Pacific Grove Commies Meet At Lovers point

Hiroshima flag

The ceremony honors the victims and the survivors of the atomic bombs and is a call for the end of nuclear warfare.

Messages from the mayors of Hiroshima and Nagasaki will be read as lanterns are assembled and towed to sea by kayaks.

The ceremony is sponsored by Women’s’ International League for Peace & Freedom, Monterey branch.

Also picked up by The Bulletin in the Council meeting minutes:

Peggy Olsen. We would like to have an event on August 9th at Lovers Point Beach. Movement to Peace And Freedom belive that the suffering of Japanese should not be forgotten. We wish to renew the call for elimination of nuclear weapons. We have applied to Recreation Department. We asked for special consideration because we don’t have 30 days.

Peace And Freedom? Where have we heard that before?
Oh, PG’s very own former first homeboy Dan Koffman and his flag of socialism…

“One day, the Flag of Peace and Freedom will fly over all the Nations of the World!” The Flag of Peace and Freedom was designed in 1984 and the Flag of Peace Organization founded in 1988 by artist Dan Koffman.

What really is Peace & Freedom? It’s Communism hiding behind a bunch of hippies..

Peace Coalition

Check out that web page design, it looks just like David Dilworths web pages . .

Pacific Grove Comies Meet At Lovers point