Cancel Culture Clubs Cop

Say what’s on your mind? Don’t do it in P.G. Especially if it shows the goal of a Marxist movement that says to kill police officers.

A Pacific Grove police officer has been placed on leave after he allegedly made a social media posting using offensive language about the Black Lives Matter movement. It’s the same officer who in May reportedly placed stickers on his private vehicle with anti-LGBTQ language as well as supporting a right-wing militia group.

Randy Fairgarden and other members of a group he identified as “concerned citizens” have launched a petition calling for the termination of the officer involved. Fairgarden said it has received 1,200 signatures to date.

“You don’t think (police department) knew who he was?” Fairgarden said. “Do you think he’s the only one in the police department who holds those views?”

Cancel Culture Clubs Cop

Downtown Hand Me Downs – Stockton Democrat Mayor Loses Relection

One of the youngest mayors in the country, who garnered national attention for starting a privately funded program to give poor people $500 a month in guaranteed income, conceded that he lost his bid for reelection in his California city.

Four years after winning more than 70% of the vote, Stockton Mayor Michael Tubbs, 30, lost by more than 10 percentage points.

It was a surprising defeat for Tubbs, the city’s first Black mayor and a Democrat, whose previous political campaigns were endorsed by the likes of Oprah Winfrey and Barack Obama. His compelling personal history — raised by a single mother while his father was in prison before getting a degree from Stanford and interning at the Obama White House — earned him national attention.

But he was most known for being one of the first mayors to revive a “universal basic income,” an old idea that got new life as the key plank in Andrew Yang’s unsuccessful presidential campaign.

Downtown Hand Me Down – Stockton Democrat Mayor Loses Re-election

2000’s Rec Trail Acid Thrower Remains Locked Up

New Recreation Trail accessories to remain safe on that dangerous trail:ZombieProtection


The DA’s Office said a man was biking home from work on the Recreation Trail in Monterey on July 28, 2000, when Sean Adams lunged out from the side of the trail and threw a jar full of acid at the cyclist, causing severe chemical burns to his face and upper torso. Officers located Adams after the attack and he still had the jar in his hand. Officers tried to detain him but he fought wildly and had to be pepper-sprayed before he could be subdued. The DA’s Office says Adams was extremely delusional, belligerent and screamed nonsensical statements.

In 2003, Adams was found not guilty by reason of insanity and committed to the Department of State Hospitals, where he has remained since then. Psychologists and psychiatrists working at the Department of State Hospitals make a recommendation to the DA’s Office for either release or continued commitment of Adams every two years and they recommended the continued commitment of Adams, 49.

Adams objected and was entitled to a jury trial to determine if he should be released. A Monterey County jury returned a verdict Thursday that his civil commitment should be extended two years.

2000’s Rec Trail Acid Thrower Remains Locked Up

That Substainable Living Stuff Is Spreading Virus’

Pack everyone in multiple dwelling units, ride side by side in public transit. Yah don’t breath, folks

The dedicated naysayers and their various acolytes in government and associated lobbying groups have long criticized the typical single-family home, like those found throughout San Mateo County, as a huge waste of space, economic resources, land and other societal requirements.

It’s been the goal of the single-family foes to halt, or severely limit, any further construction of such houses in favor of their preferred option, decidedly unattractive, multi-story, stack-and-pack apartment/condo buildings, many of them monolithic eyesores.

But guess what? The very nature of the single-family home – a stand-alone structure, with front and rear yards, separated from its neighbors (sometimes by fencing) – would tend to allow its residents to self-quarantine in some very laudable and significant degrees of isolation.

That Substainable Living Stuff Is Spreading Virus’

Cruise Ship Passengers Will Stay At Asilomar

Asilomar Tent Rooms

Monterey County District 5 Supervisor Mary Adams, who represents Pacific Grove, said the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has specific criteria for sites that can be used for quarantines. She said that’s why the state chose Asilomar to quarantine the passengers.

“Asilomar, a state-owned facility, is one of the places that was identified,” Adams said. “So as the people up in Oakland were trying to parse out all of the folks around the state to different places, each one going to a spot that was the right level of care for them, there were people who were identified that should be able to come and stay at Asilomar.”

Local politicos remind us that they did not invite or volunteer to take in the passengers. Might be bad for elections.

Pacific Grove Mayor Bill Peake said state officials informed City Manager Ben Harvey Tuesday afternoon.

“The city was not part of any decision-making process to bring people to Asilomar,” he said. “We learned of this after the fact, pretty much at the same time the public learned that the state had decided to bring people to Asilomar.”

Cruise Ship Passengers Will Stay At Asilomar

Sea Lion Population Triples

More orcas and sharks will quickly follow. Thanks Thom Ache-man.

Seal Posse Red Sign

But all the sea lions have caused problems.

They have broken docks and sunk boats at marinas. They have vexed salmon fishermen, following their boats and eating valuable fish off their lines.

“With some fishing days seeing as few as five to 10 fish, a commercial fisherman can still make money with 10 fish if they are $10 per pound, but if you’re losing them to sea lions that can have a major effect,” said John McManus, executive director of the Golden Gate Salmon Association in San Francisco.

Sea Lion Population Triples

Watch Out, The Sea Cars Are In Season

When the tourists roll into town with their SUVs and rented Hyundais they are easy to spot on the roads and we can drive defensively.  But these little yellow bug specks can jump out of nowhere.

Rent A Sea Car

There are several Sea Car options, depending on what you want to see and spend. The descriptions below are for a car loaded with a preset GPS route and that holds two people. A few larger cars are available, as are “Sea Car Scoot Trikes” ($30 per hour).

One hour tour ($60): Highlights include historical buildings around downtown Monterey, Fisherman’s Wharf, Cannery Row and Lovers Point.

Two hour tour ($110): This tour does all of the above, plus Pacific Grove’s downtown, and allows time for stops. Prefer to follow a guide? Sea Car offers guided two-hour tours ($130, reservations required), as well.

Three hour tour ($160): This is a good option if you know the area and just want to plug in your smartphone and listen to music while you cruise. (Note: No freeways allowed.)

Careful with that three hour tour ( a three hour tour…), if the weather gets rough you might be stranded in Sand City. Have plenty of coconuts and a professor along if you can.

Watch Out, The Sea Cars Are In Season

Salinas Loses .5 Million Dollars From “Green Vehicles” Involvement

City governments need to stay out of private sector businesses.

A Salinas car manufacturing company that was expected to build environmentally friendly electric cars and create new jobs folded before almost any vehicles could run off the assembly line.

The city of Salinas had invested more than half a million dollars in Green Vehicles, an electric car start-up company.

All of that money is now gone, according to Green Vehicles President and Co-Founder Mike Ryan.

Thing is butt ugly, too.
Green Vehicles Closes
From the San Jose Mercury in 2010. Reads like a sham pitch full of eco-babble. No mention of true environmental progresses such as recyclable building materials or support for the vendors in China (!!) to improve their pollution output.

The first Triac prototypes were made in China, but the company moved manufacturing operations to California to lower its carbon footprint as soon as it got funding from the energy commission. Building the Triac in the state with the greatest market for electric vehicles will minimize the cost of transporting materials and vehicles, Ryan said.

Green Vehicles is also working on an online site that tracks the company’s greenhouse gas emissions and waste. “I want people to see these kinds of metrics,” Ryan said.

Salinas Loses .5 Million Dollars From “Green Vehicles” Involvement

Jellyfish Win Latest Bay Crossing Challenge

Jellyfish 3, Humans 2
Jellyfish Warning

Dublin’s Patti Bauernfeind made it about halfway through her second attempt to swim across the Monterey Bay on Tuesday morning before jellyfish stings once again forced her to stop.

Cindy Cleveland crossed the Monterey Bay in 1983 in 17 hours, becoming the only person known to complete the swim without a wetsuit. Last year, Santa Cruz native Chase Bruckner completed the swim in 14 hours after stopping near Moss Landing to put on a wetsuit when jellyfish stings became unbearable.

Jellyfish Win Latest Bay Crossing Challenge

Aquarium Cleans, Renames Exhibit

Remodel from “Outer Bay” into “The Open Sea”. Notice that the Fish Jail is losing most of the Monterey Bay part of it’s name?

In what may be the mother of all fish tank spring-cleaning projects, the Monterey Bay Aquarium is putting the final touches on the overhaul of its Outer Bay tank — a 1 million gallon structure that holds more water than the other 90 tanks in the aquarium combined and ranks among the largest tanks in the United States. It’s all part of a $19 million transformation that re-opens to the public Saturday.

Aquarium Cleans, Renames Exhibit