann. On Monday, March 29 a crew with a crane brought the spirit nest to be placed in the garden where it will be available for the public to view, and to dream in.
Fann, an artist who “favors art that serves a purpose,”

It does serve a purpose, kindling.

Crackpot “Artist” Rewrites History At Mvsevm

Got A Wind Chime? That’s A $435 Fine In Pacific Grove

When you have a so called artist living across the street.

“It’s a shock,” Phil Allen said. “I’ll certainly fight this. With all the things the courts have to worry about today, I wouldn’t think this would even be worth mentioning.”

But Richmond Woodson, who lives across the street from the offending chime, said the constant ringing is like living across the street from an ice cream truck. Woodson, a 54-year-old art teacher who has lived in his house since 2000, signed a complaint about the noise, which forced police to cite the Allens.

Weeks later, about 4 a.m., Woodson decided he was fed up with the wind chime. He walked across the street and taped the chimes together.

“I apologized for the tape,” Woodson said.

Woodson admits to trespass and vandalism. Should be arrested for same. Kook also admits to patrolling the block to find other noises and turning them in.

This is not ‘the’ wind chime from the article
Redneck Wind Chimes

Got A Wind Chime? That’s A $435 Fine In Pacific Grove

Art Galleries Attracting More Crime

Try to be more like Carmel, P.G. gets the same crime as Carmel.
Art Is Anal


Thief working the Works: To the sticky fingered individual who lifted a gorgeous painting from the walls of the Works art gallery in Pacific Grove, I offer my most sincere feelings of pity, as you are obviously a pathetic person. As much as this world needs compassion right now, I really can’t feel anything for you but objective anger. Shame on you, you thief and loser.

Misty Dawn


Give it back: I join Misty Dawn, who wrote to report the theft of a painting from The Works gallery, in saying, “Shame on you” to the thief.

The Pacific Grove Art Center was also struck by a sneak thief who stole an exquisite needlepoint tote bag from a display by one of the studio artists. The incident was a personal violation against the artist.

In addition to the expense of materials, hundreds of hours of work were involved in creating this beautiful piece, which was displayed for the enjoyment of others. How could anyone possibly enjoy something that was stolen from the artist, on display at a nonprofit center, right before Christmas? This petty criminal deserves a lump of coal in his or her stocking.

Joan Jeffers McCleary

Artists Unclear Of Concepts

Burglars broke into First Night Monterey’s Archer Park Community Center headquarters Tuesday night, robbing the small nonprofit that stages the city’s ambitious and art-heavy New Year’s Eve celebration of their Mac computer and external hard drives.

“To break in and rob us … of our artwork, desktop publishing and the two external hard drives which were the backups…it’s all gone.

Concept #1 – Thieves do not care if it’s a Mega-Corporation, a working person, or an artiste. They will steal anything they can.

Concept #2 – Don’t store you backups in the same place as the computer. In a fire, flood or yes even theft, your backups are only as safe as the computer. Keep your back ups off site.

Artists Unclear Of Concepts