P.G. Meets To Put End To Smoking In Public

Lover’s Point in Pacific Grove is where Ryan Roberts goes to catch some downtime and take a deep breath. There’s a smoking ban in place there, so he said he relaxes in his car.

“It’s kind of like discriminating, really, to people that are addicted to smoking and choose not to quit just yet,” Roberts said.

The proposed ban is meant to protect people from second-hand smoke and keep public parks and beaches clear of cigarette butts which contain plastic filters that never breakdown, supporters said.

He relaxes in his car. Do you mean he infects his lungs with carcinogens while simply looking at the clean air?

It’s not just the beaches. Take a walk along Lighthouse from Hazaras smoking rug salesman to Juice N Java’s sidewalk tables down to Pollacci’s liquor store loiterers.

Sidewalk Smoker Juice Java

P.G. Meets To Put End To Smoking In Public