4,000 Year Old Skeleton Unearthed On Lighthouse Avenue

Newest Outzenville apartments being built over native burial site. Nothing to be afraid of, right?

The mysterious male skeleton found on a Monterey job site last month is 4,080 years old, testing has revealed.
The age solidifies early assumptions he was Native American, significantly predating European contact.

The skeleton’s age did not surprise the local Ohlone Costanoan Esselen Nation.

“What can we say? These are our ancestors and we know they’ve been here for longer than the 4,000 years,” chairwoman Louise Miranda Ramirez said.

4,000 Year Old Skeleton Unearthed On Lighthouse Avenue

Newcomer Food Critic Moves In

Drinks a bit much – super concern over lack of bars. What were you expecting?

I never imagined moving to the 93950, the land of Monarch butterflies, grenade-dropping seagulls and the ubiquitous red-faced, short-sighted nimby. But a few weeks ago I left Monterey and landed in Pacific Grove, a bit wary yet eager to explore “America’s Last Hometown.”

The first oddity: There are no bars in Pacific Grove (the city currently allows on-site consumption of alcohol only at full-scale restaurants — requiring at least 70 percent of seating reserved for dining).

The second oddity: Driving downtown after 8 p.m. is like riding into Tombstone before a gunfight. There are a few folks spilling out of the movie theater (great theater experience, by the way), and more than a few hospitality folks bellied up to the wine bar at Jeninni. But that’s about it. Carmel has a frustrating parking problem. P.G. can only wish for such a problem. A responsible, classy bar (even as part of a downtown restaurant) would help extend the nightlife past sunset. And it would also provide me with a home office.

Newcomer Food Critic Moves In

Turn Of Events: Holman’s Antiques Robbed

Unlike sellers of fake antique clocks

Holmans Antique Sale

Pacific Grove police are on the lookout for two suspects in a theft at Holman Antiques on Lighthouse Avenue Friday.

A black man and black woman distracted the clerk while they took diamond earrings and two Rolex watches, police said.

The employees didn’t notice the items were stolen until they closed the shop.

Turn Of Events Holman’s Antiques Robbed

Bears Vacationing In P.G.

Careful, Yogi. Carmel shoots them out of trees.

The black bear was caught in Monterey Sunday morning by California Department of Fish and Wildlife officers. Officers used tranquilizer guns, and the bear was not injured.

Shortly after, wildlife officials released the male bear back into the wild, deep in Los Padres National Forest.

Don Kelly of the Dept. of Fish and Wildlife said the bear most likely wandered into residential areas looking for food.

Bears Vacationing In P.G.

Casey Lucius Runs For Congress

Good luck, you will need it running against Sam the sham, even when you support same sex marriage and abortions.


In a YouTube clip announcing her run, Lucius said voters who are concerned about jobs, water, the environment and national security should support her so “we can create a new beginning.”

In the “Issues” section of her website, CaseyLucius.com, she said she supports gay marriage, is concerned about climate change but wants to limit global spending, supports the Second Amendment and abortion rights in the first six months of a pregnancy.

“On the Central Coast, we have a gang problem, not a gun problem,” her website states.

Casey Lucius Runs For Congress

Holmans Building Will Be Gutted

Nader’s Dream is back. This time the Holmans building becomes a bunch of multi million dollar condos and his big hotel takes up the rest of the block.

Durell Hotel

Developers are proposing two projects for the Holman Building property. The first project would turn the building into commercial space and condominiums. The second one would bring construction of Pacific Grove’s first hotel. To get it done, the developers need to split the lot and get multiple permits.

Developer Nader Agha is heading up the hotel project. The hotel, if all goes as planned, will be a 135-room Hilton Garden Inn. Agha wants to build it on the back two-thirds of the property.

Holmans Building Will Be Gutted

Spectacular Gateway For Monterey. Just Step Back 30 Years.

What? Tear out all the parking and marina improvements to remake a beach that is likely to become a transient plaza for sea lions?

Wharfs 1960s

The waterfront plan, which has been put together during the past four years, is intended to transform Monterey’s shoreline between San Carlos Beach and Monterey Bay Park into a “spectacular gateway” for the city.

But many in the wharf business community say the proposal — which would eliminate hundreds of parking spaces in lots nearest the harbor by the city’s two wharves in favor of grass, walkways and a plaza — is anything but spectacular.

At a city Planning Commission meeting May 13, the battle over the future of waterfront parking under the proposed plan came to a head.

Wharf business owners and hospitality industry officials predicted the changes would drive away customers and cost the city hundreds of thousands of dollars a year in parking fees generated by the wharf lots.

Spectacular Gateway For Monterey. Just Step Back 30 Years

Council Goes All NIMBY Over Pebble Beach Employee Housing

Afraid it would bring down the values in P.G.’s own ghetto? Afraid of people from Seaside moving nearby? What? Next thing you know they’ll be putting in sidewalks in Del Monte Park.
DMP Dead End Street

the council voted 6-0 in support of a comment letter on the proposed 24-unit affordable housing project’s draft environmental impact report that included a recommendation that the project be relocated to a site at Sunset Drive and 17 Mile Drive. The letter is set to be delivered to county planner Joe Sidor, who is overseeing the project review, in the next few days, ahead of the June 19 public comment deadline.

The proposed project site near New Congress Drive and SFB Morse Drive on the edges of the Del Monte Park neighborhood has drawn considerable opposition, particularly from nearby residents.

Council Goes All NIMBY Over Pebble Beach Employee Housing

Robbery On Spanish Bay Golf Course

Better carry a 12 gauge next to your six iron.BAMF golf and gun bag

Deputies said Aurelio Camilo Bautista, 18, from Greenfield and a 15-year-old boy, demanded money from two golfers from Rocklin, CA and two from Los Altos Hills, CA.

During the confrontation, one of the victims fought with the suspects and ended up with a cut on his ear. Deputies said a golf range finder was taken from another victim. One victim reported seeing a knife in the waistband of on of the suspects, but deputies said a knife was never found.

Robbery On Spanish Bay Golf Course