Broken Brokaw Hall May Be Demolished

Not enough room on the lot for a P.G. Remodel?

broken Brokaw Hall

A historic building that was once part of a military school in Pacific Grove has been tagged for demolition.

Brokaw Hall is “in a dilapidated condition and is now considered unsafe and a danger to the public,” said city building official John Kuehl. The building is at 363 Grove Acre Ave.

After a March 21 inspection, Kuehl issued an order requiring that the property be fenced off immediately and demolished by April 29.

Broken Brokaw Hall May Be Demolished

New Monterey Police Blotter – March 2011

Is Hawthorne getting more ghetto these days?

3/1/11 Lost ring on Lighthouse Avenue.

3/1/11 Hit and run in the 200 block of Lighthouse.

3/1/11 FERGUSON, JACOB was arrested for DUI after being involved in a single vehicle accident in the 500 block of Cannery Row.

3/2/11 Restraining order service on McClellan.

3/3/11 Graffiti in the 100 block of Hawthorne.

3/3/11 Commercial burglary on Cannery Row.

3/3/11 REYNOLDS, LARRY GENE was arrested for public intoxication at Cannery Row/Bruce Ariss Way.

3/3/11 MCSO was aided in the arrest of REYNOLDS, LARRY GENE for a warrant on Cannery Row and Bruce Ariss Way.

3/4/11 Lost camera Cannery Row.

3/5/11 Lost phone on Foam / Reeside.

3/5/11 Graffiti on Lighthouse.

3/5/11 SMITH, ALAN was arrested for public intoxication at Oak / Irving.

3/6/11 PRITCHETT, CHASE was arrested for DUI in the 100 block of Foam.

3/6/11 Traffic accident on Lily and David

3/6/11 JAUSS, KEVIN was arrested for being under the influence of a controlled substance at Hawthorne.

3/7/11 VERGA, MICHAEL was arrested for public intoxication on Lighthouse.

3/7/11 Graffiti at the harbor masters office.

3/7/11 Traffic accident on Hawthorne and David.

3/7/11 Traffic accident on Foam and McClellan.

3/8/11 Graffiti on Hawthorne St.

3/8/11 Vehicle burglary on Withers.

3/8/11 Traffic accident on Private Bolio and Lighthouse.

3/8/11 LONG, SCOTT was placed under citizens arrest at Wharf 1 for theft.

3/9/11 Found bicycle on Cannery Row.

3/9/11 Theft on Archer St.

3/9/11 Traffic accident on David and Belden.

3/9/11 Graffiti on the Rec Trail.

3/9/11 LONG, SCOTT was cited and released at Wharf 1 for theft of utilities.

3/10/11 Graffiti on Foam and Prescott.

3/10/11 Graffiti on the Recreation Trail north of Reeside.

3/11/11 Theft on Lighthouse.

3/11/11 Graffiti in the 600 block of Foam.

3/11/11 Battery on Cannery Row.

3/12/11 MPD documented an arson in the 500 block of Wave.

3/12/11 MPD documented a peace disturbance at 640 Wave

3/12/11 Traffic accident on Lighthouse and McClellan.

3/14/11 HUGHES, DEANDRE was arrested for DUI and driving on a suspended license on Lighthouse at Private Bolio.

3/14/11 Graffiti on Cannery Row.

3/14/11 Traffic accident on Cannery Row.

3/14/11 Hit and run on Lighthouse.

3/14/11 MEREDITH, STEPHANIE was arrested Lighthouse for theft and conspiracy.

3/15/11 Graffiti vandalism on Cannery Row.

3/15/11 CAMPREGHER, JILLIAN was arrested for DUI on Pacific and Artillery.

3/16/11 Traffic accident on Foam and Hoffman.

3/17/11 Theft of a purse on Cannery Row.

3/17/11 Peace disturbance on Cannery Row.

3/19/11 Theft of a bike from McAbee Beach.

3/19/11 Hit and run on Hawthorne S of David.

3/20/11 REES, WILLIAM was arrested for public intoxication on Wave Street and the Recreation Trail.

3/20/11 Hit and run in the 200 block of Lighthouse.

3/21/11 Grand theft on Cannery Row .

3/22/11 Found ring on Wharf I.

3/22/11 Traffic accident on Irving at Lighthouse.

3/23/11 Battery on Prescott.

3/25/11 Vandalism on Lyndon St.

3/25/11 Vandalism on Spencer.

3/25/11 MEREDITH, STEPHANIE ELISE was arrested for petty theft on Lighthouse.

3/25/11 Traffic accident in the 300 block of Hawthorne.

3/26/11 Hit and run on McClellan.

3/27/11 Traffic accident on Lighthouse and Hoffman.

3/27/11 Disturbing the peace on Cannery Row.

3/29/11 MCSO was aided in the citation of REYNOLDS, LARRY for a warrant on Cannery Row and Hoffman.

3/29/11 Monterey Police and Fire Departments investigated a trash can fire on the north-west corner of David and Lighthouse.

3/29/11 Grand theft on Prescott/ Wave.

3/29/11 REYNOLDS, LARRY and JEWETT, DANIEL were cited for possessing open containers at David Street and the Recreation Trail.

3/30/11 REYES, LUZ, was arrested for public intoxication in the 600 block of Cannery Row.

3/30/11 Traffic accident on Laine St.

3/30/11 BONGIORNO, NEIL was arrested for public intoxication on Hoffman Ave.

3/30/11 Theft from motor vehicle on Cannery Row.

3/30/11 Traffic accident on Lighthouse and Prescott.

3/30/11 Hit and run on Wave Street.

New Monterey Police Blotter – March 2011

A Million Dollar Bail Set In P.G. Man's Domestic Violence Case

Instant idiot, jut add alcohol.

A judge increased a former Pacific Grove man’s bail to $1 million Friday, saying he was “just waiting to kill” his ex-girlfriend.

The woman, who previously was reluctant to testify, told the court that in October, a drunken Michael Dooley became enraged that her 11-year-old daughter left food on the kitchen counter. He punished the girl by ripping apart her pet hermit crab in her presence, pointed a gun at her mother’s face and threatened to kill them, their dog and himself if the woman tried to leave.

“You’re a danger,” Judge Russell Scott told the 47-year-old man at the conclusion of his preliminary hearing. “You’re just waiting to kill her and you don’t have control when you drink.”

A Million Dollar Bail Set In P.G. Man’s Domestic Violence Case

Mvsevm Purpose: Gain Support For Monument Of Shoreline Rocks

Soon this “monument” will be fenced off from access, just like the sand dunes we used to “picnic” in. All you can do is crawl into your spirit nest and get poked by twigs.

Closed shorline forplants

The Pacific Grove Museum of Natural History plans to collaborate with the U.S. Bureau of Land Management to help build public awareness about the rocks, islands, reefs and marine-life habitats under the stewardship of the California Coastal National Monument.

The goal is to generate support for the monument, which consists of more than 20,000 offshore rocks, small islands and exposed reefs along the 1,100 miles of California coast from San Diego to the Oregon border.

“The role of the museum is one of public education, and our partnership with the bureau is a perfect example of how that can work,” said Lori Mannel, executive director of the museum. “The message we’d like to spread to the public is how to value, preserve, protect and enjoy” the monument.

Mvsevm Purpose: Gain Support For Monument Of Shoreline Rocks

Cyberthreats Against P.G. Resident

Suspect was outed by Sprint.

A 19-year-old Southern California man — and former CSUMB student — is being held by Burbank police after threatening a Pacific Grove resident and trying to kill a man who served him with a restraining order, according to PGPD Cmdr. John Nyunt.

Through an online service that speaks written words aloud, Samuel Thorne told Epstein, “I’m coming for you. Sleep with one eye open, because you can not run. You can not hide,”
and, “You’re going to get what you deserve, if it is the last thing I do,” according to police.

Cyberthreats Against P.G. Resident

Monterey Going After Wharf Leaseholders

Somehow that phrase “proper lease and code enforcement” sounds like turning Fisherman’s Wharf into another fake charm like the ‘Row.

The leases, some of them for 50 years, run too long and don’t bring in rentals at the market rate, said Commissioner Willard “Bill” McCrone. The council should seek to change them, he said.

“The public,” he said, “is not getting a fair shake.”

Wharf businesses aren’t being charged enough to cover utilities and wharf repairs, he said. In many cases, properties leased from the city long ago have been subleased to others at much higher rates, with the original lessor pocketing the difference, he said.

The city owns the buildings on the wharf, McCrone said, and with proper lease and code enforcement, its revenues could double from $1million to $2 million a year.

Monterey Going After Wharf Leaseholders

Golf Course Grill Operator Has Debt Forgiven By P.G.

Can we all say ‘money pit’?

In the case of Point Pinos Grill at 77 Asilomar Blvd., which serves Pacific Grove Golf Links, the council voted 5-2 to transfer the city’s lease from operator Chris D’Amelio to Aqua Terra Culinary, a Peninsula-based firm.

A condition laid on the transfer was that Aqua Terra not provide off-site food catering from the grill.

Transfer of the beer and wine license for the premises from D’Amelio to Aqua Terra would be up to the state Alcohol Beverage Control Board, said City Attorney David Laredo.

D’Amelio’s lease was due to expire at the end of this month, but it carries a provision allowing a five-year renewal.

Another condition of the transfer was that the city forgive a debt of $106,142 owed for back rent and penalties. Councilman Bill Kampe defended that as necessary to ensure continuity of operation at the golf clubhouse.

Golf Course Grill Operator Hast Debt Forgiven By P.G.

Apartment Residents Forced To Flee

“Courtyard by the Bay Apartments” is such a nice sounding name. Rent must be higher than an Arkwright Court apartment next to them.

Courtyard By Moreland

Signs warning of danger at the Courtyard by the Bay Apartments on Moreland Avenue in Pacific Grove.

A retaining wall collapsed Saturday night forcing residents to leave.

“Apparently water, too much water got in the soil and put too much pressure on a failing retaining wall and the retaining wall cracked and leaned over against the apartment building down below it,” says John Kuehl, Building Official for Pacific Grove and Monterey.

Apartment Residents Forced To Flee