Holmans Getting Gutted

Multi million dollar condos is the kind of town Pacific Grove is.

Holmans hours

(Hahn) described 25 condominium units that will be located on the mezzanine, second, third and fourth floors and the rooftop as “very upscale” with 22 of them having ocean views and all priced according to the market and square footage. He expects them to be completed and up for sale by late 2017 or early 2018.the condominiums will range in price from $500,000 to upward of $2 million.

“As we build it, we want to honor the kind of town Pacific Grove is,” said Hahn, “and have it evolve in the right way.”

Holmans Getting Gutted

Moe Says More Tourists Will Solve Everything

Nevermind the minimum wage workers and predators that follow.

The Holman renovation will include four ocean-view penthouses, eight new stores, and 25 2,000-square-foot luxury condos.

The condos are expected to cost between $550 and $700 per square foot.

“We have never had condos built in this price range on the Monterey Peninsula with the exception of the Inn at Spanish Bay,” Pacific Grove Chamber of Commerce President Moe Ammar said.

Ammar said he believes even though it’s a first for Pacific Grove, the development will be successful.

“We know it’s going to work because the demand is there,” Ammar said. “Everybody wants to live on the Central Coast. Everybody wants an ocean view. And ocean view development just doesn’t exist anymore.”

At the Tin Cannery, a 160-room hotel is being planned across the street from the aquarium.

Still in the early stages of the project, the development needs approval by the Coastal Commission. But first, the city’s voters will have to approve zoning changes that allow for a hotel.

The Chamber of Commerce predicts the hotel could bring in $30 million a year, or 25 percent of the city’s budget.

Moe Says More Tourists Will Solve Everything

Holmans Building Will Be Gutted

Nader’s Dream is back. This time the Holmans building becomes a bunch of multi million dollar condos and his big hotel takes up the rest of the block.

Agha's Huge Holman Hotel

Developers are proposing two projects for the Holman Building property. The first project would turn the building into commercial space and condominiums. The second one would bring construction of Pacific Grove’s first hotel. To get it done, the developers need to split the lot and get multiple permits.

Developer Nader Agha is heading up the hotel project. The hotel, if all goes as planned, will be a 135-room Hilton Garden Inn. Agha wants to build it on the back two-thirds of the property.

Holmans Building Will Be Gutted

New Plan For Holman's

Holmans Casino

Holman Bowling Lanes

Would be cool, but no. Expensive condos for weekenders.

Chamber president, Moe Ammar calls the development partners “the dream team” who he believes can do great things with the property given their collective backgrounds and intent. “We want people to come out and give their input,” said Ammar.

If approved, the lot line adjustment would split the property into two parcels. Parcel 1 would be the 120,000-square-foot Holman building being purchased by the development company. The other would be a parcel consisting of the parking lot and Grand Central Station building behind the main parcel, which is currently owned by Nader Agha.

“It’s very simple to split the property, it’s my prerogative,” said Agha. As far as the process goes, Agha said he felt the city went about it the wrong way but now that they are at this point, “let’s see what they do.”

Agha was not ready to talk about his plans for the Grand Central Station property on Thursday. He has been the Holman block property owner since 1995 and has put it up for sale many times. The last was an online auction which was canceled.

New Plan For Holman’s

Nader Agha Back With Another Hotel Plan

But won’t his name cast a negative impression?

Agha said he intends to meet next week with city officials about the plan, which he said would retain the Holman Building in its design.

The Pacific Grove City Council on Thursday created a Holman Hotel Subcommittee with Mayor Bill Kampe and Councilman Alan Cohen to serve as a liaison between project proponents and the council.

“He has some conceptual drawings,” Kampe said of Agha’s new proposal. “We want to make sure we follow due process and not make a decision based on a pretty picture.”

Agha’s last pretty picture:

Nader Agha Back With Another Hotel Plan

Jury Says Nader Agha Lied About Antique Clock


Holmans antique sale

Vinther had some strong documentary evidence to back his story, however — documents which apparently convinced the jury Agha was lying:

– At the time of the sale, Vinther was given a handwritten receipt made out by Agha’s wife, Nadia, who works for her husband. “10-22-07 Received $36,000 for Nader clock, Italian Renesons,” the misspelled receipt said.

– More than a year later, when he was about to be deposed in the case, Agha produced a different receipt, this one from a preprinted receipt book. The new receipt was also dated Oct. 22, 2007, and bore a serial number of 592631. “Carved Mahogany Grandfather Clock, $36,000 cash,” it said. In his April 2009 deposition, Agha testified he had prepared this receipt at the time of the sale and left it for Nadia to give to Vinther when he paid, but that she couldn’t find it, and that’s why she made out the first receipt.

– But when Vinther’s attorney asked to see the receipts from the preprinted book immediately before and after the new one, Agha’s attorney, Christopher Cayce, vehemently opposed the request. Only after Monterey County Superior Court Judge Kay Kingsley ordered Agha to produce them did Agha give Huang receipts 592630, which was dated Nov. 14, 2007, and 592632, dated Nov. 16, 2007. Vinther had asked for his money back on Nov. 15, 2007.

Cayce explained the long delay in producing the receipts and the discrepancy about when the second one was prepared by telling the jury, “We were just trying to sort out the evidence.” He also said Agha made out the new receipt in November not because of Vinther’s demand for his money back, but because “it was time to pay the taxes on the sale.”

But Huang argued that Agha “created” the second receipt that said “Mahogany grandfather clock” in an attempt to “defeat” the first receipt. And she said any reasonable person would look at Agha’s constantly shifting story as evidence he wasn’t telling the truth.

Jury Says Nader Agha Lied About Antique Clock

Holmans Jewelry Thieves Caught

That pose on the right should be welcome in Monterey County Jail

Holman jewelry heist

Police in Pacific Grove arrested two brothers from Corral de Tierra on Friday who are suspected of jewelry heists on Lighthouse Avenue.

Cmdr. John Miller said Zachary and Joseph Thomas, 24 and 23, were arrested at the Pacific Grove Police Department Friday afternoon and were later transferred to county jail for booking.

Miller said the brothers walked into Holman’s Antique Plaza on Monday. One asked to try on a gold necklace, and while the other distracted an employee, the first walked out of the building wearing the jewelry.

Pacific Grove police sent out an “alert flier” to local police agencies, and Seaside officers recognized the brothers from “previous contacts,” Miller said. An officer called the men’s parents, he said, because officers did not have phone numbers for either suspect. The parents contacted the brothers and persuaded them to turn themselves in, Miller said.

Holmans Jewelry Thieves Caught

Holman Hotel Host To Walgreens?

Sounds good on paper. A Walgreen store would not step on to many blessed businesses that oppose anything that would compete (Grove Market, Fandango, Pollacci Liquor & Date, etc). But if Nadir is in the mix, I predict failure.

Walgreen at Holmans

The first floor of the Holman building in downtown Pacific Grove could become home to a Walgreens pharmacy — a large retailer that could bring a boost to local business, according to the city’s chamber of commerce.

Agha’s plan for a 300-room hotel, which the developer has pursued for years, would still be possible even if the building’s first floor is leased to a retailer. Currently, the 60,000-square foot-space is occupied by antique dealers, a bank and a restaurant.

Holman Hotel Host To Walgreens?

Developer Agha Inches Ahead Toward Monstrous Hotel

Holman hotel

Bennett, Garcia, Huitt – yay. The rest of the elected officials, tar & feathers.

Kampe thinks the new agreement on the marketing feasibility study will spell out the specifics of Agha’s proposal and allow both parties to move forward. “We need some way to fundamentally break an impasse in terms of action on the site,” he says.

But the vote was a tight 4-3. Councilwoman Lisa Bennett, who joined Mayor Carmelita Garcia and Councilman Robert Huitt in opposition, says the agreement is premature.

While the city’s tentative support encouraged Agha to take the building off the market, he’s disappointed the agreement didn’t get unanimous backing. “Anyone who has the best interests of Pacific Grove in mind will go out of his way to support any healthy project,” he says. “Economically, this project is going to be the best thing ever to happen to Pacific Grove.”

He really means the best thing ever to happen to Nader Agha.

Developer Agha Inches Ahead Toward Monstrous Hotel

Holman Building Not For Sale . . .Yet

PG Hooters

A rumor was going around town that the building and adjacent property were for sale, based on a multiple listing that remained on the books after Agha, frustrated with what he felt was foot-dragging by the city over his proposed downtown hotel project, put it up for sale a year ago.

Agha acquired the property at auction in 1995 with an eye toward razing the building and constructing a high-end hotel and conference center on the site at 542 Lighthouse Ave.

He’ll likely sell it if he gets the permits. Hope he loses.

Holman Building Not For Sale . . .Yet