Pacific Grove Couple Arreseted For Child Pornography


Jason Wright 40 And His Wife Rampueng Kaeorawang 41

Rampueng Kaeorawang, 41, and her husband, Jason Wright, 40, both of Pacific Grove, were arrested at 8 a.m. Monday, according to the Pacific Grove Police Department.

At the time of their arrest, search warrants were served on the couple and they were found to be in possession of child pornography, which they allegedly manufactured themselves, police said.

Pacific Grove Couple Arreseted For Child Pornography

Pacific Grove Man Robs Spanish Bay

of a big bottle of gin.

The Sheriff’s Office said a man walked into the bar about 11:20 p.m., grabbed the bottle and took off.

An employee chased the thief, but was met outside by the accomplice, who punched and pushed the employee before trying to follow his partner who had grabbed the liter of gin, deputies said.

But employees caught the accomplice and held him until deputies arrived.

The suspect, Corey O’Halloran, 19, of Pacific Grove was on probation for trespassing on Pebble Beach property and under a court “stay-away” order, deputies said. He was taken to Monterey County Jail.

Pacific Grove Man Robs Spanish Bay

Mvsevm Fetus Tied To Doc Ricketts?

Relying on a curator to analyze handwriting. The fetus remains in custody, being held without bail.

…for the past several months, museum collections curator Paul Vandecarr has been comparing Ricketts’ handwriting examples to the writing on the label of the jar to establish a possible connection.

What the unscientific research has so far turned up is fascinating.

“Most of the handwriting did not match anything he came up with,” according to Pacific Grove city manager Tom Frutchey. “But one letter [from Ricketts] did match.” While the match offers some hope to those who would like to make the connection between the fetus and Ricketts, who had specimens of all sorts at his Cannery Row laboratory, it also deepens the mystery.

Mvsevm Fetus Tied To Doc Ricketts?

Tax $$ Paying For Hysteric Society Studies

What happens when your home becomes deemed as “historic”? Your property rights may be in danger for one thing.

According to a press release sent out July 25 by the state agency, the City of Monterey will receive $22,500 to pay for “a historic context statement and reconnaissance historic survey for the New Monterey Residential Neighborhood and the New Monterey Business District.”

The grant will fund 60 percent of the project. To be eligible for the assistance, the City of Monterey is required to pay for the remaining 40 percent of the work — which totals $16,600 — according to Lucinda Woodward, a spokeswoman for the Office of Historic Preservation, which is a division of California State Parks.

Tax $$ Paying For Histeric Society Studies