Socialism Comrades To Assemble

Like socialism worked out so well in Venezuela.

Cowards Protest

A People’s Rally for Unity and Equality will be held at the Window on the Bay, Del Monte Avenue at Camino El Estero, Monterey, January 20 from 1-6 pm. The rally has been called to bring people together to stand up for common values: making our community a safe place for immigrants, LGBTQ people, Muslims, people of color, women and others, protecting women’s right to full reproductive health care, workers’ right to receive fair wages and to organize unions, and our children’s right to a livable world without catastrophic climate change.

Socialism Comrades To Assemble

Infinite Parking Hours Downtown

And the business district will self police the parking to make sure that shopkeepers and workers don’t take all the spots.

But word has it that there is little to no parking enforcement currently. In a rare moment of news reporting, the Cedar Street Bulletin is reporting that tickets are down and it is said that the parking officer is on temporary assignment.

So park as long as you want!

Look Who’s Talking

Cedar St Timeworn

Timeworn ran a letter from the Mayor regarding the pension issue, calling out John Moore. Then chooses not to run any response from Mr. Moore due to litigation.

(To John Moore)

On Tue, Jun 4, 2013 at 11:45 AM, wrote:
Because the pension question is now being litigated, I have chosen not to run your letters or your advertisements.

So, since the Times itself is being sued, is it wise to buy ads or even take it serious?

Look Who’s Talking

Broken Brokaw Hall Saga – Demolition Is Final Answer

Cost to repair, half a million. Cost to demolish, $35,000

“It’s a historic structure,” said Esther Trosow, with the Conservancy. “It’s on the list of historic structures and they let it fall into a state of decay. If any private citizen did that, according to the historic preservation rules, they would have to be in injunctive relief, which means they would have to fix it. And the city has just decided that they don’t need to do that. They’re thumbing their nose at their own laws.”

Brokaw Hall Sign

Cedar Street Times is reporting that the building’s historical plaque has been removed and presumed stolen.

Broken Browkaw Hall Saga – Demolition Is Final Answer

Garcia Losing My Respect

Protesting at Asilomar.
Asilomar Union Picket

Pacific Grove City Council member Ken Cuneo stood with the protestors on May 12 and held a sign, as did Mayor Carmelita Garcia. “I hope Aramark comes around,” Garcia said later. “It’s terrible to think people can exist for five years with no wage increase.”

Five years and no wage increase for the workers? If that’s what Local 483 negotiates for it’s members, see what wage increases the Local’s Secretary-Treasurer gets in five years- $15,652 from 2005 to 2009. The workers need to be protesting on the corner of Forest & Gibson, not at Asilomar.

483 Secretary Wages

The membership keeps dropping but the Union’s management gets raises. Who is left to pay those ever increasing union rep salaries?


Unite Here Dropping
Garcia Losing My Respect

No Traffic Solutions For Pine Ave. Not That It Was Needed Anyway

Substainable P.G. type idea to make travel by car less desirable. Look at the picture, there is enough room on Pine Ave for 4 traffic lanes, curbside parking and bike lanes to nowhere.
Pine Avenue 1980s

Earlier this year, the Pacific Grove Traffic and Pedestrian Safety Commission made efforts to carry out a 3-lane conversion on Pine Avenue, with one lane each way and a center turning lane, adding bike lanes on each side. Amid mixed public reaction to the proposed project, the idea has been postponed and Public Works has completed a re-paint of the street in its familiar, 4-lane configuration. No plans for a 3-lane conversion are in the works at this time.

No Traffic Solutions For Pine Ave. Not That It Was Needed Anyway

Crackpot “Artist” Rewrites History At Mvsevm

Someone sold the Mvsevm a ball of sticks, called it art and left it in the garden. Looks like a giant dung beetle left it’s namesake in the garden.

Spirit Nest

The jewel in the crown of the Pacific Grove Museum of Natural History’s redesigned Native Plant Garden is a “spirit nest” created by Big Sur artist Jayson Fann. On Monday, March 29 a crew with a crane brought the spirit nest to be placed in the garden where it will be available for the public to view, and to dream in.
Fann, an artist who “favors art that serves a purpose,”

It does serve a purpose, kindling.

Crackpot “Artist” Rewrites History At Mvsevm

City Hall In Love With Tourists, Leaves Residents Behind

Trolley Riders

Bring more tourists or fund public services for the Snack Of Lanterns? What side is your bought councilperson on?

Pacific Grove denizens can hope to see trolley cars plying a route from the Monterey Bay Aquarium, along the coast to Asilomar, looping back through downtown Pacific Grove and down Central Avenue to the Aquarium.

The cost for the summer is expected to be $60,000, of which a portion will be for marketing. The City of Pacifc Grove is being asked to contribute $20,000 and Asilomar is interested in $20,000 of the partnership as well.

City Hall In Love With Tourists, Leaves Residents Behind