Dumpsters Of Commerce June 2014

Gulls need lots of food to produce the bird poo they leave.

Atop the noodle house
Thai Roof Gull Poop

Sidewalk N/E Corner Lighthouse and Forest
Bratty Corner pooThanks to fine businesses downtown the gulls get free access to yummy sustenance.

Juice & Java never fails to leave the garbage open
Dumpster JuicenJava 2014 0608

And Nader Agha’s Holman Building welcomes the birds too. Is that an antique clock in there?
Dumpster Nader Holmans 20140608

Remember to wash your hands after visiting

1 thought on “Dumpsters Of Commerce June 2014

  1. Thank you. It’s good to call business owners out when they attract and breed pests and otherwise detract from our community’s beauty.

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