Northridge Mall Says It's Gangs Are Not It's Problem

In the light of the violent fights and shootings at the mall, the management stated that the gangs are the city’s problem.

Well when you cater to and hire gang members, gang wannabes and sell gang attire in the way it is worn by gangs, part of the problem is yours.

Northridge Mall is not a safe place for me or my family. Won’t find me there.

No Salinas Northridge

Northridge Mall Says It’s Gangs Are Not It’s Problem

Abused Turkey Rescued In Pacific Grove

Turkey Rescued


The biggest turkeys in this story just might be human. Those would be the people who apparently decided to raise Aussie in their backyard in Pacific Grove.

“It’s likely they were preparing her for Thanksgiving,” said Beth Brookhouser, director of community outreach at the Monterey County Society for the Prevention.

But the strange way the locals were going about it may have cooked their goose. The SPCA is now investigating whether they were guilty of animal cruelty. Seems they tied Aussie to a tree by her foot and left her there, out of reach of any water or shade. She was tangled up in some patio furniture and panting heavily when a passerby caught sight of her last month.

At that moment, the hapless turkey was suddenly transformed into a lucky duck.

The person who found her called Pacific Grove Animal Control, which rescued her and brought her straight to the SPCA.

They couldn’t fix her up completely. She’ll never be able to fly because her wings had been cut at the “wrist joint.” But the feathers she’d been pulling out of her tail — in a sign of distress — have started growing back.

Brookhouser estimated that Aussie is less than 2 years old and said she should live to be about 6. And she’ll spend that time safely ensconced at the SPCA.


Abused Turkey Rescued In Pacific Grove

Man Thought Police Cruiser Was A Taxi In Santa Cruz

Dane Ludwig

19-year-old Dane Ludwig was arrested Saturday night after he jumped into a stopped patrol car, mistaking it for a cab he had summoned.

Deputy Esther Beckman had stopped a bicyclist near Brommer Street. While she was talking to the cyclist, a man who had been drinking and ingesting cocaine got into the front passenger seat of her patrol car thinking it was a cab.

The bicyclist rode off repeating, “Dude, that was a trip” The would-be fare was jailed on suspicion of being under the influence.

Man Thought Police Cruiser Was A Taxi In Santa Cruz

November Heatwave Giving Tourists False Impression

Pacific Grove — all of Monterey County, in fact — has not been living up to its reputation lately.

“I thought it was going to be chillier,” Gatling said, in an understated reference to the bright sunshine and mid-70s temperatures of what turned out to be the warmest Nov. 15 in Monterey since 1949.

The record surprised plenty of other people, too.

After all, Central Coast locals have been waiting for a heat wave like this — well, OK, a warm wave like this — since September. But it didn’t come, and didn’t come, until most everybody had just about given up on it.

November Heatwave Giving Tourists False Impression

P.G. Audit Finds Problems

The audit found that the city is not in as good financial shape as many thought, with unfunded liabilities and transfers of money between accounts putting the city’s finances in jeopardy.

According to the audit, the city of Pacific Grove has more than 22 million in unfunded liabilities.

The Calpers employee pension plan is almost $19 million. Workers’ compensation, liability insurance and retiree health insurance add another 3.5 million.

P.G. Audit Finds Problems

David Bindel Owes $30,000 Back Rent On Old Bath House

Old Bath House

The owner of The Old Bath House Restaurant in Pacific Grove, which closed Nov. 5, owes the city $30,000 in back rent, according to Pacific Grove’s city manager.

David Bindel, who ran the restaurant in the city-owned, oceanfront building overlooking Lovers Point, was being charged $5,000 a month.

“He hasn’t paid us since May,” said Pacific Grove City Manager Jim Colangelo. “The lease expired in the spring, and we’ve been on a month-to-month with him. We don’t know why he hasn’t paid.”

Bindel said he slacked on paying rent because he was frustrated with the city since it wouldn’t help pay for the necessary upgrades to comply with the Americans With Disabilities Act.

Bindel has since moved on to real estate management.

David Bindel Owes $30,000 Back Rent On Old Bath House

Favaloro's Closes

Favaloros Closed


Nino and Marie Favaloro will retain ownership of The Scotch Bakery and Café Ariana. Both are looking forward to being free in the evenings to spend more quality time with their children who were literally brought up in the back end of their restaurants up to this point in their lives. It was a difficult and emotional decision to sell the restaurant, but in the end, the kids’ needs won out.


Could the charges of Anthony Favaloro allegedly strangling a worker have anything to do with it? One of the strangest business owners in P.G.

Favaloro’s Closes