New Monterey Corner Finally Gets Go Ahead To Build

Groundbreaking on construction of a mixed-use building at Reeside and Lighthouse avenues in Monterey, once the location of a gas station, has finally gotten under way, after years of discussion with city committees and nearby residents, and undergoing several changes to the project’s original design.

“We had been trying to get it through the city for about 2½ years,” said Sean Houlihan, one of three Carmel men building the project.

Lighthouse Ave Reeside

About time they get around to building, Lighthouse Avenue is becoming more and more ghetto every day. Look around at the drug paraphernalia shops, tattoo studios, kung fu pits, empty storefronts and such.

New Monterey Corner Finally Gets Go Ahead To Build

Missing Boater Found Dead

The body discovered Thanksgiving Day on a Monterey beach was identified Monday as Chris Haugen, a Marina man who had been missing for 12 days after a sailing excursion in Monterey Harbor.

Haugen disappeared Nov. 11 after he took out the Lorraine, a sailboat that belonged to his employer. He set off about 3 p.m. But the boat was found running in circles, with its outboard motor running and nobody on board about two hours later.

Missing Boater Found Dead

Recreation Trail Attack

Monterey police are looking for three men who attacked and robbed a man and his girlfriend of jewelry and money Monday night on Recreation Trail near Window on the Bay in Monterey according to authorities.

One suspect was armed with a small semi-automatic handgun and another had a knife. The suspects approached the man from behind and dragged him off the trail, where he was robbed and stabbed several times in the back and arms.

Dangerous place at night. Don’t go there.

Rec Trail Assault

Recreation Trail Attack

More Torture Protests At Presidio Gate


“He didn’t understand what we are doing,” said protester and Monterey resident Maggy Wilson Boast. “We do support our troops, but we don’t support the use of torture.”

Boast and her sister Janet Louise Wilson, organizer of this weekend’s protest outside the entrance at Lighthouse Avenue and Pvt. Bolio Road, have been fighting the impression that they are anti-American and anti-military since the beginning of the war with Iraq, nearly five years ago, the protesters said.

They should visit Russia or North Korea to protest real torture. Check the website of the “Peace Coalition”, with supportive links to what else but Communist websites.Torture Protesters Peace Coalition

More Torture Protests At Presidio Gate

Pacific Grove Merchant Trivia!!

Remember when Pacific Grove’s downtown businesses where there mostly for the locals? Was it a much better time then?

Where was Crocker Burger?

Where was Crocker Bank?

Which bottle shop was PG’s First?

Name the brand of gasoline that used to be sold:
Where Club Fit is
Where Lighthouse Cinemas is

What did lovers love at Lovers’ Point.

Name the restaurant that occupied the beach before the Old Bath House.

Where was the PG Swimming Pool?

Where was The Fat Cat?

Where was The Golden Egg?

What kind of trading stamps were offered by Holman’s?

Where could you redeem them?

Where was Elsa’s?

Bonus! Name one of the waitresses

What kind of food was served at Tom’s Cafe?

Who was the mascot of a restaurant lonnnng before it was Passionfish?

The Elegant Elephant. What was it?

Space Age _______.

Name a Squid House.

Where could you play Boccie Ball?.

GroveMont. Not a theater, what was it?

They called it Top Hat, but no one wore one there…

VNB, UCB, HSOA, ______

“The Store With So Much More”

Another Restaurant: The Pied Piper. Where?

How ’70s! A CB Radio Shop…..

“Let’s all go to ___________”

Sweets. Candy? No!

DLI Students Arrested In PG Robbery

Dli Arrested

Sean M. Davis, 19, Thomas C. Hood, 19 and Lee Nixon Jr., 18, were charged in the strong-arm robbery of a 24-year-old Seaside resident that took place at 3:40 a.m. Saturday.

The victim was struck on the head and robbed of his wallet by a man accompanied by two others at an automatic teller machine at the Bank of America branch at 601 Lighthouse Ave., police said.

What does anyone need cash for from an ATM in PG at 3:40AM? Nothing’s open at that time of the day.

DLI Students Arrested In PG Robbery

Intruder Gets Bit By Police Dog Then Tasered

Salinas police used a dog and a Taser this morning to subdue a suspect accused of threatening his former girlfriend.

The suspect refused repeated police commands to surrender and the police K-9 was deployed, resulting in a bite wound to the suspect. The suspect continued to refuse additional commands, so a Taser was used.

He was lodged at Monterey County Jail on various charges, including domestic violence and false imprisonment. Police said he also had various outstanding felony warrants.

And the suspect lived. Amazing?

Intruder Gets Tasered And Does Not Die

Turn That @#$& Down!

Karma is a loud car stereo that gets a young man stopped by police and leads to all 3 people in the car getting arrested.

Salinas Police said they stopped a 20-year-old man in Salinas late Thursday after hearing excessively loud music coming from his vehicle.

Jeremy Jones was arrested on suspicion of having a suspended license about 11 p.m. at North Main Street and Highway 101, police said, but a subsequent search of the vehicle turned up two bags of methamphetamine totaling 10.8 grams and four bags of a total 29 ecstasy tablets.

Passengers Lydia Jones, 18, and Carlos Burgos, 23, were also arrested.

Turn That @#$& Down!

Dangerous Trees To Be Chopped Down

Arborist quit

City Manager Jim Colangelo said West Coast Arborists will remove the trees in December at a cost of $65,000. The firm will focus on trees that need to be cut down using cranes, while city employees will focus on less expensive tree-cutting, he said.

Residents who were originally critical of the plan to cut down 200 trees said on Wednesday that they were happy with the process and that the council members went to look at the trees.

Jean Anton, chairwoman of the city’s beautification and natural resources committee, praised the council members for going to the park. In her four years on the committee, she’s never seen that happen.

Dangerous Trees To Be Chopped Down