Another Charged In Olinger’s Slaying

Angel Ruelas

Police also report killers’ parents obstructing.

Prosecutors said charges have been filed against Angel Ruelas, younger brother of Jacobo Ruelas, who has already been charged in Olinger’s death.

Pacific Grove Police Chief Carl Miller said Tuesday his department had also forwarded to the District Attorney’s Office a case against the Ruelas brothers’ parents for obstruction of justice. No charges have been filed against them.

Jacobo Ruelas was arrested May 13 after a massive manhunt in South County. He was linked to the crime when a palm print lifted from Olinger’s stolen car was matched with his palm print in a new state databank.

Miller said Tuesday afternoon that there is also forensic evidence against Angel Ruelas, including fingerprint and DNA evidence. Ruelas was transported to Monterey County Jail from Corcoran State Prison on Tuesday and is scheduled to appear in juvenile court this morning.

Another Charged In Olinger’s Slaying

Tidepool Police Blather

I’m going to miss Mayor Costello’s words at the 3 minute mark . .

Jim Willoughby steps up to blather his own agenda against letting people walk on the beaches

When he’s cut off by Costello, Lee Willoughby cheats the 3 minute limit and picks up where Jim off with nary a miss in the scripted blather
Lee Willoughby

When Lee is ousted, David Dilworth wastes precious time chastising the Mayor for ejecting the tidepool police

Causing Dilworth to lose precious time and get cut off before he can finish his personal issues at the podium.

Tidepool Police Blather

P.G. Mayor Costello Steps Down – Medical Causes

Our Cobra driving Mayor
Mr Costello Cobra


Jim Costello announced Thursday that he will step down after nearly two years as Pacific Grove’s mayor to focus on his battle with bone cancer.

“It has been my pleasure to serve the people of Pacific Grove for over 11 years, but as I leave office I know the city is in good hands,” said Costello in a written statement.

Costello will also retire from his duties as a teacher at Pacific Grove Middle School, where he teaches English, history and keyboarding.

P.G. was lucky to have a teacher like Costello, and a mayor with a sense of humor.

P.G. Mayor Costello Steps Down – Medical Causes

City Manager Jim Colangelo Right At Home

Many Pacific Grove residents tell City Manager Jim Colangelo they don’t want the city to change. But what they don’t realize is the city already has, Colangelo said.

“It’s not the way it was in the 1980s and early ’90s,” said Colangelo. “Pacific Grove was an affordable place to live. It was a place that had a lot of working families; the schools were full of kids. Now, school enrollment is dropping like crazy because young families can’t afford to live here.”

It is that obvious, but no one did anything about it. Schenk brought up creating worker housing at Fort Ord. Oh that’s great, separate the classes. If people wanted to live in C-Side they would move there.

City Manager Jim Colangelo Right At Home

Peak Oil Myth Attracts Crowd In P.G.

Deborah Lindsay – shilling for the socialists that hate America.


Spiking energy costs and shrinking oil supplies may take a toll on America’s suburbs, but at least in Pacific Grove, residents will have a chance to advise the city on how to meet a future energy crunch.

The result could be improved mass transit, a self-contained water supply and a smarter use of the city’s resources.

A May 30 workshop is meant to assess the city’s current energy resources. Deborah Lindsay, co-founder of Sustainable Monterey County who speaks nationally on energy topics, will lead it.

Peak Oil Myth Attracts Crowd In P.G.

Politico Pay Prevails

The Pacific Grove City Council knocked down a proposal on Wednesday that would have eliminated council pay.

On a 5-2 vote, the council rejected a proposal by Councilman Scott Miller that would have eliminated the mayor’s $700 monthly stipend and the $420 each council member receives.

Susan Goldbeck said Miller was motivated by a need to help the city, but that council members needed to be reimbursed for their effort.

Politico Pay Prevails

Chinese Descendants Honor Pioneer Ancestors

Chinese settlers burned incense and placed votive offerings of food, wine, whiskey and tea to honor their ancestors, who were burned out of their seaside village homes 100 years ago Tuesday.

Sisters Marjorie Walsh of Salinas and Geraldine Low-Sabado of Fremont organized a family reunion in Monterey to visit ancestral graves and reflect on the ordeals their pioneer ancestors faced in an often hostile 19th century California.

The picture-postcard view from Hopkins’ backyard was once a picturesque jumble of wooden shacks on stilts that enthralled landscape painters and offended the white residents of Monterey and Pacific Grove.

The fire that destroyed the village ended a long-standing campaign by the Pacific Improvement Co. to get the Chinese to move elsewhere. Histories of the village indicate that it had burned twice in its 50-year existence before the 1906 fire finished it off.

Chinese Descendants Honor Pioneer Ancestors

Olinger Slaying Suspect Has Criminal Record

A spokeswoman for the Sacramento County District Attorney’s Office confirmed Tuesday that Jacobo Ruelas, 27, pleaded no contest to carjacking and robbery charges in that county in 1998 and was sentenced to six years in state prison.

Lana Wyant said Ruelas committed the robbery on May 5, 1998, and the carjacking on May 7, 1998. Details of the crimes were not available Tuesday afternoon.

While Ruelas did not enter a plea Tuesday, Martinez said he is denying guilt. The Salinas lawyer said Ruelas was raised by hardworking parents in Soledad and graduated from Gonzalez High School.

Olinger Slaying Suspect Has Criminal Record

Rug Sale Tackiness Comes To P.G.

What’s the business with less credibility than used car sales?

Yep, the Magic Carpet business. Sale Signs that scream “LOST OUR LEASE”, “GOING OUT OF BUSINESS” or “LIQUIDATION SALE” are common either in print ad or on the store front.

Pamir Rug Sale

Lighthouse Rug Store Oob

See, every one of them does it, here is P.G.’s own:

No fewer than 11 signs shouting “REMODELING SALE”, right at the crossroads of the downtown. They win the prize for tacky storefront, formerly held by 17th Street Grill for the year round X-mas lights.

About 3 months later, the signs came down and the windows were covered with butcher paper. Later the store boasted a new front door. Some remodel.

Sale Tackiness Comes To P.G.