Court Rules In Favor Of Police Chief In Ramey Case

No donuts for Rhonda

Former parking enforcement officer Rhonda Ramey had sued the city, Hubbard, and Chief Miller on the grounds that her termination in January 2001 had been based on retaliatory motives for a harassment claim she had filed against her supervisors in late 1999.

Chief Miller testified that he fired Ramey for misappropriating two Volkswagen vehicles that she later converted to her own use, and for giving additional vehicles and extra business to a tow company operator named Kevin Shook. Miller said Ramey gave Shook a Mercedes Benz sedan and a Toyota van without properly processing the vehicles, which Shook subsequently sold for a profit. Official DMV documents associated with the Mercedes transaction had been forged, according to testimony in the trial.

Goldbeck Fires Letter To D.A. In Police Chief Firing

Cronies in Love. Fisher & Schenk

The letter, which was addressed to Terry Spitz in the Monterey County DA’s office, presented Goldbeck’s case for what she believes is a conspiracy orchestrated by Mayor Morrie Fisher to get rid of the chief so that his friend, Sergeant Richard Cox, could move up in the department.

Goldbeck also accused (Ron) Schenk of having “at least two meetings” with Cox at Schenk’s home while the officer was on duty. Later in the council meeting, Schenk admitted to being a friend of Cox, but claimed that the meetings were related to their positions on the board of their church and dealt with church business.